Redoubt Fort

Team:- Gary, Sharon, Alex, Jill, Debbie, Brandon and Chris
Guest:- 6

I started of in the Jones Room on entering I could smell a foul smell but I put this down to damp and the age of the building but this smell disappeared. Only to start smelling again 10 mins into the investigation of the room. Also in that room I heard the sound of voices coming from the back section of the room which was a No Access Area as there was ladders and other equipment in there.The door to this room would also open on its own and we kept closing it.This happened through out the investigation of the room I must admit there was some wind about so that could of been the course of this. But in saying that the door would of stayed open all the time.
I kept getting the feeling that we should be investigating different areas of the Fort.So decided along with Chris we would do a sweep of the Fort doing 5 to 10 mins investigations in each room. It was at this point that I felt someone hiding within the shadows and mentioned it to Chris. He informed me of a young lad called Johnnie who was bullied in the fort.It seemed to me that this was who we was following around the fort from room to room. As the spirit seemed to me to be scared to interact with us.

Myself, Jill, Alex, Brandon and 3 guest went off to do a spiritual circle in one of the rooms (Sorry not sure which room it was). Whilst there I became very aggressive against Alex as he was in my space and NO ONE was allowed in it. To see if this would be against anyone else we changed Alex with Brandon the feeling disappeared and I had no anger against Alex.After a short time of calm within the circle I became agitated again and was moving into the circle and back out of it. At this point Jill asked me if the aggression was aimed at her to which I replied no it was. Then she proceeded to show me what I was doing and at that point I said now the anger is aimed at you. But when Jill moved away this feeling disappeared. At this point I felt very drained and could hardly stand up. So I told the group I was leaving to get out of the atmosphere and to recharge as best I could.

On entering the fort you could feel the history around you and walking through it I was very interested in what had happened at the fort. But unfortunately I never had any personal experience at the fort.

As someone that likes history and this was a place I’ve never visited before just walking around and reading all the different things that had happened in the fort was great. But to me it was very flat and I never had any personal experience on the night.

Having been to Redoubt Fort before I was there in a advisory roll. So I was confirming information that team members where getting.

In the medical room someone called Jonny, he is bullied by 2 others so he hides. This is the 2nd time Chris has picked up this spirit as he did so on a previous visit.

During the circle I did have some experiences. Where I saw a Roman soldier wearing full armor but blue tunic not red under the armor. At first he was behind Gary and me, trying to get into the circle. After a few minutes he was in the circle, standing in front of me just staring at me doing nothing else. When John ask him to move to the meter, the soldier just looked down, back up at me and laughed staying where he was. At this time I could feel Gary was getting angry and after a few minutes, he said he getting angry at me! He said it’s because I was in his space. So John swapped Brandon and me around, and Gary seemed to calm down. After a few minutes more I started to get cold like ice, and then Brandon and Jill noticed my hands were like ice. During this time I was starting to get pins and needles going through my body, and I had to leave the circle. It was weird because normally I don’t open myself up as much, but for some reason I did that night. Don’t get me wrong it was interesting experience to let my guard down like I did.

On entering Redoubt Fort I didnt feel a lot until we went down to the courtyard, once entering the court yard I started to feel a strong presence that soon drifted away. After setting up the base room I went to the toilets in which I began to get a headache which was very painful this stayed with me for around 1 hour. The first half of the evening I spent with Sharon, Debbie, and 2 guests in which we went from room to room we didnt get much activity until we started to use the P-SB7 spirit box whilst using this we started to get a few responses of how many of us were in the room as well as the amount of spirits present. As we was not getting much confirmation we ended the session by asking them if they wanted to leave this was asked by Sharon and we got the response “you go”. 

Before we went into separate groups again the whole group took part in a spirit circle during this I become unbalanced but was still able to carry on as it stopped rather quickly. The session went on for around 20-25 mins but I didnt feel anything else until the end when we was about to close down I got a burning sensation in my right arm. Once we got back to the base room I checked and I had a clear burn mark under my right forearm, which is still present but has faded slightly. 

During the second part of the evening I joined Gary, Jill, Alex, and 2 guests. In which John done a spiritual circle in the armoury room in which he stated that there was a portal still open. During this I didnt feel much to begin with but kept seeing a dark mist on the roof dragging toward the back room. After a while Gary started to become rather hostile as to the space he was in and Alex had a presence of a roman soldier. As both of these were strong Gary and Alex left the circle to regain their energy. When they Left I took post at the back of the room where John, Jill and a guest were saying that my face seemed to be changing just before this was mentioned I felt a crawling sensation from the back of my head going to the front of my face. I started to become very wary of my surroundings and thought I was seeing figures in the door ways behind John. I also felt like I wanted to move to the back room and wanted to drag the rest of the group with me. This carried on for a while before we shut down the circle when we left I got a pain in my abdominal which made me bend over, I had to go down to the ground to try and control this I managed to get it under control and stood up but as I did I lost my balance and nearly feel backwards. 
After these events I was still getting drawn to the same room but did not enter it again.  

