Coronation Hall

Built in 1910, Coronation Hall, Mundesley is the hub of this lovely North Norfolk fishing village. Situated on the cliff edge overlooking the sea it’s hard to imagine that anything “paranormal” could happen at this location. However it has surprised locals and visitors alike,having proven to be a regular ‘haunt’ for our friends from the other side. It has been featured in a magazine for the activity witnessed here.

On entering the location all seemed peaceful you had the feeling of being watched as the CCTV and digital recorders where placed around the hall. 

Just like the team that investigated back in 2006 we decided to play some 1940s music; Glenn Millar, Vera Lynn, The Andrews Sisters etc, just to raise the vibrations and entice memories of a bygone age in the hope we would encourage Ghosts and Spirits from the past to join in.

E.A.P.I. decided that we would split up into two teams one team starting from the front of the building and the other team starting from the rear. The weird thing was that there was “NO AUDIO” contamination from either team. In other words you could hear what the other team was doing or talking about. 

Our investigation revealed a number of energies through out hall and as the night went on it became a very intense night. 

Entrance Lobby and Gents Toilets

Group of 5 people where present and we decided that we would do an experiment. Where each of us would enter the gents toilets alone for 10 mins. One of the group was sitting with her back against the door which lead up to the balcony. Where apon she heard and felt two knocks as if someone wanted to come through the door. The knocks where heard by two other members of the group. Everyone that entered the toilets come out say that they felt anxious, scared,frightened and wanting to hide whilst in there. We believe this to be the spirit of a young boy. 


Again we had the presence of the young boy who was anxious, scared,frightened and wanting to hide. There was also the spirit of a female that was always in a hurry, she came across as no sooner as one job finished she had to start another one. She would never give herself 5 mins. rest even for a cup of tea. It’s our belief that she was a member of the Mundesley WI. Also on the balcony people where getting pains in their head and shoulders. There was also in the same area the feeling of either jumping off the balcony or being pushed of the balcony. This was mainly at the far end of the balcony the other side to where the stairs are.

The Main Hall

The main hall area come across as a happy and jolly area when we started up the music we caught glimses of shadows,chit chat and laughing. There was also the presence of American and British armied forces. Which didn’t surprise us as many a dance was held at the hall. The only area of the main hall that didn’t feel right was to the right of the exit to the lobby. Where we was getting the feeling of falling from the balcony and landing on the head and shoulder area of the body.

Backstage Walkway

This area was very interesting in the fact that we was getting very high EMF readings for no reason. The EMF meter would spike up and then just drop to zero the area was checked out for electricity points. But these areas wasn’t give off enough to spike the EMF meter as high. No contact with spirit was made in this area. But you had the feeling you was being watched from the shadows and someone reported hearing footsteps behind them. But this was put down to noise contamination, by other members walking on or near the stage area. It was confirmed that at the time of the footsteps people where walking on and around the stage.

Conference Room

This area was very active at one point in the night all the women in a group became very aggressive towards the men. They seemed to be taking it in turns to verbally insult them in ways that none of them would normally do. It’s our belief that it was the spirit of Sister Margaret a matron from the Mundesley Hospital (Tuberculosis Sanatorium). As further contact with her we found out that she had a dislike to men. Also we come in contact with another women called Elizabeth (See next paragraph).

William Barcham (1744-1782), the eldest son of William and Sarah Barcham of Edingthorpe, moved to Great Yarmouth about 1764. William may have died at sea. He had two children, Sarah (b.1770) who married James Paul, and William (1771-1859). He was Captain William Barcham, a master mariner, who founded the seafaring dynasty that continued through to World War II. William had six children by his first wife Judith Dyboll, and 12 by his second wife Elizabeth Lacy. The family moved to Mundesley before 1845 where William was a land agent. Some Barchams were shipbuilders in Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft, others were ship owners and/or master mariners who lived in Cromer, Mundesley and Sheringham and sailed all over the world in fast clippers trading in the Far East.

Along with these we had the spirit of a German pilot from WW2 come through to us whilst we where doing glass work. (See Stage Area for further details).

Stage Area

Our medium on the night was picking up on a small boy that had lost his life on the stage. On further research we have found out that a young lad called David had died on the stage. He died on the stage due to an epileptic and banging his head. One of the members of the team was doing an echovox session on the stage when another member come in to witness the session. The person coming on to the stage closed the curtains behind him and straight away said that the stage area felt very heavy. At this point he started to go down and had to hold on to a chair to stop himself falling over. But even being in the chair didn’t help because all of a sudden he was out of it and on the stage floor. All he kept on mentioning was he couldn’t shack off the spitfires and you could see he was getting more affraid. We are hoping that this was captured of CCTV as we had a camera in the area at the time. (See paragraph below). There was also another member collapse on the stage for no reason one minute he was talking normally then the next he had collasped. Also another member was nearly pushed down the stairs that we had placed in front of the stage.

3 male members of the team where effected in some way which connect them all to the plane. One member had stomach pains as in his words shot by bullets. Another had the same syptoms but he also had the sound of planes buzzing in his head. The third had the experience on the stage. It is our belief that it is in connection with the Junkers Ju 88A-4 that crashed off the coast of Mundesley. 

The Blitz: Erpro/KG30 Junkers Ju 88A-4 (1384) was hit by anti-aircraft fire when near Great Yarmouth and crashed into the sea off Mundesley. Uffz. W. Dick missing. Fw. O. Haug, Uffz. R. Prohaska and Fw. H. Trokes killed. Aircraft 4D+DA sank. 

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