Norfolk Tank Museum

Team:- Gary, Sharon, Alex, Debbie, Jill, Brandon, Siobhan, Margaret
Medium:- Kevin 
Guests :- 12

On entering the location for the first time and having a look around you feel a atmosphere of history hitting you. The first part of the investigation E.A.P.I. and all the guests went into the hanger in one group to do a vigil. I started the proceedings off by calling out for spirits to give us any signs of their presence. Straight away we started to get bangs cold spots and some of the group said they thought they say movement around the Chieftain MBT (Main Battle Tank) MK 2/3 FV 4201 02 EB 05. So Kevin the E.A.P.I. medium thought it could be a good idea just to do a spiritual circle in the middle of the hanger to build the energy up even more. I was approached by one of the guests who informed me they say a man in boots and knee length socks and shorts that they could see walking around. After the break I decided that small groups might work better and off we went again. It was at this point I was getting a very bad pain in my right arm and shoulder. This pain started at the rear of the hanger and the was a group of guest there doing a call out session. I asked if any of them was feeling anything and one of them said they was getting the same feelings I was getting. So I got Brandon to do a P-SB7 spirit box session there with the guests.

Later on myself, Brandon and Alex was doing a P-SB7 spirit box session next to the artillery gun just inside the door on the lefthand side of the hanger. We was asking loads of question with no response for around 15 mins. So I suggested maybe we could try radio talk that may of been used. So I called out “HQ this is Alpha 1 requesting fire coordinates”. I repeated this three times then we got a response back “fire coordinates”. 
   . Myself, Brandon and Alex all heard it clear as day. Unfortunately this wasn’t recorded so it can only be a personal experience shared by 3 people.

On entering the location I straight away felt the presence of a gentleman following me and he stayed with me all night. At one point during the investigations he was prodding me in the back. I thought at the time I was leaning against something that was giving me the sensation of being pocked. So I moved making sure there was nothing behind me and it happened again. I also through out the night heard taps and bangs in different areas of the hanger. At one point I was with a group of guests and it was so loud that we all looked in the same direction of the bang. I also had guests coming up to me through out the night letting me know they had heard different noises throughout the hanger. 

Unfortunately this investigations was very quite for me. I did hear the occasional bang and even a whistle or two. But this I would have to put down to the fact that it was the wind as it was very wind on the night. Even though it was a fascinating location with loads of history I never experienced anything.

On entering the location I didn’t feel much also during the walk round I didn’t not get much. Once the investigation started we done a spiritual circle during which i started to get sharp pains across my chest this stayed with me for the period of time that this was taking place. After this ended I started to walk around and heard a few footsteps at the back of the room and thought i saw a few shadows, I put this done to the fact that there was many people walking around with torches. 

During the second half I went to the back of the room accompanied by two guest which later lead to three, during this time i conducted an experiment with the SB-7 box we got a few responses to questions but nothing we could be certain of. As of this I tried to contact the spirits which may have manned the tank which we was standing by i done this by talking as if i was on a radio, saying “this is alpha 1 does anyone copy, over” the response we got back from this was not VERY clear but I did think I heard the response “foxtrot over” this being a conformation. Myself and Gary also conducted the same experiment by the gun at the front of building by saying “this is alpha 1, requesting fire coordinates” which we believe we got the response repeating the word “fire coordinates”.

During the end of the night i did not get much more activity neither did i feel anything but i would like to give a big thank you to Steven who owns the building for letting myself start up and rev the scout car which is on display at the front of the building. This was a brilliant experience and was amazing to be able to feel like the soldiers would have when they would have drove this particular vehicle. 

Norfolk Tank Museum The tank museum felt quiet, when setting up. It didn’t feel like much was there when we started to set up the DVR system. The Echovox session in the weapons container was very quiet as I picked up the wrong cable and had to use the android without a loud speaker. After a while everyone split to go into their groups. I went to check on the DVR to see if it was still running, as it had shut down one camera for no reason on another investigation. I watched the monitor for a bit and thought I saw something at 10:20pm on camera 3 but will have to check the footage. After a break we decided to do a echovox session next to a tank at the far right from the entrance and was rudely told to go away so I asked why, and got a reply back saying fat, I then left to let Sharon continue. Later myself and a guest went and did an Echovox session at the far left near the bulldozer tank we got some good replays to questions that where asked. 

On arrival to the location I felt very calm and everything was lovely. 
We had a walk round to get the feel of things. The whole group held hands in a circle and I felt very unsteady on my feet. After we had a break me Sharon Debbie and three of our guests went into the gun room and I had a pain in my left knee and on my right hand side I saw the figure of a man. There was no one on my right hand side but it could have been a reflection from a model which stood with army clothes on. Over all I think it was a brilliant night and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. 

Upon arrival it was interesting to learn a little of the history of the collection from the owner before looking round the tanks, military vehicles and equipment. After spending time getting to know the guests we proceeded to start the investigation.  
Initially we stayed as a group, during this time I did not experience anything out of the ordinary. As the group split to go in different directions one of the mediums present spoke to Steve about someone being present with him. After a short time Steve was able to confirm that the information given was accurate and someone known to him.
Myself, Siobhan and a guest ventured to the bottom corner of the museum and preceded to do a pendulum session. It seemed as if we were communicating to the family member that had made himself known previously. To clarify this I asked question to which the group did not know the answers but could be tested for accuracy by Steve later. We asked a number of questions and Steve was able to tell us that the responses were all indeed correct when we spoke to him later at the break.
During the Echovox session later on in the evening while the group stood round Alex I stood further back to the rear of the tank in the darkness. On 3 occasions I heard humming coming from the other side of the tank, each time upon investigation it stopped and there was nothing visible there. I asked 2 members of the group to stand with me to see if it continued however it did not occur again and the atmosphere that I felt previously had dispersed. Throughout the night different strategies were attempted to make contact with spirit.
The rest of the evening was very enjoyable but I had no further experiences that were out of the norm or unexplained.

Founders Final Note
This location was new to E.A.P.I. and it was a great location to investigate. Most of the experience form E.A.P.I. Team Members and the guest where personal experiences. But I would have to say it was a windy night and there is a train track next to the location. So these two factors could of played a big part in things that where happening at the location.

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