Parkhill Hotel Lowestoft

Team:- Gary, Sharon, Alex, Debbie, Brandon, Siobhan, Jill, Kevin and Margaret
Guest:- 12
Baseline test:- Normal
Outside Temp:- 10 C 
Inside Temp:- 17 C

We started the night of with Alex taking the guest to do an echovox session (See Alex’s Report). Whilst this was happening I arranged the team into two teams so we could cover the location to the best of our ability.

Team A
Jill (Team Leader)
Kevin (Medium)

Team B
Gary (Team Leader)

Team A was going to concerntrate on The Barn and The Coach House. Whilst Team B would concerntrate on the main building.

Team Leader Gary’s Report
Bedroom 1
On the first session the team and 5 guest started in Bedroom 1. Where the team leader explained to the guest what equipment was in place in the bedroom and what equipment we would be using. Once this was done and everyone was happy we went lights out. At this point the team leader started to call out to spirit to ask them to interact with the group. It wasn’t long before we was getting cold spots and movement within the room. One of the guest picked up on a name Margaret and that the bedroom could of been hers. Once we had established this the room went quiet and the team leader wasn’t getting any responses from questions he was asking. So he decided to try an experiment and the three males in the room left, and stayed outside for ten minutes. After this time the team leader entered the room and ask if the activety had increased, which it had. The team leader then came to the conclusion that as it was a womens bedroom she wouldn’t interact with males in the bedroom. As males shouldn’t of been in her bedroom.
What we did pendulum sessions, dowsing rod sessions. We also had K2 meter and EMF Meter in position.

Bar Area
In the bar area we placed a K2 meter and EMF meter on the coffee table. Everyone sat down apart from the team leader who was walking around the bar area. After a short time of the team leader calling out we then done a dowsing rod session with the guest being able to use this equipment just like in bedroom 1. Again all the guest tried the dowsing rods and we was getting good responses to questions we was asking. Once again Margaret was about but this time she interacted with the males in the room. We asked her if she could light up the K2 meter and the K2 meter light up on all 5 lights. We believe that Brandon may have captured a spirit orb at this time. (See Pictures).

After a short break the guest from Team A joined Team B and the guest from Team B joined Team A.

Team B Second Session
Bedroom 1
As like in the first session the complete team entered the bedroom and in was very quiet. So again the team leader decided to take all the males out of the room. To see if the activity in there would increase. After about 15 mins the team leader then entered the room again to find out if the activity had increased. At this point Debbie said that it was very quiet and not as active than the first session.
Equipment used dowsing rod, K2 meter and EMF meter.

Bar Area
Once we entered the bar area the atmosphere felt heavy and different from the last session. The team leader decided that it would be good to try tipping table session. So we got 4 guest around a table and placed a K2 meter on it and a K2 meter on the coffee table also we light a candle. Once everything was ready and the guest where happy the team leader started to call out to spirit. Asking them to use the groups energy to move the table. After about 10 minutes the team leader handed over the calling out to the guest on the table. Unfortunitly the table never moved but we got responses via the K2 meter lighting up all lights when we was asking questions. These response was jumping from K2 meter to K2 meter. So when one set of lights disappeared the other set of lights started. Also there was no drafts from doorways or windows in this area but the candle at some points was leaning at 90 degrees. The session was closed down for the second break.

After a short break it was open investigation where our guest had the chance to investigate along with a E.A.P.I. Team member.

Open Investigation 
Gary, Debbie and Siobhan was accompanied by 4 guests over to The Barn. Where Gary asked the guest if they would like to try some psychic writing and psychic drawing. 2 guest done writing and 2 guest done drawing. None of the guests had any knowledge of the history of the location. One of the guest draw a horse and when asked why she couldn’t explain why. In her words “The pencil just draw it”. Another guest draw in his words “Chef Stuff” again when asked why he could explain it. One of the guests who was writing said she never wrote anything but she had put a “Line” on the paper. The last guest had written Maggie 1836 then underneath a mans name I think it was Edward. Again the guest was asked why she could explain it either.
Now E.A.P.I. are not saying this is paranormal but we will say that horse drawn coaches have been heard at this location. Also could Maggie 1836 be the Margaret from bedroom 1. Just something to think about.

Gary left this group and took one of the guest to bedroom one to do some scrying. (Looking into a mirror at your own reflection to see if it will change). Gary explained to the guest what hopefully would happen. Once the guest was happy the guest started looking into the mirror whilst Gary called out to spirit to join them. He then went completely quiet allowing the guest to call out in his mind to spirit. Once this session was finished Gary asked the guest about his experience. He said ” His glasses disappeared and his face changed also he had a stubby beard and mad eyes. The person he could see kept looking either left or right as he couldn’t look straight at the guest.
Earlier on before this session Gary had asked kevin (medium) if he had got anything in bedroom 1. He had told Gary he had got a strong presence of a man with a stubby beard and was a bit mad. Coincidence possible, did the guest over hear Gary and Kevin talking NO as the guest was in The Coach House at the time of the conversation.

Team Leader Jill’s Report
Alex and I took a team into The Coach House. Initially there was a considerable amount of noise contamination from a party next door. Therefore we spent a few minutes on introductions and expectations of the group before laying out our equipment available. We spent a few moments running through the equipment, its uses and demonstrating/explaining its use. The guests of the group were invited to select any equipment they wanted to use and encouraged to feel free to try anything they would like to use.

