Row Houses, 21/09/19 – Report

Row Houses, Great Yarmouth. 
Site Investigation II
Report ID #2019ROH001
Visit: 21st Sept 2019, 20:00-01:00
Report dated: 25th Sept 2019, last updated 25th Sept 2019
Written by Alister Cruickshanks and Alison Cruickshanks
Locality photos: Mark Dudley

Team leaders present: Gary Bradfield, Sharon Bradfield, Alison Cruickshanks, Alister Cruickshanks.


EAPI conducted their second visit to The Row Houses. Row 111 and the Old Merchant’s House are the remains of Great Yarmouth’s original distinctive housing ‘Rows’ which were a network of narrow alleyways linking Yarmouth’s three main thoroughfares. Many ‘Row Houses’ were damaged by World War II bombing or demolished during post-war clearances, but two properties survived.

Sand Pendulum Experiment: EAPI setup a sand pendulum within the middle floor bedroom with the doll and bed, on top of a drawer uni. This is where previous activity occurred on the last event. Not enough sand was added in, so the pendulum was not touching the sand properly. An infra-red camera was added near the pendulum to capture any activity and rule any foul inference. On inspection by Mark, Gary and Sharon, it was discovered that the sand had formed odd ridges. The pendulum was moving slightly but not enough to cause these on visual inspection. Alister and Mark used a vibration detector (iPhone XS Max using highly sensitive gyroscopic detection software), which confirmed these small wobbles were the result of walking on the floors. 

However, this did not explain the odd ridges. The sand Pendulum was reset twice, and left. Sadly, the camera used to record malfunctioned, with the Infra-Red lights not coming on and some recordings had the camera clock timer speed up roughly x10 the clock speed. Further technical tests on the camera could not repeat any malfunction or fault, so it remains a mystery why it played up on the right. 

Despite the lack of IR, the 3 hour video was processed through Final Cut PRO, where the exposure was exaggerated to the point where the pendulum could be seen. 

Besides the small movements the pendulum made, which was concluded to been caused by floor movements, for the duration of the video, there is no movement that could explain the odd ridges also bearing in mind the Pendulum did not even touch the sand.

Conclusion: Very odd, and interesting but inconclusive due to the malfunction of the camera.

Psychic writing session: Alison lead this session with support from Gary and thought we’d try something different with the Psychic writing by bringing an old typewriter in to the equation, hoping it would bring some results, but sadly not much was concluded with this. Everyone else had paper and pencil at hand. We had names appear more than once such as ‘Henry’ and certain emotional words such as ‘anger’. One of the guests said they had an image in their head that looked like scrooge and one of our team members had actually drawn a similar image, bearing in mind this was done in the dark and sat away from each other.

Conclusion: An interesting experiment, with names and words appearing more than once. Not much concluded on the typewriter.

Free hand Ouija board: EAPI tried the new, free standing Ouija board. Members placed their hands on the copper plates around the edge of the bowl to build energy and called out to spirits to use their energy. The bowl is new and we believe will take considerable time to build energy and maybe be many events before it moves on its own accord. Members and team leaders Alister and Alison did witness the hands wobble in the middle.

During this session guests and members heard creaking noises coming from the bed and some faint knocks.

Conclusion: Inconclusive, the flooring which we know can create vibrations with small movements means we cannot rule that any wobble would be caused by paranormal activity. 

Technological gadget session: Alister led the group with support from Sharon with a session on using some gadgets in the middle room, adjacent to the room with the doll. 

Plasma Ball:

A large plasma ball was used in the room with a bulb placed near as a new experiment. The strong EMF from the plasma transferred energy into the energy saving bulb, turning it on (the light was around 2 inches away from the ball). Placing your hands (taking energy) from the plasma ball, turned the light off. This was demonstrated when Alister asked a volunteer to place their hands on the light. The theory is that if any spirit took energy from the plasma ball, we should know about it as the light would go out. 

Static Sensors and Mel Meter:

Static sensors were also added around the floor, these had a small blue LED with a copper wire detecting micro static charges. When calling out to spirits, these lit up and turned off, often giving a constant charge. Static from people is transferred quickly when going near the devices, and normally any static is then dispelled turning the light off. The sensors were moved further away from the plasma ball to see if they were picking up EMF from the plasma. Oddly, the middle sensor did not light up, the furthest and closest to the plasma ball kept coming on. 

The sensors were then later moved into the room with the doll but were not monitored. They did detect occasional static visible when standing near the doorway.

