Village Church Farm, Skegness, 12/10/19 – Report

Village Church Farm, Skegness
Site Investigation V
Report ID #2019CHF001
Visit: 12th Oct Sept 2019, 20:00-02:00
Report dated: 19th Oct 2019, last updated 19th Oct 2019
Written by Alister Cruickshanks and Alison Cruickshanks
Locality photos: Alister and Alison Cruickshanks

Team leaders present: Gary Bradfield, Sharon Bradfield, Alison Cruickshanks, Alister Cruickshanks with special guest Tom Warrington.


EAPI conducted their fifth visit to The Village Church Farm, Skegness. The Village Church Farm, formerly known as Church Farm Museum, is an open-air museum of local and agricultural history near Skegness, Lincolnshire, there are a number of traditional indigenous buildings including stables, workshops and a war museum but the two main areas EAPI are interested in are;

Farmhouse – The building is dated around 1760 with 19th century additions. It has been furnished to the period 1900-1910. The kitchen retains a working coal fire range where baking is regularly demonstrated. Rooms such the pantry, parlour, nursery and bedroom are set out as if the occupier has just stepped outside for a moment. It all contributes towards that “lived-in” feeling that makes visitors feel so at home when they explore Church Farm.

Withern Cottage – An example of a Lincolnshire “mud and Stud” thatched cottage. It was moved from the nearby village of Withern, re-erected on site and opened in 1982. It is simply furnished to give an insight to the living conditions of an agricultural labourer in the late eighteenth century.

Ganzeld Experiment: The ganzfeld was originally introduced into experimental psychology due to the experiments of the German psychologist Wolfgang Metzger (1899–1979) on the perception of a homogenous visual field. In the early 1970s, Charles Honorton had been investigating ESP and dreams at the Maimonides Medical Center and began using the ganzfeld technique to achieve a state of sensory deprivation in which he hypothesised that psi could work. Honorton believed that by reducing the ordinary sensory input, psi conductive states may be enhanced and psi-mediated information could be transmitted.

EAPI last used this in 2018 with some excellent results, so wanted to repeat this at a new location. Gary and Alister conducted a series of controlled tests with volunteers whom had to sign waivers (due to the exposure to strobe lighting). Each volunteer sat with either a special mask made with a ping pong ball cut in half, or glass frosted swimming goggles. The purpose of these is to defuse light and avoid causing eye issues. Each person then had a set of headphones where the sound was checked and white noise was played. The lights were turned off, and each person was subjected to strobe lightning. The aim of the experiment was to see how people reacted and what they saw. Confusing the mind with white noise and strobe lighting, causes part of the mind to turn off, and the sub-conscious takes over.


One word to describe how you felt;


What happened (including anything visual, sounds and feelings)

1I saw a young boy, approx. 10-13 yrs old in 1940’s or 1950s clothes, grey shorts or patterned tank top running down a slope and happy and a dark hooded figure stood near him. That added after a while and I felt I was going down a long tunnel. 
2Felt like I was looking at the sky on a warm summers day thinking of my loved ones who have passed. No sounds, no fear, just relaxed, 
3Saw shape like shadows mainly on the left side, no sounds, relaxed
4Felt like someone was stood behind me. Not so much visual but could smell a musty aroma. 

Conclusion: We find it interesting the wide range of experiences. There was no musty aroma we could identify near the experiment but since nothing correlated, we could make no conclusions other than possibly some of this was likely phycological. 

Sand Pendulum Experiment: EAPI setup two sand pendulums each with an Infra-Red Camera to monitor them, one in the main bedroom of the Farmhouse and the second in the White Cottage. We hoped to follow up on the strange sand pattern we saw at The Row Houses.

Conclusion: The Sand Pendulums did not move, nor did the cameras capture anything of interest. 

Psychic writing session: Alison lead this session with support from Gary and thought we’d try something different with the Psychic writing by bringing an old typewriter in to the equation, hoping it would bring some results, but sadly not much was concluded with this. Everyone else had paper and pencil at hand. We had names appear more than once such as ‘Henry’ and certain emotional words such as ‘anger’. One of the guests said they had an image in their head that looked like scrooge and one of our team members had actually drawn a similar image, bearing in mind this was done in the dark and sat away from each other.

