E.A.P.I. 10 Year Anniversary

Let’s roll the clock back to April 2010 when an idea was born. Back then, we wasn’t known as E.A.P.I. but the concept was there. Like most paranormal teams we started out as a group of friends with the same passion. As a team we would go to supposed haunted locations mainly out door locations such as Sparrows Nest in Lowestoft. As a team we was homing our skills and working as one unit. Then out of the blue we started was getting contacted by people asking us to investigate their homes. (private investigations). Yes the team had many years experiences between them but this was an entirely different experience. We was now being trusted and this was a big change for us. Unfortunately like most teams, we all wanted to take the group in different directions through different views and opinions which can only be expected in any newly formed group. So the team as it was back then, was dissolved and in 2014 Gary and Sharon formed what you all know now as E.A.P.I. Once again it was back to outdoor locations creating a team that could work as one unit. With Gary’s passion and Sharon’s drive it wasn’t long before E.A.P.I. was being asked to do public events. 

Wow public events, yet any other big step for us all at E.A.P.I. Throughout the years E.A.P.I. have had the honour of working alongside some of the best within the paranormal field. Also the honour of picking up paranormal awards along the way. We’ve also as a team worked with some great people that have brought different ideas to the group. So on closing Gary and Sharon would like to thank team members past and present for their contribution in making E.A.P.I. what it is today. Also to all the special guests that have given their time to attend our public events. Last but not LEST is a big thank you to all you people that have attended our public events and supported us for these 10 years. This story hasn’t ended and still continues, so here is the future to E.A.P.I. Gary and Sharon Founders of E.A.P.I.

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