E.A.P.I. Looking at two new locations

E.A.P.I. have e-mailed two new locations to them to bring to you in 2020. The first one is in Cambridgeshire. Wisbech Castle is believed to have been a motte-and-bailey earthwork castle built to fortify Wisbech on the orders of William I in 1072. This was probably oval in shape and size, on the line still marked by the Crescent. The castle was reputedly destroyed in a flood in 1236. The second is in Lincolnshire A large ‘Tudor Style’ building facing Customs House Quay in Boston’s Cultural Quarter.Parts of the building, notably the massive timber structure at the front of the building, dates back to the 1300’s.The building as one sees it today, is the result of a face lift carried out in the 1870’s, during which an impressive Gothic style ‘Great Hall’ was constructed at the rear of the building. The building is breath taking, and certainly one of the most easily recognised building in town after the Stump.

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