Toy Car and Scrabble Experiment: EAPI setup a toy car experiment whereby the front and back of the car was drawn with a line on white paper. This was placed in the child’s room.

EAPI also setup some scrabble pieces taking a before a after photo.

Conclusion: Neither the car nor scrabble pieces moves 

Old Coin Experiment: EAPI drew round some old coins on a piece of paper and took a before and after photo. At the time, Tom and another guest said that they believed the coins had moved and nobody had touched them whilst in the room.

Conclusion: The two photos were taken at completely different angels, making it very hard to judge if the coins had moved. In our opinion, they had not. The two coins which looks like it had moved looks in the same position as started. 

Psychic writing session: Alison led this session with support from Sharon.

After doing some calling out in the War room, they decided to do some psychic writing. There was a brief explanation of how this works and what we hoped to achieve from it. After the guests were ready with their pencils and paper, Alison started to call out to the spirits, after a while we felt a strong presences in the war room. We gathered up the results and came to find that two guests had written similar answers to the questions “how old were you when you passed? And “how many spirits in the room”? Both guests, bearing in mind were sitting in the dark and away from one another both wrote “17yrs old” and that there were “two spirits” in the room at that time.

Conclusion: It was found very interesting that we had similar results from two of our guests with the same answer. They were sat away from each other and in the dark. However, since none of the other guests had similar results, we cannot conclude anything other than it was a coincidence that they wrote the same.

Free hand Ouija board: EAPI tried the new, free standing Ouija board. Members placed their hands on the copper plates around the edge of the bowl to build energy and called out to spirits to use their energy. The bowl is new and we believe will take considerable time to build energy and maybe be many events before it moves on its own accord. Members and team leaders Alister and Alison did witness the hands wobble in the middle.

Crystal Ball and Séance: Gary lead a Victorian Séance and Crystal ball session in the main farm building dining room. Several members and team leaders had the feeling of presence. 

During the Séance, Gary and a few others noticed the lamp shade was moving and became more intend after everyone tried to encourage the spirit to move the lamp shade. 

Conclusion: This was concluded to be caused by the candles which were right underneath. The fabric lamp shade was shaped in a way that narrows at the top, capturing just like a hot air balloon.

After the Séance, Sarah called out trying to get a reaction to candles and table movement. The candles did indeed seem to ‘dance’ and ‘flicker’ on the reply to questions

Conclusion: EAPI team investigators noticed that the delay from question to flicker was typical of a candle reaction from a breeze. We were all sitting round the candles. The candles seem to ‘respond’ on every question, so EAPI are putting this down to air movement from speaking those questions.

Shortly after, we had a unpaid member of the public enter the building. Gary and Sharon left the room to investigate. Suddenly we started to get the table ‘vibrating’. This table is a very old heavy table which would be hard to accidentally move. We asked the spirit, whom we felt was a boy, to move the table. Moving our hands under the table cloth on the wood surface confirmed without doubt the table was vibrating significantly for multiple guests to witness.

Conclusion: This occurred when Gary and Sharon were out of the room dealing with public campers who tried to join in on this event. In amongst the excitement, the remaining two EAPI team members failed to check under the table to check guests were not shaking (either accidentally or deliberately) the table legs. Whilst interesting. We sadly cannot classify this as paranormal in anyway as basic safe guards were not put in place to check this.


Two distinct smells occurred during the investigation. The first was a very strong perfume smell in the dining room where we had the Séance and crystal ball session. Whilst almost everyone smelt this smell, it was later concluded after speaking to members of the team that this came from a nearby camper who decided to invite themselves into our event and whom later we had to polity ask to leave as this was a private event. As they walked past the two twice, it caused to periods of the strong smell to occur. Having spoken to team members to spoke to the two campers, we confirmed that it was the last who walked into the room that wore the same perfume. 

