Rougham Control Tower 09.11.19

Poppadom Paranormal 2

E.A.P.I. social event poppadom paranormal 2 at Rougham Control Tower was a big success. With guest and team members socialising all night this event was different to our normal events, as everybody really had “FREE TIME”. So this makes it hard to write up a report for the night.

It was more a time where Gary and Sharon could talk to guest getting their feedback, answering any questions and getting suggestions on where E.A.P.I. could possible improve their events in the future.

Also on the Monday our evidence computer that we have our CCTV film put onto crashed and we are waiting for it to be returned. Once we get it back we will go through the footage as quickly as possible. If any evidence has been captured it will be posted on the website as normal.

Rougham Control Tower November 2019

It’s that time of year again where we end what has been another amazing year with our final EAPI event for 2019. Unlike our other events, this special “Poppadom Paranormal Social Night”, is our way of saying thank you to all our guests and team leaders who have helped and supported us during 2019.

This special night enables everyone to enjoy a curry, investigate Rougham Control Tower, whilst having the time to catch up with old friends and make new friends. This is the ONE night that Gary and Sharon have the time to sit and chat to guests, gather feedback, suggestions for next year, and have a good old catchup about anything you like, one big family, one special night.

EAPI, Gary and Sharon really enjoy this opportunity to pause, take note of 2019, before the heavy workload sets in during 2020, planning for what we are aiming to be the biggest year for EAPI ever.

All that’s left to say is a big thank you to all the guests that attended our events this year, and we hope you all had a great time. We can’t wait to see you all next year.

Village Church Farm, Skegness
Site Investigation V
Report ID #2019CHF001
Visit: 12th Oct Sept 2019, 20:00-02:00
Report dated: 19th Oct 2019, last updated 19th Oct 2019
Written by Alister Cruickshanks and Alison Cruickshanks
Locality photos: Alister and Alison Cruickshanks

Team leaders present: Gary Bradfield, Sharon Bradfield, Alison Cruickshanks, Alister Cruickshanks with special guest Tom Warrington.


EAPI conducted their fifth visit to The Village Church Farm, Skegness. The Village Church Farm, formerly known as Church Farm Museum, is an open-air museum of local and agricultural history near Skegness, Lincolnshire, there are a number of traditional indigenous buildings including stables, workshops and a war museum but the two main areas EAPI are interested in are;

Farmhouse – The building is dated around 1760 with 19th century additions. It has been furnished to the period 1900-1910. The kitchen retains a working coal fire range where baking is regularly demonstrated. Rooms such the pantry, parlour, nursery and bedroom are set out as if the occupier has just stepped outside for a moment. It all contributes towards that “lived-in” feeling that makes visitors feel so at home when they explore Church Farm.

Withern Cottage – An example of a Lincolnshire “mud and Stud” thatched cottage. It was moved from the nearby village of Withern, re-erected on site and opened in 1982. It is simply furnished to give an insight to the living conditions of an agricultural labourer in the late eighteenth century.

Ganzeld Experiment: The ganzfeld was originally introduced into experimental psychology due to the experiments of the German psychologist Wolfgang Metzger (1899–1979) on the perception of a homogenous visual field. In the early 1970s, Charles Honorton had been investigating ESP and dreams at the Maimonides Medical Center and began using the ganzfeld technique to achieve a state of sensory deprivation in which he hypothesised that psi could work. Honorton believed that by reducing the ordinary sensory input, psi conductive states may be enhanced and psi-mediated information could be transmitted.

EAPI last used this in 2018 with some excellent results, so wanted to repeat this at a new location. Gary and Alister conducted a series of controlled tests with volunteers whom had to sign waivers (due to the exposure to strobe lighting). Each volunteer sat with either a special mask made with a ping pong ball cut in half, or glass frosted swimming goggles. The purpose of these is to defuse light and avoid causing eye issues. Each person then had a set of headphones where the sound was checked and white noise was played. The lights were turned off, and each person was subjected to strobe lightning. The aim of the experiment was to see how people reacted and what they saw. Confusing the mind with white noise and strobe lighting, causes part of the mind to turn off, and the sub-conscious takes over.


One word to describe how you felt;


What happened (including anything visual, sounds and feelings)

1I saw a young boy, approx. 10-13 yrs old in 1940’s or 1950s clothes, grey shorts or patterned tank top running down a slope and happy and a dark hooded figure stood near him. That added after a while and I felt I was going down a long tunnel. 
2Felt like I was looking at the sky on a warm summers day thinking of my loved ones who have passed. No sounds, no fear, just relaxed, 
3Saw shape like shadows mainly on the left side, no sounds, relaxed
4Felt like someone was stood behind me. Not so much visual but could smell a musty aroma. 

