Landguard Fort, Felixstowe

Reported as the most haunted place in Suffolk, this is certainly an amazing place to explore and full of ghostly tales and sightings. There are a large number of spirits said to occupy the fort, and many a visitor reports being touched, difficulty breathing, hearing strange noises and even seeing apparitions.

Their staff have become used to the activity there, one ticket officer thrown into the middle of the tunnel. The room being empty, but the fort has many areas with paranormal activity.

The Holland Bastion has a ghostly musketeer which was seen during the Second World War, walking from the fort towards the current day right battery. Soldiers at the time weren’t keen to patrol that part of the building. Dogs behave very strangely there even today. 

The Chapel Bastion is haunted by a plague victim who died in 1770, imprisoned because he brought back a plague from India and was locked in to stop him spreading the disease. One of the most famous tales is of a family from the 95th Rifles re-enactment group, who were staying overnight in the Chapel Bastion. They were woken twice in the early hours several years ago by the sound of a woman moaning and muttering in a foreign language but found no-one.

There is said to be a Portuguese woman ghost whose paymaster sergeant husband was executed by firing squad for leaving the fort without permission. ? He’d done so to protest her innocence after she was accused of stealing a lace handkerchief.

Other sightings include the image of a sailor looking out of a top window visible from the road, strange lights, the sensation of being pushed on the top floors, a spectral stallion seen during the Second World War and even some phantom steps. Another, hanged himself from a hook in the magazine corridor ceiling, which can still be seen.

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