Rougham Control Tower

TEAM:- Gary, Sharon, Brandon, Debbie, Jill, Alex, Kevin, Margaret, Chris, Siobhan

On the approach to this location I felt the eyes of people looking at me within the shadows. I done a walk round the location with Sharon, Brandon, Debbie and Chris. On this walk around you could feel the atmosphere was different in certain rooms. I still had the feel that we was being watch from the shadows. At one point I decided I would do a P-SB7 Spirit Box session which lasted for about 20 mins. and even that was quite.
Kevin our resident medium suggested that we sat around in a spiritual circle. Stating that this may bring the spirits close allowing us to communicate with them.Whilst this was going on I went icy cold and was shaking uncontrollably. It was as if I was experiencing high altitude flying. Kevin asked if I was ok and if I wanted him to help take it off. I replied I’m fine as I wanted to experience what was happening. This lasted for about 5 mins and it then just went away.
Later on in the night I was upstairs with Brandon, Jill and Alex and I kept getting the feeling that my legs where giving way around the knee area. It seemed that every time it happened I was going to fall to the floor. Maybe this could of been the effect of a crew member parachuting out of a plane.

Whilst waiting to enter this location I got cramp on both sides of my body.Also at one point I thought I saw someone watching us from behind the tree line. I found the location to be very busy but the spirits seemed to keep to the shadows. I did see a few shadows darting around at different times of the investigation.

On arriving at the location we had to wait for the gates to be opened. Whilst there I had my left arm out of the window and something hit my arm it felt as if something was thrown at my arm. Whilst here I also could see shadows moving in the field beside us. I was also seeing shadows moving about within the tower complex. Whilst Kevin was doing a spiritual circle I came over feel really sick and bad this lasted for about 5 mins then just went as quick as I had got it.

Me Brandon Kevin and Margaret sat in a circle around a table with various items of electrical equipment and called out for any spirits to move the table or make the equipment go off the table moved a few times and one piece of equipment went off over all I think it was an interesting night.

On the night to me it felt really quiet to start, but as the night progressed it seemed too livened up. Nothing caught on digital camera.During the circle I did have some experience where it felt like something was put across my throat, and a feeling that someone didn’t like me being there. To me it felt like the Colonelhimself but don’t hold me to that.

In general I felt the atmosphere around the buildings was a comfortable one during initial walk through. It was noticeable that there were a variety of natural noises throughout the building, variable smells and many reflective surfaces.
As a group with Kevin in main building in circle, personal experiences as documented in Kevin notes. I had a feeling of heavy/denseness and also intermittently was seeing small lights and flashes of lights within the room.
We spent some time on the first floor of the air tower, the radio room in particular had a very ‘heady’ feel about it. I feel it was difficult to stand straight for any length of time without swaying and it gave me a light headed feeling, to the extent I checked the floor with the spirit level which showed it was even.  
Some time was spent calling out in the main room as a group, I had no experiences as such however a sense of presence, as if something/one was on the outskirts of the group.
I spent 10 minutes alone in darkness in the central hanger. During this time I did hear some noises within the room, towards the end of the hanger, however in the darkness could not distinguish their precise location. I attempted calling out, and also tapping/whistling alongside listening/observation. I could not identify the noises I heard, taps/metallic as anything recognizable or particularly relative to any of my questions.
At one point my hands felt particularly cold. The cold felt freezing and came upon me very suddenly. I could feel this cold spread up my hands towards my elbows and could also see my breath. This sensation lasted for a few seconds then passed. I had no equipment to make a precise measurement, however in comparison with previous to and after the event I most definitely noticed the change. No doors or windows were open during this time.