Conclusion: We find it interesting the wide range of experiences. There was no musty aroma we could identify near the experiment but since nothing correlated, we could make no conclusions other than possibly some of this was likely phycological. 

Sand Pendulum Experiment: EAPI setup two sand pendulums each with an Infra-Red Camera to monitor them, one in the main bedroom of the Farmhouse and the second in the White Cottage. We hoped to follow up on the strange sand pattern we saw at The Row Houses.

Conclusion: The Sand Pendulums did not move, nor did the cameras capture anything of interest. 

Psychic writing session: Alison lead this session with support from Gary and thought we’d try something different with the Psychic writing by bringing an old typewriter in to the equation, hoping it would bring some results, but sadly not much was concluded with this. Everyone else had paper and pencil at hand. We had names appear more than once such as ‘Henry’ and certain emotional words such as ‘anger’. One of the guests said they had an image in their head that looked like scrooge and one of our team members had actually drawn a similar image, bearing in mind this was done in the dark and sat away from each other.

Toy Car and Scrabble Experiment: EAPI setup a toy car experiment whereby the front and back of the car was drawn with a line on white paper. This was placed in the child’s room.

EAPI also setup some scrabble pieces taking a before a after photo.

Conclusion: Neither the car nor scrabble pieces moves 

Old Coin Experiment: EAPI drew round some old coins on a piece of paper and took a before and after photo. At the time, Tom and another guest said that they believed the coins had moved and nobody had touched them whilst in the room.

Conclusion: The two photos were taken at completely different angels, making it very hard to judge if the coins had moved. In our opinion, they had not. The two coins which looks like it had moved looks in the same position as started. 

Psychic writing session: Alison led this session with support from Sharon.

After doing some calling out in the War room, they decided to do some psychic writing. There was a brief explanation of how this works and what we hoped to achieve from it. After the guests were ready with their pencils and paper, Alison started to call out to the spirits, after a while we felt a strong presences in the war room. We gathered up the results and came to find that two guests had written similar answers to the questions “how old were you when you passed? And “how many spirits in the room”? Both guests, bearing in mind were sitting in the dark and away from one another both wrote “17yrs old” and that there were “two spirits” in the room at that time.

Conclusion: It was found very interesting that we had similar results from two of our guests with the same answer. They were sat away from each other and in the dark. However, since none of the other guests had similar results, we cannot conclude anything other than it was a coincidence that they wrote the same.

Free hand Ouija board: EAPI tried the new, free standing Ouija board. Members placed their hands on the copper plates around the edge of the bowl to build energy and called out to spirits to use their energy. The bowl is new and we believe will take considerable time to build energy and maybe be many events before it moves on its own accord. Members and team leaders Alister and Alison did witness the hands wobble in the middle.

Crystal Ball and Séance: Gary lead a Victorian Séance and Crystal ball session in the main farm building dining room. Several members and team leaders had the feeling of presence. 

During the Séance, Gary and a few others noticed the lamp shade was moving and became more intend after everyone tried to encourage the spirit to move the lamp shade. 

Conclusion: This was concluded to be caused by the candles which were right underneath. The fabric lamp shade was shaped in a way that narrows at the top, capturing just like a hot air balloon.

After the Séance, Sarah called out trying to get a reaction to candles and table movement. The candles did indeed seem to ‘dance’ and ‘flicker’ on the reply to questions

Conclusion: EAPI team investigators noticed that the delay from question to flicker was typical of a candle reaction from a breeze. We were all sitting round the candles. The candles seem to ‘respond’ on every question, so EAPI are putting this down to air movement from speaking those questions.

Shortly after, we had a unpaid member of the public enter the building. Gary and Sharon left the room to investigate. Suddenly we started to get the table ‘vibrating’. This table is a very old heavy table which would be hard to accidentally move. We asked the spirit, whom we felt was a boy, to move the table. Moving our hands under the table cloth on the wood surface confirmed without doubt the table was vibrating significantly for multiple guests to witness.

Conclusion: This occurred when Gary and Sharon were out of the room dealing with public campers who tried to join in on this event. In amongst the excitement, the remaining two EAPI team members failed to check under the table to check guests were not shaking (either accidentally or deliberately) the table legs. Whilst interesting. We sadly cannot classify this as paranormal in anyway as basic safe guards were not put in place to check this.