The Mel meter also had occasional temperature alarms that were triggered. 

Conclusion: Inconclusive but needing further investigation, we do not fully understand how EMF radiates from plasma balls. EMF detection devices near to the plasma ball do indeed pick up high amounts of EMF. The Mel Meter, placed in the middle of the sensors also detected occasional bursts of EMF. Unfortunately running the plasma ball experiment with static sensors at the same time means we cannot relate anything to paranormal activity. We need to run both experiments again, but either at different times or in different rooms. The Mel Meter could well have been picking up bursts from the Plasma Ball too, meaning there is a possibility these sensors could have been affected.

The Mel Meters temperature detection could have easily of been detecting a draft coming from the room with the doll, certainly there appeared to be a cold draft coming from that way when doing a pre-room assessment. Further to this, three temperature probs were added around the room to detect any temperature changes. Mark monitored these using the base unit (a weather station with multi-temperature sensors was used), and found no change in temperature.

Therefore we are leaning more of natural explained causes than paranormal activity for this session.

Thermal Imaging Camera:

Alister and Gary walked through to the top floor after time had allowed heat to return to normal levels following members using the room. A Flir ONE high resolution camera attached to an iPad was used. They saw a strange shape of a person in the corner of the room which had an arm, but this turned out to be a heat reflection from a mirror of Gary and Alister. Walking around to the back of the top floor, saw several disturbances and heat streak’s fly across the screen. An attempt was made to record these anomalies but the software crashed.

Conclusion: Although interesting, these steaks and flashes of heat detection could have been a software issue or glitch. The absence of any recorded footage makes it hard to go back. Therefore we cannot rule this to be paranormal activity. 

Ouija board sessions

Gary and Alison held a Ouija board session in the back room on the top floor, the guests held another Ouija board session on the other side of the room, top floor supported by Sharon.

During our session Gary had something pressing down on his arm throughout, whilst calling out to the spirits. We didn’t get any sensible answers, it seemed to just want to circle around the board. Alister later joined us to bring more energy. Eventually it started to go to the four corners of the board, to which Gary stopped after it got to the third corner. At this point the board had been compromised to which we then closed the board and was no longer used that night.

Conclusion: Not much evidence apart from those present in the room, Gary, Alison and Alister.

Glass Divination

Alister and Alison with the presence of other members, did some glass divination in the room with the doll. The glass responded well to questions after first establishing which way was yes and no. Questions were asked which came back as suggesting there was a boy, Charlie in the room aged 10. After a while, the glass moved under the bed. We asked the boy to push the glass in the direction of where the spirit was who he was frightened of. Alison and Alister found it hard to keep up with the glass as it moved strongly across the floor. We wondered at that point if the glass was taken over by another spirit as the energy was a lot stronger than to when the boy was communicating with us.

We then moved to a Ouija board a different one to which had been compromised, where we obtained a little more information. We discovered Mary was Charlies Mother, Henry was the Father and Isabelle was his Grandmother. 

Conclusion: As with all these forms of communication they are subjective and difficult to prove with evidence.

CCTV Footage 

The brand new EAPI 4K camera systems were introduced at this event. Although it was live streamed and footage recorded, the sound levels were not correct and some distortion could be heard. Some issues with signal due to the thick walls made setup difficult and two cameras out of four did not connect despite of being nearest to the main router. 

EAPI has studied footage from the CCTV post event, and came across an interesting section between 2:34 minutes to 2:37 minutes. Just after, Alison looks to her left, (she remembers sensing something present at the time), then guest member Julie can be heard calling out with a question. The REM pod can then be heard being triggered. Shortly after, a little white light anomaly comes from round the back of Alison to her right side near her knee to which she then had a bad headache (she can also be seen holding her head) and the room suddenly felt heavy. Guest member Caz can be heard mentioning it felt heavy on the footage.

Conclusion: EAPI are NOT IN ANY WAY endorsing this to be paranormal footage, the clip is indeed very interesting but requires further investigation and study. EAPI will be sending this footage off for comprehensive analysis to see if we can find a cause of the light anomaly.

Individual Repeater Units with a direct Ethernet to camera link , will greatly improve future network signal. Magnetic clamps on wires will help reduce any EMF interference of data. Sound levels will in future be set at a less distorted level. 

The series of activity in a very short space of time is extremely interesting, combing feelings of members, the white orb, and REM pod. This could possibly indicate a degree of paranormal activity.

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