The Swan Hotel, Lavenham, Suffolk

The Swan Hotel sits in the beautiful Suffolk countryside between Sudbury and Bury St Edmunds. The hotel itself has received a Four Star AA rating. During the 19th Century, the hotel was a popular coaching inn. A housekeeper who once lived their back fell pregnant out of wedlock. The baby’s father was happy to marry the lady under the circumstances and promised to look after them both. However, on the wedding day the gentleman had second thoughts and left the pregnant lady standing at the altar. It is said that after that she became inconsolable and very depressed. What is now room 7 in the Swan Hotel was once the housekeeping quarters, and it is said that the poor woman was found hanging in this room by one of the Inn’s workers.

Her ghost is experienced by many who stay in this room, even despite of the fact the room has been refurbished several times. As well as many sightings by guests, strange sounds, impresses of someone sitting on the bed, feet being ticked, one of the hotel security guards also came into contact with her one night and was terrified running away as fast as he could.

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