Two distinct smells occurred during the investigation. The first was a very strong perfume smell in the dining room where we had the Séance and crystal ball session. Whilst almost everyone smelt this smell, it was later concluded after speaking to members of the team that this came from a nearby camper who decided to invite themselves into our event and whom later we had to polity ask to leave as this was a private event. As they walked past the two twice, it caused to periods of the strong smell to occur. Having spoken to team members to spoke to the two campers, we confirmed that it was the last who walked into the room that wore the same perfume. 

The second smell, occurred in the White Cottage with Tom, Sharon and Guests. Tom and a couple of other guests said they smelt a very distinct smell of ‘Bees Wax’, this smell was said to be particularly strong and one which Tom mentioned on his radio show. Whilst we certainly have absolute faith that Tom and guests did indeed smell this aroma, Team leaders Sharon and Alison could not. EAPI’s own rules dictate that without a witness of at least one of our own team members along with at least two other guests, we sadly cannot say this was paranormal, but instead an interesting occurrence.  


Near to the end of the night, a number of significant knocks were heard coming from the attic of the White Cottage. Whilst we cannot find any explanation for those sounds, we are not able to gain access to the roof area due to the floor being unable so therefore could not investigate these claims. 


EAPI find it extremely fascinating that a large percentage of guests and all team leaders experienced severe lower back pain when in the Farm House. Many also had headaches. Those affected occurred both sitting or standing, with those who don’t normally have back pain. A number of guests also reported being ‘pushed’ and ‘touched’

Conclusion: Whilst such feelings experienced by multiple guests is statistically significant, they remain ‘personal experiences’. EAPI have no way to verify these claims so therefore cannot conclude as paranormal. What we would say is that an EMF sweep was conducted with no spikes that could cause such strange feelings in individual experiences. 

CCTV Footage 

Due to the distance of the white cottage and farmhouse, as well as thickness of walls, it was not possible to have live feed cameras in both locations at the same time. Therefore it was decided to focus entirely on the farmhouse. We did however have an infra-red portable cam in the cottage running mainly for the purpose of the sand pendulum, but of which also caught a wider area of view.

There was quite a number of interesting sections, both visual and audio, but after the full team analysed together, most of these things were ruled out to not be paranormal, these included, but are not limited to;

Table cloth movement – A section of video showed a slight movement of table cloth whilst nobody was in the cottage. This however was concluded to be a camera glitch with data interference that caused the image to ‘shift’ and split. Going through frame by frame showed a technical rather than paranormal cause.

Black board writing sound – In another section of video, a very odd ‘black board writing sound’ was heard. After we amplified, it sounded like a motorbike, as the end of the clip sounded like something changing gear. Whilst we don’t recall any outdoor sounds that were audible in the farm house, and whilst the bike sounded of a much lower frequency than normal, we have to rule this also out as natural.


Camera movement – Whilst in the child Bedroom, the camera seemed to shift and move for a brief movement, this coincided with guests and team leader Alister walking by. Looking frame by frame, the camera appeared to shift just before passing buy, indicted possibly that it wasn’t knocked as first thought. However, the camera also glitched at the same time, and coupled with the unstable flooring, we have concluded this to not be anything paranormal.

There was however two other sounds with EAPI cannot find a natural explanation at this present time for.

Possible EVP in farm house – Whilst watching the footage, a very strange voice was heard. This was during the talk by Tom, when nobody was anywhere near the Farm Building. Since everyone was accounted for and all staff were in the main café are some considerable distance from the farm house, we find it interesting this odd sound was captured. The possible EVP sounded like ‘Anne is here’ , ‘I am here’ or ‘Annie here’. The problem, is that amplifying distorted and exaggerated the sound and since we all had slightly different views, though the word ‘here’ was agreed upon, we cannot really give an absolute definite answer to what was said. If this was indeed an EVP, it was rated at Class C, so therefore cannot be trusted as confirmed. Despite this, we find it very interesting that Alison picked up on an ‘Anne’ earlier.

Original clip
Amplified clip

Strange ‘Exhale’ in Cottage – Whilst in the White Cottage, Tom and a few other guests heard a very strange bazaar sound, like a deep exhale. This was concluded as to not been made by anyone at the time. Tom believed evidence for this sound was lost due to his camera not recording. However we later identified this sound captured on the camera used filming the sand pendulum. We agree, this was a very odd sound and one which sounded like an Exhale.

