Thetford Priory

Thetford Priory is a Cluniac monastic house in Thetford, Norfolk, and is one of the most important East Anglian monasteries, Thetford Priory was founded in 1103 by Roger Bigod, 1st Earl of Norfolk, and dedicated to Our Lady. In the 13th century, the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared in a vision to locals requesting the addition to the site of a Lady Chapel. During its construction, the old statue of her on the site was discovered to have a hollow in its head concealing saints’ relics, and became a magnet for pilgrims.

Its ruins (including the lower walls of the church and cloister, along with the impressive shell of the priors’ lodging and, reached by a pathway from the main site, an almost complete 14th-century gatehouse) are open to the public as an English Heritage Site. 

The Ruins are said to be very haunted, and was also featured in the television series ‘Ghosthunters’. The most famous sighting occurred in 1987 when Christian Jensen-Romer (age 18) and three of his friends watched through an archway as a monk descended some stairs. When they approached, the monk and the stairs they were no longer there. The teens went cold when approaching the figure and one threw up in fear. There has been countless other sightings ever since. 

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