Rendlesham Forest Report

On arriving and parking up the car I stood around taking in the atmosphere of the location as it was the first time that I’d been there. After a brief chat with David, Brenda and other people that had joined us we headed for the East Gate. Along the route we took I felt as if I was in a time warp in places. It was like I was back in time but still in 2018 it was a very weird feeling and I spoke to other people about it and they where feeling the same. 

Once at the East Gate I decided to take some pictures with my camera that was fully charged I took one picture and the camera shutdown with flat battery. But once I moved away from the East Gate my camera was back up running on full battery. This happened a lot thoughout the forest it was as if something didn’t want to be captured on camera. Everytime this happened I showed it to David or mentioned it to him. 

From there we headed for a depression that just appeared in the forest back in 1980 whilst there I had the feeling of dread. I was asked if I would like to go into the depression but declined as I felt it wasn’t right to go into it. All the time thinking that we was being watched from the forest. This feeling of being watched stayed with me all night it was as if who ever it was was just outside of our eyesight.

For the rest of the night I kept seeing shadow figures roaming the forest and on a few times this was confirmed by other people within the group. I must say that Rendlesham Forest takes on a different atmosphere after dark the once peaceful forest of the day becomes a sinister places after dark. It’s strange but for the complete night there I can say that I never heard any wildlife apart from as we was leaving when we heard what I thought a fox.

This is one location that I would recommend people to visit but make sure you have someone who knows the forest as it’s very easy to get lost after dark.

By Gary Bradfield

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