Nelson Museum

Set-up and walk round

On entering the building and doing our set – up and walk through. It was reported that in certain areas of the building felt heavy. This was reported by different members of the E.A.P.I. TEAM which gave us verification.

1) Downstairs gallery 3 E.A.P.I. team members reported that when they walked through the door. The gallery felt heavy and the atmosphere was different to the hall.

2) Nelson’s room again it was reported by 3 different E.A.P.I. team members that as they entered this room the atmosphere within the room changed.

3) Liberary even before anyone had entered this area as the door was locked. It was reported by 4 E.A.P.I. team members. That even standing outside the door the area felt heavy and oppressive.

Investigation of Location

E.A.P.I. split up into two teams to cover the three storey building. One team started on the ground floor and the 2nd team started on the third floor. This was done to try and eliminate noise contamination from either team. 

Team A

Started their investigation on the third floor in the long room. Where they decided that they would do three experiments.

1) Psychic drawing and writing this experiment didn’t really give us anything that we could go on. But we did have two members write down the word “JAM” they where in different parts of the room so couldn’t of told each other they was going to write that word down.

2) Glass work using “YES/NO” questions this experiment started of slow but once we managed to contact spirit and the glass was moving. It was established by the team that they was talking to Lord Nelson.

3) Table tipping again this was very slow as the team tried to table tip on of the tables within the room. There was some movement of the table but not enough to conclude that it was moving. So they used a smaller table that E.A.P.I. use and the team managed to get the table tipping and at one point it was spinning on one leg.

Team B

Started their investigation on the ground floor where they investigated three different areas. It was reported that each area seemed very flat, but they had the feel they where being watched. In the words of one team member “It was like they where children and to scared to come out and play”.


A few team members had a chat and it was established that after the break we would cover all 3 floors. This was done in the hope to build the energy up more within the building.

For the rest of the night E.A.P.I. tried different paranormal techniques to contact the spirits within the building. Some of which worked and some of which didn’t work. The only spiritual contact was with Lord Nelson and children. It was reported that people did feel very uncomfortable when in the liberary. They had the feeling of someone standing in front of them with their face in there face.

E.A.P.I. tried for the first time a new experiment.

The Zener Experiment

Is based on perceptual psychologist Dr Karl Zener’s experiment to test extra sensory perception (ESP) by the use of Zener cards, 25 in a pack made up of five symbols. In a test of ESP. The experimenter picks up a card and records the answer of the person being tested for ESP more than three symbols answered correctly proves that the person being tested has a gift.

E.A.P.I. Twist

Take a group of people and blindfold them, layout the 5 different cards on a table. Making sure people taking part DON’T KNOW THE ORDER OF THE CARDS. Place a glass in the middle of the cards and then get the particepents fingers place on the glass. Shuffle the deck of cards and have a person not looking at the table call out the shapes or colour on the cards as they are turned over. Making sure that its recorded by video and audio and see if spirit can move the glass to the said card. By using the energy of the people around the table touching the glass.

This experiment went really will unfortunitly it wasn’t recorded but E.A.P.I. will be using this experiment at other locations in the future.

Founders Final Words

All in all Nelson Museum Great Yarmouth was a very interesting location with all the historical facts about Lord Nelson and also the Lord Nelson Collection. But on our visit E.A.P.I. found it to be very calm and peaceful location. Even the three areas mentioned above even though they where heavy no conclusive results where got. It is our conclusion that most of the activity in there is due to the children that was picked up on the night.

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