We initially did a walk around to get our bearings on site, this was then followed by circle with Vicky to begin the investigation.
Vicky was first drawn to the medical room, this was also the room that separately Sam had also said she had been drawn to before the journey there – having never visited the site before. Therefore it was agreed that Jill, Vicky, Sam and Andy would begin here. 
The medical room – In this room Vicky had spent time calling out to the spirits, the group encouraged the spirits to make contact. This room contained 2 vintage wheelchairs, one contained a mannequin and I sat down in the other, inviting spirit to make contact. After a short time I began to feel heaviness in my legs. It was noticeable from my knees down and as the moments passed my legs felt heavier and heavier, I attempted to move them to the floor and back from the wheelchair plate and it was like there was pressure weighing them down, as I commented what I was feeling Chris stated that he could see someone (male) leaning down on me and then sitting on my knees. I encouraged contact with the spirit by calling out and as I was doing so I had placed a K-11 on my knees, over the course of the next minute or so while doing this on 3 occasions the K-11 illuminated all 3 times to the halfway yellow indicator. During this time the K-11 had not been moved or touched by anyone while on my knee and upon checking the area later there was nothing that caused any fluctuations.

The cells – as members of the group were investigating in the first cell I entered the second cell, spending a few minutes alone in the dark. The atmosphere felt calm however I felt compelled to spend a few moments sitting within the cell. As I sat there Vicky entered the cell and joined me putting her lit torch on the table. We asked if there was a presence in the cell at which point the torchlight flickered. I attempted to use the torch to indicate responses encouraging spirit to use the light to respond. While doing this Vicky and I agreed the torchlight was clearing changing dimming/illuminating in response to our questions however it was difficult to determine clear enough responses to be sure of positive/negative answers to questions. It was apparent that the changes in the torchlight was in direct response to questions and there were no changes by the torchlight in between questions. Vicky used her pendulum in an attempt to re-establish contact and although this indicated a male presence was with us the answer to it being willing/able to respond at this time was negative. As we felt this may have been due to the amount of noise and people calling out from the next cell we decided to leave this for the time being to prevent confusion and/or flooding any spirits present with conflicting requests between cells.

Jill, Vicky and Andy – the boat room – All three of us felt a feeling of energy in this room. After spending time calling out Vicky mentioned a previous visit where the boat had moved by people standing with fingertips touching the sides. We stood at different points of the boat and encouraged spirit to join us. All our us had experiences of feeling energy around us. I felt as if something/one had come up behind me and almost wrapped me in their arms. I could feel this around my body and also as if something was overlaying my hands. 
As we stood at the boat Vicky commented she had a pain in the head, after a few moments I also began to feel a sharp pain in my head which I commented on. At the same time we turned to each other with a finger placed on our temple to pinpoint the spot – this for both of us was in exactly the same place about the right eye. Without conferring we described the sensation aloud together, both of us said in the same moment the pain was sharp, pinpointed and felt what you would imagine something such as gunshot. As Vicky was picking up a male with a bandaged head upon discussion we wondered if this could have been a transference of feeling shrapnel or similar.
Within this room while standing at the boat we had noticed that when Andy spoke the flags above our head moved notably. Unable to find an immediate explanation for this we spent some quite minutes before encouraging Andy to continue to speak. Andy was able to use nautical terms to speak out loud about how things would have been at sea. Although Jill and Vicky both tried speaking it was clear that the vigorous movement from the flags was only noticeable when Andy spoke in this manner.

The cells – Sam had spent some time in cell 2 doing a lone vigil and after some time I joined her in the next cell, cell 2. An echo vox session had been recording and as it continued I spent time lying on the bed. I was unaware of anything happening and due to the noise level and length of time passed we switched of the echo vox. After spending time in the cells in silence I had no experiences and we left to regroup in the safe area.

The whole group went into one of the rooms where we spent time in circle in an attempt to increase energy. During this time individuals had different experiences. From my view I found it difficult to see Vicky’s face as it seemed to vary from being clear to being shrouded in shadow when appeared to make the shape different. This was possibly the effects of the shadows in the room. Temp/humidity checks were done at the start and at the end of this session. Slight humidity change of 8.9 from 8.7 was recorded from start to finish.

Gary, Alex, Brandon, Sam myself and John – memorabilia room. In this room John helped the group open themselves up as the group stood in circle. There were a number of different personal experiences which affected all members of the group. I was able to see large showers of ‘sparks’ of light around the group which were only seen by myself. At times I witnessed flashes of light which appeared to come from within the room – these were also witnessed by other members of the group. At a later point we attempted to recreate these effects with camera flash but were unable to get the flash to reproduce in the same manner and area. Also during this time I felt a sharp tug on my hair at the top from behind. I checked that there was nothing that my hair was able to catch on to clarify however this was a clear tug which felt like it lifted my hair up slightly before sharply yanking it downwards making me jump. 
While in this room Gary became agitated and being opposite in the circle it appeared a great deal of this agitation was directed towards myself. I felt the tension emanating from Gary and felt he was attempting to intimidate me by pacing forward and leaning his face towards mine. When I challenged this his agitation escalated, realising this Gary removed himself from the room. 
At one point the others commented that Alex’s face had become obscured however I was unable to see this. Alex and Brandon then swapped places so Alex was stood next to me and from this vantage point it did appear that Alex’s face was in darkness even from a position next to him. It’s possible this may have been due to a combination of the darkness/shadows/Alex stubble hair growth. 

Medical Room – Jill, Sam, John and Chris. Others in the group had some personal experiences in this room while we were in there together. I spent a few minutes in here alone and could clearly hear scratching and scuffling noises although could not see what was causing them. The others re -entered the room and continued to have their own personal experiences.

Founders Final Note
On entering the location it felt very atmospheric and you could feel the history around your. Most of the people there had personal experiences which was good for them. But over all I would have to say it was very flat this could of been down to the fact it’s been over investigated. Or it could of been down to the fact we tried an experiment on the night, of two groups one group of sceptics and another group of believers. Now as experiments go it was good to try but E.A.P.I. won’t be trying it again.

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