Leiston Abbey, Suffolk

Leiston Abbey in Suffolk, England, was a religious house of Canons Regular following the Premonstratensian rule (White canons), dedicated to St. Mary. Founded in c. 1183 by Ranulf de Glanville (c. 1112-1190), Chief Justiciar to King Henry II (1180-1189).

it was originally built on a marshland isle near the sea, and was called “St Mary de Insula” (known today as the ‘Old Abbey’. Around 1363 the abbey suffered so much from flooding that a new site was chosen and it was rebuilt further inland for its patron, Robert de Ufford. However there was a great fire in c. 1379 and further rebuilding was necessary.

The (New) Abbey is riddled with stories of haunting, paranormal activity and mysteries. One of the most interesting is from 2014 when the bones of a 7ft dog. This huge dog was dug up by archaeologists who were digging at the site. Local claims the remains are the famous demonic ‘Black Shuck’, the dogs final resting place.

In addition to this, a number of people claim to have heard chanting, and have witnessed strange shadows against the backdrop of the ruins at night.

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