Kevin said some words to open then I began with the group in a circle. I spent some time encouraging people to relax and build up the energy around us then calling out to spirit. 
Kevin then proceeded to do a reading for a member of the group.
We continued to build up energy with me calling out and encouraging connection. Members of the group reported feeling ‘prickly’. Noise was still apparent from next door making it difficult to listen for specific noise, the aroma of food was also throughout the building. We could not be sure that lights were not various reflections from the moving cars as the party was coming to an end therefore we encouraged people to split into groups to quietly preform their own investigations using the equipment provided. One of the guests who had chosen to use the divining rods felt she was getting strong energy and although it was difficult to determine direct response due to the line of questioning while she practised, it was clear there was moving taking place and even more apparent a strong ‘shaking’ of the rods. I took the rods when she had finished in an attempt to clarify some of the questioning however they indicated that there would be no more communication at this point and then stopped all responding.

During this time Alex was getting hits on his emf/em meter which he was observing after placing it on the table. Throughout our time in the Coach house fluctuations continued on the device.
We also had a small group in the bar who sat with Kevin and Margret, during this time some personal information was relayed.

There was also a small group investigating in the main room. This group were observing and experimenting with the emf/em meter and most reported a ‘heady’ feeling. I myself also felt a little disorientated and nauseated and wondered if this may have been due to an uneven floor. 
While in the coach house 3 separate people reported seeing lights in the same area at different times. While we were aware that cars were in the car park we observed them pulling in and leaving and were not able to match the effect with what had been reported. Some of the group also heard noises coming from the same area. (upon leaving we were able to check there was nobody immediately next door). After an hour we went to a break and returned to the main building.

After the break Alex, Kevin and I returned to The Coach House with a different group, by this time the party in the adjoining room had ended and it was quiet. As before we got together introduced the equipment and talked about expectations before standing together in a circle.
Kevin and I took turns to call out and encourage a spirit connection. During this time people in the group expressed a number of personal experiences, with a number of them saying they felt the atmosphere was charged. Two guests reported seeing shadows in one corner of the room, these had also without collaboration been witnessed by Jill and Alex.

As the group encouraged spirit to use energy the K2 at my feet began to light as far as the 3rd light repeatedly. As this continued Kevin began a personal reading for a member of the group stood next to me. This reading was quite in depth and throughout the K2 was repeatedly lighting all the way to the limit. During this time the emf/em meter that next to Alex on the table was also alarming. When observed it was noticeable that at any one time it was either of the meters responding, as if something was going between the two. This continued all the way throughout the reading, the K2 was fully illuminating at regular points – almost it seemed in conjunction with points that were being made by Kevin. At this time one of the guests was experiencing physical symptoms on her lower body asking if the person in question may have had problems in this area which was clarified as being correct by the reading recipient. The recipient was able to confirm the accuracy of the reading as it came to an end.

We again spent time building the energy with some positive words and calling out. Kevin then began another personal reading relative to a couple of guests stood in the group. Again these ladies were able to confirm the accuracy of Kevin’s reading. Once this was complete the group split into smaller numbers around the Coach House. One particular group of guests were encouraged to take a K2 and go somewhere they felt comfortable to attempt some communication. This group reported back that they had a number of hits on the K2 meter in accordance with them asking out. They also felt a particular part of the bar was active and had chosen to spend some time there. The rest of the guests present were finding that the main room had begun to feel very dense/heavy and reported feeling of light headedness and nausea. A couple of people also began to complain of feeling headachy. During this time Brandon came into the Coach House and before anything was said to him Brandon immediately commented that he had pressure in his head. All the guests were happy to go to a break to discuss their experiences.

After break Brandon and I took a small group of guests into the bar. We gathered the chairs around a small table after spending time looking around the room and decided to use a glass to attempt communication. Unfortunately we could not find an available glass in the bar therefore we placed a K2 in the middle of the table. One of the guests chose to do some calling out and invite spirit to join us, there was an overwhelming sense that someone was in the corner of the bar behind us. Although we got some reaction from the K2 it was unclear what the responses were in answer to. As I went into the main room to ask for a glass J had arrived and decided to join us in the bar, we also managed to get a glass to take back with us.

Upon entering the bar J remarked there was a male present, indicating the area of the bar the group had felt earlier. As he acknowledged the males’ presence the emergency exit light began to flash on and off rapidly. We used a line of questioning in an attempt to engage the spirit energy moving the glass. Everyone had a finger lightly touching the glass and although it was moving slowly the results were inconclusive. J removed his finger from the glass and we continued, again although different members of the group attempted a variety of lines of questioning, the glass only slightly moved and cannot be clarified that a definitive answer was obtained. After no more personal experiences or observations we left the bar area.

As the rest of the team and group of guests left for the barn Debbie, Siobhan and myself went to do a vigil in the bedroom. As we sat in the bedroom, myself on the bed and Debbie and Siobhan in the chairs there seemed to be distinct noises coming from the window area. We could not determine the cause of the noises although they did not seem to be caused by any draughts or movement of windows. At one point I saw a light anomaly which was immediately also clarified by Debbie with no collaboration. We took some photographs however this did not occur again. There was one point where I got the feeling of a young women being present, possibly waiting for someone, however I did not get any further feelings. After spending some time in the bedroom with no other experiences we left.

At this point the investigation from all areas was brought to a close.

Echovox Sessions with Alex
After reviewing the recordings done at park hill hotel there was only a few responses that stood out. In the first recording I got a reply to ‘when did you die in this building’ the answer was ‘1912’. I asked ‘did you say 1912?’ The reply was ‘yes’ also I asked ’do you know anyone in this room?’ we got a response saying ‘Cass’ these were the response in the hotel.

The last session done in the coach house, the only thing that we got was to the question ‘can you give me a name?’ we got ‘Andrew’ followed a short while later ‘Carpenter’ we still don’t know whether that was his full name or whether he was a carpenter.

Nothing else stood out on the recordings. Nothing was received on the sb-11.

During a session with Kevin in the coach house, we had something going from the K2 meter to my new EMF meter and back to the K2. This happened a few times during the session and again later with John.

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