Redoubt Fort

Team:- Gary Bradfield, Sharon Bradfield, Alex Collins, Trish Rouse, Michael Rouse, Sam Lawrence and Mark Gray

Guests:- 9


On entering the location Mark the health and safety officer went around the location taking notes of hazardious areas. Michael set out the equipment and also went around the location doing a baseline test.(See below). Gary and Alex set up the CCTV Cameras in four different locations. (See below).

Baseline Test 

There was no abnormal readings thoughout the fort and the temp. was 12c.

CCTV Cameras

1) Over looking the court yard and also the top walkway.

2) Ground level of the court yard

3) Prison cell 1

4) The room E.A.P.I. called the Portal Room.

Sharon Bradfield was manning the CCTV Cameras all night. Learning something new.

Team A – Gary, Michael, Mark, plus 5 guests

Team B – Trish, Sam plus 4 guests

Team C – Michael ,Mark plus Guests

Team D – Gary, Alex

Team E – Michael plus 3 guests

Team A

Went up to the top walk way whilst there Gary gave the guests a brief history of Redoubt Fort. Allowing the guests to feel the atmosphere of the fort. After this they relocated to a room downstairs where a calling out session took place. Michael had a K2 Meter with him on this session also. Whilst this session was taking place people where experiencing feeling hot, pains in the righthand side of their heads and also feeling cold. We also had indication of two flashing lights on the K2 Meter. 

Bunk House

Team A then went to the bunk house where the display depicts the sleeping area of the fort. Again there was people where experiencing feeling hot, pains in the righthand side of their heads and also feeling cold. We also had indication of two flashing lights on the K2 Meter. The thing was the people near the door was hot and the people furthest away from the door was cold. We checked the window at the back and there was no cold drafts coming through the window. Gary walked to the back and it was like he had walked past a cols wall, whilst there he picked up on a solider called George but no sooner had he picked him up he went again. 

Team B

Team B went into the cells first where they encountered quite a lot of activity. There were 3 cells, Trish asked the guests to go into the cells, 2 people in each cell, Trish & Sam went into one of the cells also & started calling out, straight away the female guests were sensing that their hair was being touched, Trish knocked a the cell door (cell 3) asking spirit to respond by knocking back, there were 2 knocks, this was later debunked as the door was vibrating against the door frame. On a couple of occasions it sounded like footsteps were heard. The guests were then asked to swap round cells to see if they felt any different, during this Sam & Trish stood in the corridor of the cells, both Trish & Sam saw a dark shadow figure near cell door 3, Trish mentioned earlier that she s thought she had seen a shadow peering in through the bars on the door.Trish continued to call out then one of the guests screamed as she had felt something on her back, as if someone was running their hands down her back.Trish was in cell 3 a little later with Sam & one of the guests when she was pushed into the path of the guest. Sam also did a lone vigil in cell 1, she said she felt really uncomfortable & felt that she was being watched.We then moved onto a different room (boat room) where we decided to do some glass work, Sam was in control of the table, at first the table started rocking with the glass gradually moving, yes & no questions were being asked. Trish & one of the guests sensed the spirit of a soldier, Trish said she felt that the presence of the soldier was standing with her & using her energy, they asked questions & managed to get his name & details of his family.William Sturgeon, wife’s name was Amy & they had 2 children.(This is yet to be checked & confirmed). We then went upstairs, the stairs we walked up were very eery & gave you a feeling that you were being pulled to the left, everyone felt quite dizzy & disorientated. We had a walk around the grounds upstairs where we heard a loud bang that sounded like a gun going off, others confirmed this too however it could not be proved that’s what it was due to us being outside & next to the port. We then went into the vintage tool room where there was another room to the side of it, the room was quite small & narrowed at one end, Trish stood in the narrowing with a torch lit but pointing down, by then Sharon had joined us. Sharon, Sam & guests all stood at the other end of the room, everyone noticed that the torch was dimming until it completely disappeared, Trish panicked as she felt that the walls were closing in on her & she was becoming trapped. Other guests stood in the narrowing to see if they could sense anything, one of the guests looked really tall, his face seemed to change & he looked like he was wearing a cloak.Guests also took part in physic drawing & writing with some interesting results, we all drew about the cells.

Team D

Went to the ammunitions room where they conducted a calling out sessions. Whilst in there Alex reported the smell of tabacco as if someone was smoking and as he called smell oil. Both Alex and Gary had the sensation of a sharp pain in the base of their backs then at the front of their stomach. At one point Gary nearly collapsed he said it was like he had got shot in the leg, he also reported at this time that this person had also lost his right arm. Gary also kept getting “It was an accident it should never of happened”. Together Alex and Gary came to the conclusion, that there was a solider on guard duty having a smoke. When he heard the door open he discarded his cigarette. But it ignited a box the solider run to the door and got hit in the back. The other person and engineer got hit in the leg and right arm. The injury to his right arm was that bad he lost it.

Team E

Michael & 3 guests then went into cell 3 & called out, after a short time the bed started to vibrate & the female guests were experiencing being touched in the hip area.After a short break we returned to cell 3, we all noticed that there was rusty deposits of metal on the floor, there was a large chunk of metal hanging of the window which went through to the next cell, Michael went to touch it & before he could it moved up & down on its own, the guests all witnessed this.

Michael’s Lone Vigil

Michael then went into the cells where he went into cell 1, there he experienced feeling of dizziness & wanting to pace around the room, Gary had also experienced this a little earlier & had started to become agitated. Michael then went into cell 3 & called out & counted to 10 in German when he heard 2 loud footsteps, immediately Michael rushed out to see if he could see anything but nothing was there.

Tech report 

All in all it was an interesting night with some questions answered from our last visit. After setting up the camera for our live stream on our Facebook group page, I went off and done some echovox sessions in different location (audio still to be listened too). Gary, Mick & myself later in the night, went off to what we called the portal room. This was where Gary wanted to punch me badly on our last visit to the fort. We done an echovox session there and ask quite a few question, some of them was to do with what is communicating with us via the portal. Some of the replies was very surprising. We asked about whether they are interdimensional beings, aliens (extraterrestrial), or spirits. The room was not as bad as it was on the last visit, but it was still open. Video and audio still needs to be looked at and listened too but will have done very soon.

Founders Final Words

Once again E.A.P.I. investigated this historic fort and once again it didn’t fail to deliver. With the activity throughout the night. It is a very interesting location and as soon as you think you’ve worked it out, something else happens. 

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