The second smell, occurred in the White Cottage with Tom, Sharon and Guests. Tom and a couple of other guests said they smelt a very distinct smell of ‘Bees Wax’, this smell was said to be particularly strong and one which Tom mentioned on his radio show. Whilst we certainly have absolute faith that Tom and guests did indeed smell this aroma, Team leaders Sharon and Alison could not. EAPI’s own rules dictate that without a witness of at least one of our own team members along with at least two other guests, we sadly cannot say this was paranormal, but instead an interesting occurrence.  


Near to the end of the night, a number of significant knocks were heard coming from the attic of the White Cottage. Whilst we cannot find any explanation for those sounds, we are not able to gain access to the roof area due to the floor being unable so therefore could not investigate these claims. 


EAPI find it extremely fascinating that a large percentage of guests and all team leaders experienced severe lower back pain when in the Farm House. Many also had headaches. Those affected occurred both sitting or standing, with those who don’t normally have back pain. A number of guests also reported being ‘pushed’ and ‘touched’

Conclusion: Whilst such feelings experienced by multiple guests is statistically significant, they remain ‘personal experiences’. EAPI have no way to verify these claims so therefore cannot conclude as paranormal. What we would say is that an EMF sweep was conducted with no spikes that could cause such strange feelings in individual experiences. 

CCTV Footage 

Due to the distance of the white cottage and farmhouse, as well as thickness of walls, it was not possible to have live feed cameras in both locations at the same time. Therefore it was decided to focus entirely on the farmhouse. We did however have an infra-red portable cam in the cottage running mainly for the purpose of the sand pendulum, but of which also caught a wider area of view.

There was quite a number of interesting sections, both visual and audio, but after the full team analysed together, most of these things were ruled out to not be paranormal, these included, but are not limited to;

Table cloth movement – A section of video showed a slight movement of table cloth whilst nobody was in the cottage. This however was concluded to be a camera glitch with data interference that caused the image to ‘shift’ and split. Going through frame by frame showed a technical rather than paranormal cause.

Black board writing sound – In another section of video, a very odd ‘black board writing sound’ was heard. After we amplified, it sounded like a motorbike, as the end of the clip sounded like something changing gear. Whilst we don’t recall any outdoor sounds that were audible in the farm house, and whilst the bike sounded of a much lower frequency than normal, we have to rule this also out as natural.


Camera movement – Whilst in the child Bedroom, the camera seemed to shift and move for a brief movement, this coincided with guests and team leader Alister walking by. Looking frame by frame, the camera appeared to shift just before passing buy, indicted possibly that it wasn’t knocked as first thought. However, the camera also glitched at the same time, and coupled with the unstable flooring, we have concluded this to not be anything paranormal.

There was however two other sounds with EAPI cannot find a natural explanation at this present time for.

Possible EVP in farm house – Whilst watching the footage, a very strange voice was heard. This was during the talk by Tom, when nobody was anywhere near the Farm Building. Since everyone was accounted for and all staff were in the main café are some considerable distance from the farm house, we find it interesting this odd sound was captured. The possible EVP sounded like ‘Anne is here’ , ‘I am here’ or ‘Annie here’. The problem, is that amplifying distorted and exaggerated the sound and since we all had slightly different views, though the word ‘here’ was agreed upon, we cannot really give an absolute definite answer to what was said. If this was indeed an EVP, it was rated at Class C, so therefore cannot be trusted as confirmed. Despite this, we find it very interesting that Alison picked up on an ‘Anne’ earlier.

Original clip
Amplified clip

Strange ‘Exhale’ in Cottage – Whilst in the White Cottage, Tom and a few other guests heard a very strange bazaar sound, like a deep exhale. This was concluded as to not been made by anyone at the time. Tom believed evidence for this sound was lost due to his camera not recording. However we later identified this sound captured on the camera used filming the sand pendulum. We agree, this was a very odd sound and one which sounded like an Exhale.

Conclusion: EAPI find this sound intriguing. We cannot find a natural cause for this sound, but because guests were in the farm building, and there was talking close to this sound, we cannot rule as confirmed paranormal activity. 

CCTV  post analysis conclusion: There are a number of other potential EVPS caught on the videos which we are investigating and studying. EAPI will continue to study footage. Some 12 hours of video was recorded, so will require more time to go through. 

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