O’Quigleys Bar

EAPI Team – Gary, Sharon, Alex, Sarah, Trish, Mike, Sam & Mark

Special Guest – Norman Fahy (Uncle Norm)The team set up all the equipment & Mike carried out baseline checks which were all normal.

Part 1 of investigation:

#1 Glass work – Sam, Mick, Trish & Sarah

Glass was moving slowly & calmly, there was a musty smell noted by Sharon & Mick & cold blasts behind team members. 

Uncle Norm asked to join in.

#2 Glass work – Sam, Mick, Trish, Sarah & Uncle Norm

Glass was moving very rapidly and aggressively round & round the table – Trish called out & asked “are you male” – glass went towards Mick for yes, the glass continued to move aggressively around the table, at times almost coming of the table, Sarah asked for the glass to stop which it did but then almost immediately started to move aggressively once more, moving towards Uncle Norm each time, Sarah asked if spirit would like to talk to Uncle Norm again the glass moved towards him, at this point Sarah felt someone standing behind her & a very cold breeze went over the table which the team felt on their hands, the glass was moving really fast around the table, Uncle Norm removed his hand from the glass & began shaking quite profusely,

The glass then went mad & flew off the table (glass did not break), the team came off the table to take care of Uncle Norm who was not very responsive, he was assisted away from the table, Gray & Sharon both spoke to Uncle Norm to bring him back round, Uncle Norm asked to lay on the floor, where the team made sure he was comfortable & well, he recovered shortly after.

When Uncle Norm recovered he told Gary & Sarah that the team will have to be on their guard as there was two greedy spirits that were taking the energy from team members, one was aggressive & the other was confused.

The Team took a short break

Part 2 of investigation:

Mark stood next to Alex at the bar & Sam was sitting at the table near the toilets, both of them saw someone go down the steps by the cellar in their provisional vision at the same time.

Trish also saw a dark shadow going up the iron staircase, it seemed to stop go back down then come back up again. Gary & Trish decided to go up the staircase to investigate what it was, Gary had the red torch & a thermometer, the temperature when they first entered the area was around 18 degrees, suddenly the red torch began to flash, when ask to stop it did & then asked to flash again it did it again, the temperature went up to 22.5 degrees & seemed to stay at that for a while, the torch also continued to flash, at one stage the torch was actually switched off, there was no explanation for this, Trish then came down the stairs & heard footsteps behind her although nothing was there.

3# Glass work – Sharon, Sarah, Sam & Mark

During this session the glass was moving around the table, Sarah became very emotional as she had picked up on the spirit of a litlle boy aged 7 years, Sarah explained that he was trapped there by a stronger spirit of a man.

Seance table session:

Uncle Norm, Sam, Mark & Trish

Uncle Norm was in charge of the table & asked questions, the table moved quite aggressively and was turning round & rocking backwards and forwards to questions that he asked, Uncle Norm picked up a female spirit that seemed quite angry, eventually she calmed down & was asked if she would like to pass over to the light, Uncle Norm spoke to her in a calm manner and sent her over.

Upstairs bar:

Gary & Mick

Gary & Mick investigated the upstairs bar at one point they both saw a small figure peer round the corner, nothing else happened upstairs.

4# Glass work – Sarah, Sharon, Sam & Mark

Uncle Norm joined shortly after

Glass was moving around the table & answering yes & no questions asked.

Uncle Norm joined the table & the glass began moving rapidly and aggressively around the table once again, the glass then flew off the table & shattered, Uncle Norm began shaking once again & was removed from the table by Mark who stayed with him until he recovered.

Sharon, Sarah & Sam continued with another glass, during this Sam was becoming quite agitated and appeared to be jolting, asked if she wanted to leave the table Sam declined and continued on the table.

Also carried out by Uncle Norm was an evp session on his reel to reel recorder.

Medium’s Report 

Upon entering the site I really didn’t feel much in the basement are we were investigating as there was still quite a bit of noise from the public upstairs. I decided to sit quietly while the rest of the team set up the equipment etc and “tune in” to the surroundings. After about 5 -10 mins I noticed a distinct draft round my legs and over my lap, I checked for where this could be coming from as it hadn’t been there before but there didn’t seem to be an obvious reason for this and as quickly as it started it disappeared . There were several mirrors on the walls around the room and I then started to pick up shadow people in the mirrors, especially those at the far end of the room in the corner where Alex had his camera station set up. I also caught what I believe to be a black cat out the corner of my eye walking past my seat. Things were obviously beginning to warm up and the atmosphere had changed. We decided to carry out some glass work where, after a slow start, the glass became very active when “Uncle Norm” joined the table stating he thought we had a “greedy ghost” present. After about 5 minutes of high activity on the glass Uncle Norm began to shake quite badly and wasn’t very responsive so I asked for him to be removed from the table to calm down and recover which he did. Once Uncle Norm had left the table the glass wasn’t so active but was still responsive to questions and I feel we had 2 spirits present, one a little confused and the other angry. They then seemed to leave the glass and other members of the team were seeing shadows manifest in another part of the bar so we took a break from the glass work. On return to working with the glass later on I was suddenly hit by an overwhelming feeling of sadness and felt the spirit of a young boy aged around 5-7 years old which reduced me to tears. I believe he has been seen by people on the property and is a grounded spirit. We did try and contact him but he left very quickly because of the angry spirit also resident at the property. We undertook another glass session and were joined by Uncle Norm, again the glass was very strong and at one point flew across the table and smashed on the floor. We resumed the glass work after Uncle Norm left the table and although weaker we did get some reaction to our questions. I then felt a very calm female presence enter the room who was not part of the building but connected to Mark one of our team members. I then relayed some messages to Sam who is Mark’s fiancée regarding her son stating that the man with the pictures on his arms (Gary) and the girl with the stars (myself) would help her regarding a bad spirit who has fixated itself on Sam’s son and with who we have had dealings with before. On speaking to Mark after I came round after the messages finished and the lady left he felt that it was his grandmother Gertrude who had come through. It was now very late and we decided to wrap up the investigation. 

I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of activity of what is really 2 rooms in the basement of the building and believe that in addition to the young boy there are several spirits present which do travel all over the site and are seen by people. The spirits are a mixture of grounded and visitors who I think will make themselves known more to us as we return, they have never experienced an investigation before or people trying to contact them so it is really a learning curve for them and they have to start to trust us in order for us to really get the great results I think are possible here.

Report from (audio & Video tech)

There was only 2 things that happen Sunday night. The first was the CCTV equipment restarted. The second was the glass shooting off the table that was caught on CCTV, video sent to Gary Bradfield. There was plenty of dust flying about on cams, but no shadows or light anomaly was caught on CCTV.

Founders notes

E.A.P.I. had yet another interesting night at the location. With the location giving up more of it’s secrets. On the whole a very active night & lots of personal experiences for the team & Uncle Norm. I think there is layer upon layer of activity here and the more we investigator the more the spirits will trust us. So the more evidence we will start togather, the team came away with more question to be answered. 

Thank You for having us & we look forward to returning in the near future.

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