On entering the air field I did not feel much at all also when we was walking round my feelings did not change. After setting up in the base room I then helped Alex with his DVR system within the control tower the rest of the group was channeling in there energies with Kevin and Margaret in which I later attended once set up was complete, when I joined I didn’t feel much to start with but after about 15 minuets my whole body started to burn up this started from my hands. The moment the sensation started Kevin mentioned a airman who had been extremely burnt on his hands as my feeling started just as this was said I took this as conformation. Where I was burning up and becoming very warm Gary whom was on my left hand side was freezing and his body was shaking dramatically as if he was exposed to a very cold air, I found this very peculiar as I was the total opposite and was only a few inches away from him. This feeling stopped soon after the circle was closed down. During the short break after this I was stood outside and got a burning sensation again on my right forearm this was not as strong as what I previously felt but on looking at the area in which I felt it there was a red mark as if like a very light surface burn. 
I also went to the toilet during this break and thought I saw a figure out in the field but put this down to the darkness and the time as I was slightly tired and your mind can start to play tricks on you, however once I enter the toilet I heard a loud thud right next to me which sounded like someone hit the wall from the outside.
During the second part of the evening me Gary, Jill and Alex were all lead by John the  to do a spirit circle in the officers room within the control tower this was done by grounding all of us to open us up to the spirits that were present. During the circle I kept feeling dizzy as if I was spinning then my whole left leg felt as if it wasn’t there, I wanted to move my leg and as hard as u tried I couldn’t manage to move it at all, I then experienced pains
In the back of my left knee which soon fades after John asked for the spirit responsible to step back. After John closed down the circle and the investigators present, Chris started to look around the room and found a document of the crew which flew a b-17 of which crashed one of the survives which was a captain/navigational officer bailed from the crash and suffered a broken left leg and shattered left knee. I believe that this was what I was feeling and why I couldn’t move my leg even though I wanted too and tried. 
Overall I think that the night at Rougham was good and we had a few bits of evidence which a lot of them being personal experiences. I very much enjoyed the night and found it a good location to investigate.

Having been to Rougham Control Tower before I was there in a advisory roll. So I was confirming information that team members where getting.

Kevin’s Spirit Circle
Kevin – is there a plane called the Ace of cards, or something to do with playing cards.
Chris – im seeing the ace of spades
Kevin – have an airman here who is bringing out the joker (card) feel it maybe in ironic sense as he (airman) and the rest of the crew never made it back.
At this point John points out he is hearing noises near him (behind bar area) taps and a rasping noise
Kevin – feels the whole crew of the plane never came back, is not thinking this is the pilot talking possibly a ‘radioman’ or similar. It is a young man.
Gary – name of Joey comes to mind
Kevin – the man is holding a Jack Russell dog
At this point Sharon and Jill both point out a shadow moving at the end of the room. Jill sees a light fly into the middle of the group, this is confirmed by John who is filming.
Kevin – has the name of Buzz. Feels there has been an evacuation/dig recently nearby where something has come to light or some information has been found. (Chris this could possibly
Re a B17 crash on field as more information has been discovered?)
At this point a number of the group feel they can see shadows at the end of the room. John had sat next to Gary and both acknowledged hearing a noise/music at the same time.
Kevin – a bomber tried but never took off from the runway. There is an engineer here who tells him the plane would not rise due to carburettor/engine malfunction. Getting a magician and rabbit/wand possibly referencing another aircraft name? it is cartoon rabbit. Also getting the name Liberty Bell coming through. There is a plane with a fox insignia, possibly fox in a hat or well- dressed fox. Kevin asks if a single airman has been seen on site outside, this is not a pilot, possibly seen near the flagpole this is a young man, badly burned, maybe a gunner. Was there a problem with crown wheel and (pinion?) an instance of the propeller leaving the engine/plane – was this a plane that came home or not?
Kevin disclosed some information personal to Gary
John – when coming into building felt he picked up a lady who was with a group but the lady was most prominent Kevin then disclosed information personal to John
Kevin – on the first floor of the control tower, was there a sense of people moving past doorways, impression was of a person/persons specifically some kind of secretarial person with papers. Also getting a padre/priest in spirit going amongst our group dropping holy water on people’s heads, after conversation Kevin feels this is relevant to a previous visit with Chris/group experience.
A number of times through this circle time Jill saw lights which were independent of any light source within the room and confirmed they were not relative to Chris taking photos or any other obvious cause. These light anomalies seemed consistent with Kevin asking for energy in the room, appearing in different areas.

Founders Last Words
Rougham control tower is a very interesting location with a lot of history. The activity the team got on the night was only personal experiences.

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