Conclusion: EAPI find this sound intriguing. We cannot find a natural cause for this sound, but because guests were in the farm building, and there was talking close to this sound, we cannot rule as confirmed paranormal activity. 

CCTV  post analysis conclusion: There are a number of other potential EVPS caught on the videos which we are investigating and studying. EAPI will continue to study footage. Some 12 hours of video was recorded, so will require more time to go through. 

E.A.P.I. The Village Parafest 2020



E.A.P.I. are holding a one day parafest next year on 18th July at Skegness.. We are looking for guest speakers to talk for up to an hour. Here is your chance to tell people about your experiences within the field of the paranormal even promote your team. We are also looking for stallholders for the day come and sell your paranormal related products.

For further details contact Sharon Bradfield. #spirituality #spiritual #ghost #paranormal #psychic #haunting #hauntings #spirit #spiritualguide #ghosthunting #ghosts #ghoststories #ghosthunter #pureparanormal #ghostly #ouijaboard #paranormal #ghostsighting #poltergeist #ghosthunt #ghosthunting #ghosttour #ghosttalk #conference

Row Houses, 21/09/19 – Report

Row Houses, Great Yarmouth. 
Site Investigation II
Report ID #2019ROH001
Visit: 21st Sept 2019, 20:00-01:00
Report dated: 25th Sept 2019, last updated 25th Sept 2019
Written by Alister Cruickshanks and Alison Cruickshanks
Locality photos: Mark Dudley

Team leaders present: Gary Bradfield, Sharon Bradfield, Alison Cruickshanks, Alister Cruickshanks.


EAPI conducted their second visit to The Row Houses. Row 111 and the Old Merchant’s House are the remains of Great Yarmouth’s original distinctive housing ‘Rows’ which were a network of narrow alleyways linking Yarmouth’s three main thoroughfares. Many ‘Row Houses’ were damaged by World War II bombing or demolished during post-war clearances, but two properties survived.

Sand Pendulum Experiment: EAPI setup a sand pendulum within the middle floor bedroom with the doll and bed, on top of a drawer uni. This is where previous activity occurred on the last event. Not enough sand was added in, so the pendulum was not touching the sand properly. An infra-red camera was added near the pendulum to capture any activity and rule any foul inference. On inspection by Mark, Gary and Sharon, it was discovered that the sand had formed odd ridges. The pendulum was moving slightly but not enough to cause these on visual inspection. Alister and Mark used a vibration detector (iPhone XS Max using highly sensitive gyroscopic detection software), which confirmed these small wobbles were the result of walking on the floors. 

However, this did not explain the odd ridges. The sand Pendulum was reset twice, and left. Sadly, the camera used to record malfunctioned, with the Infra-Red lights not coming on and some recordings had the camera clock timer speed up roughly x10 the clock speed. Further technical tests on the camera could not repeat any malfunction or fault, so it remains a mystery why it played up on the right. 

Despite the lack of IR, the 3 hour video was processed through Final Cut PRO, where the exposure was exaggerated to the point where the pendulum could be seen. 

Besides the small movements the pendulum made, which was concluded to been caused by floor movements, for the duration of the video, there is no movement that could explain the odd ridges also bearing in mind the Pendulum did not even touch the sand.

Conclusion: Very odd, and interesting but inconclusive due to the malfunction of the camera.

Psychic writing session: Alison lead this session with support from Gary and thought we’d try something different with the Psychic writing by bringing an old typewriter in to the equation, hoping it would bring some results, but sadly not much was concluded with this. Everyone else had paper and pencil at hand. We had names appear more than once such as ‘Henry’ and certain emotional words such as ‘anger’. One of the guests said they had an image in their head that looked like scrooge and one of our team members had actually drawn a similar image, bearing in mind this was done in the dark and sat away from each other.

Conclusion: An interesting experiment, with names and words appearing more than once. Not much concluded on the typewriter.

Free hand Ouija board: EAPI tried the new, free standing Ouija board. Members placed their hands on the copper plates around the edge of the bowl to build energy and called out to spirits to use their energy. The bowl is new and we believe will take considerable time to build energy and maybe be many events before it moves on its own accord. Members and team leaders Alister and Alison did witness the hands wobble in the middle.

During this session guests and members heard creaking noises coming from the bed and some faint knocks.

Conclusion: Inconclusive, the flooring which we know can create vibrations with small movements means we cannot rule that any wobble would be caused by paranormal activity. 

Technological gadget session: Alister led the group with support from Sharon with a session on using some gadgets in the middle room, adjacent to the room with the doll. 

