King’s Arms Coaching Inn

Team A:- Gary Michael and four guests

On entering the location Sharon went around with the Manager (Graham). Whilst this was happening Gary and Alex set-up the CCTV cameras in possible hot spots for activity. Also at this time baseline readings where taken and we found that there was high EMF readings in certain place within the building. 

Team B:- Sharon, Sarah, Trish,Jamie and 3 guests

Team C:- Sharon, Sarah, Trish,Jamie,Michael and 5 guests

Team D:- Gary, Alex and 2 guests (RAPS Team)


Went to the Georgain bedroom where the group decided to start with a calling out session. Again in this room the EMF readings where high and the 2 K2 meters flickered between 2 and 3 lights. But the rempod never gave us any readings. So as a group we decided to switch off the K2’s as they may of been giving us fulse readings.

On further calling out the group experienced drafts around knee level and the sence that we had a spirit of a little boy playing with us. This little boy responed more to the females within the group than the males. A few times we asked him to go closer to the rempod which then light up. It was also established that he was about 6-7 years old and very scared.

At one point in the room Gary left the room with the manager (Graham) and as Gary passed the loft door it opened up with force. Unfortunately this was not captured on CCTV as we never had a camera covering that area.(But we will never time).

When Gary returned to Team A nothing really was happening so the decided to have a short coffee break.


Upon entering the room it was noted how cold it was in there in comparison to the rest of the building especially at the far end of the room. The team sat at the table in the centre of the room and called out for any response. Trish asked if this used to be a hospital as she sensed lots of beds in the room, Sarah then said that it wasn’t a hospital it was a brothel, Sharon then confirmed that this was the case as the Landlord had told her this on their initial walk round earlier in the evening. Sarah then began having severe neck pains and sensed a woman in the room, this continued for about 5-10 mins at which point Jamie felt a blast of air above his head and everyone commented that they were getting colder. At this point Trish said that she sensed a male presence standing between Sharon and Jamie, Sarah confirmed that this was a malevolent male spirit and advised everyone in the room to take care. The team began some glass work which did not come to anything, however, when asking out it was noted that Trish had become very quiet and had begun to rock in her chair. When asked if she was ok she replied in a very guttural, sinister voice and told us to “get out” when questioned further the rocking became more intense and she began to shout “GET OUT” and began violently banging on the table. It came to a point whereby we needed to bring Trish back and it took some time for Sharon and Sarah to do this. It was then decided that we take a break to allow Trish to recover and the rest of the team to have a break. The team returned to the room and again it felt very cold and oppressive, they sat at the table nearest the bar as many of the team felt this could be an area of high activity, shortly after starting the Ouija Board Trish was taken over by the male spirit again and became very loud and aggressive, this time pushing the table half way across the room and falling to her knees, the session was ended and Trish brought round and taken out of the room.


Upon entering the next investigation area it was noted as feeling very pleasant and warm with no heaviness experienced in the previous room visited although this was under/adjoining that room. The landlord had joined us and advised that in one of the chairs people had complained of being very cold and experiencing uncomfortable feelings and Michael then sat in this chair to see if he could sense anything unusual. Sarah then began calling out and asked for any spirits present to copy her in knocking on the table, there seemed to be some intelligent response, however his was debunked as the refrigeration system behind the bar and a coincidence. Quite quickly after asking out Trish again became very quiet and started to rock in her chair and it was apparent that the previous male spirit had targeted her yet again, she was swiftly brought forward and removed from the room by Sarah and Sharon as it was felt that although she had carried out her protection for the evening for some reason this was not working and Sarah therefore carried out a higher level of protection to stop this happening again. Upon re-entering the room the team decided to try some glass work again and this time received some intelligent responses, half way through the experiment Sarah removed herself from the glass as she felt a stinging static “poke” on her hand, shortly thereafter she channelled the male spirit which had been attacking Trish but seemed to be in more control and had a conversation with those present rather than telling them just to get out. Sarah did not allow the man to remain for long as she felt that his aggressiveness was not productive towards the investigation.The team then took a short break.


The next room the team investigated was the other side of the site in the Georgian bedroom; Sarah immediately felt the presence of a young boy, aged approx. 6-7 years old called Robert. He was in the room feeling quite uneasy and somewhat scared as there were quite a few people present. He stayed in the room in the main as he was waiting for his mum to come and get him; he had no inclination to be moved on and on a general basis was happy just to wait. He has no connection with any spirits on the other side of the site and is not aware of anything to frighten him. Sarah was unaware that the previous team had also picked up the same spirit. It was felt that he would interact more once he understood who we were and became more familiar with us. While in the room Sarah took photos and there is only one with a bright light anomaly near the bathroom at about 4ft high…could this have been Robert? No real response from the Rempod but Mark’s K2 meter was lighting up a fair amount.


The team returned to the function room where they started the evening and didn’t seem to have the same oppressive atmosphere as before. Although quiet it was felt that the chair at the far end of the room behind the camera had someone sitting in it. Several of the team went over and sat in the chair at different intervals but nothing was really sensed. Sarah then picked up the young woman again and again her neck was hurting, Sarah believes that the lady in question worked at the brothel and hung herself, she thinks because she had fallen in love with one of thecustomers and was also possibly pregnant. After further calling out Sarah channelled a woman who seemed to think the team were witches, she felt very confused and a little scared due to the equipment the teams had been using. She also warned them to beware and then left. The room had become very flat and the team decided to break.


Went to the function room where before when Team B had been in there Trish had had a nasty experience. On entering the function room we all said how heavy and dark the room was. We just decided that we would walk around the function room taking in the atmosphere within the room. After sometime we all sat down around the table nearest the bar where Team B had been sitting. Whilst there Vivien(RAPS Team) made contacted with a man wearing a white frilly shirt around the sleeves and neck wearing a velvet jacket. He wasn’t very nice as he also kept showing her a flintlock pistol. Gary also felt as if there was more than one room in the function room. They tried different techniques to experience what had happened to Trish but nothing happened. When they decided to leave they all mentioned how lighter the function room was.

Team D also investigated the Red bedroom with different techniques but the room didn’t give any activity back.


A very active location with more spirits present as watchers who didn’t come forward, I feel that as this location hasn’t been investigated before or for a very long time it would need another visit in order for them to become familiar with who we are and what we do in order to get the best out of the location. 


All in all a very interesting location with some activity captured by team members and guest. It is my opinion that this location should be done again. As I feel that if E.A.P.I. are the ONLY team to go in there. Then the spirits there will gain our trust and will be more willing to interact with us. 

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