Letheringham Water Mill, Suffolk

Letheringham Water Mill in Woodbridge has a dark history and has been studied by a number of paranormal investigators. Whilst looking picturesque and used on the cover of many postcards, a terrible double murder took place. In 1698, the mill owner and his son, John Bullard, were left hog tied to a beam in the mill, after being butchered by an Axe. The following year, Jonas Snell was hanged for their murder. 
Not only is the mill reported as haunted, and strange paranormal activity exists, but the woods were Jonas Snell was hanged known as Potsford Wood gibbet, is also very active. Many people reported that they have turned to find a mysterious figure in black standing behind them, and are horrified to see that beneath its dark cloak there is nothing more than a grimacing, hollow – eyed skull staring at them; this has been reported at night as well as day. The woods was a infamous hanging site, with Jonas Snell being the last person executed there.

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