Acle Straight (A47)

The A47 that links Great Yarmouth with Norwich is said to be the most haunted road in East Anglia. It is a long straight road for 9 miles, and is a road that has had a number of fatalities over the years. Wirth marshes and wetland each side of the road, it is a beautiful route cutting through the broads.

The Acle Straight has a long history of regular reported hauntings, and strange and unexplained happenings which have no relation to events, driving incidents or conditions.

The most well-known report of paranormal activity on the road is that of a car driver passing the turning for Halvergate whilst heading towards Acle who saw a middle-aged man suddenly walk out across the middle of the road from the right-hand side. This happened so quickly that the driver had no time to stop and, despite his efforts and with the figure turning towards and looking at him, his car drove straight ‘through’ him. There was no physical evidence of any vehicle and pedestrian accident afterwards.

A phantom horse and cart moving across the road directly in front of oncoming vehicles is also commonly seen, and of car drivers suddenly feeling the need to perform an emergency stop at various places along the road for no obvious reason.

A strange figure with no visible face has sometimes been seen standing at the side of the road.

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