Plasma Ball:

A large plasma ball was used in the room with a bulb placed near as a new experiment. The strong EMF from the plasma transferred energy into the energy saving bulb, turning it on (the light was around 2 inches away from the ball). Placing your hands (taking energy) from the plasma ball, turned the light off. This was demonstrated when Alister asked a volunteer to place their hands on the light. The theory is that if any spirit took energy from the plasma ball, we should know about it as the light would go out. 

Static Sensors and Mel Meter:

Static sensors were also added around the floor, these had a small blue LED with a copper wire detecting micro static charges. When calling out to spirits, these lit up and turned off, often giving a constant charge. Static from people is transferred quickly when going near the devices, and normally any static is then dispelled turning the light off. The sensors were moved further away from the plasma ball to see if they were picking up EMF from the plasma. Oddly, the middle sensor did not light up, the furthest and closest to the plasma ball kept coming on. 

The sensors were then later moved into the room with the doll but were not monitored. They did detect occasional static visible when standing near the doorway.

The Mel meter also had occasional temperature alarms that were triggered. 

Conclusion: Inconclusive but needing further investigation, we do not fully understand how EMF radiates from plasma balls. EMF detection devices near to the plasma ball do indeed pick up high amounts of EMF. The Mel Meter, placed in the middle of the sensors also detected occasional bursts of EMF. Unfortunately running the plasma ball experiment with static sensors at the same time means we cannot relate anything to paranormal activity. We need to run both experiments again, but either at different times or in different rooms. The Mel Meter could well have been picking up bursts from the Plasma Ball too, meaning there is a possibility these sensors could have been affected.

The Mel Meters temperature detection could have easily of been detecting a draft coming from the room with the doll, certainly there appeared to be a cold draft coming from that way when doing a pre-room assessment. Further to this, three temperature probs were added around the room to detect any temperature changes. Mark monitored these using the base unit (a weather station with multi-temperature sensors was used), and found no change in temperature.

Therefore we are leaning more of natural explained causes than paranormal activity for this session.

Thermal Imaging Camera:

Alister and Gary walked through to the top floor after time had allowed heat to return to normal levels following members using the room. A Flir ONE high resolution camera attached to an iPad was used. They saw a strange shape of a person in the corner of the room which had an arm, but this turned out to be a heat reflection from a mirror of Gary and Alister. Walking around to the back of the top floor, saw several disturbances and heat streak’s fly across the screen. An attempt was made to record these anomalies but the software crashed.

Conclusion: Although interesting, these steaks and flashes of heat detection could have been a software issue or glitch. The absence of any recorded footage makes it hard to go back. Therefore we cannot rule this to be paranormal activity. 

Ouija board sessions

Gary and Alison held a Ouija board session in the back room on the top floor, the guests held another Ouija board session on the other side of the room, top floor supported by Sharon.

During our session Gary had something pressing down on his arm throughout, whilst calling out to the spirits. We didn’t get any sensible answers, it seemed to just want to circle around the board. Alister later joined us to bring more energy. Eventually it started to go to the four corners of the board, to which Gary stopped after it got to the third corner. At this point the board had been compromised to which we then closed the board and was no longer used that night.

Conclusion: Not much evidence apart from those present in the room, Gary, Alison and Alister.

Glass Divination

Alister and Alison with the presence of other members, did some glass divination in the room with the doll. The glass responded well to questions after first establishing which way was yes and no. Questions were asked which came back as suggesting there was a boy, Charlie in the room aged 10. After a while, the glass moved under the bed. We asked the boy to push the glass in the direction of where the spirit was who he was frightened of. Alison and Alister found it hard to keep up with the glass as it moved strongly across the floor. We wondered at that point if the glass was taken over by another spirit as the energy was a lot stronger than to when the boy was communicating with us.

We then moved to a Ouija board a different one to which had been compromised, where we obtained a little more information. We discovered Mary was Charlies Mother, Henry was the Father and Isabelle was his Grandmother. 

Conclusion: As with all these forms of communication they are subjective and difficult to prove with evidence.

CCTV Footage 

The brand new EAPI 4K camera systems were introduced at this event. Although it was live streamed and footage recorded, the sound levels were not correct and some distortion could be heard. Some issues with signal due to the thick walls made setup difficult and two cameras out of four did not connect despite of being nearest to the main router. 

EAPI has studied footage from the CCTV post event, and came across an interesting section between 2:34 minutes to 2:37 minutes. Just after, Alison looks to her left, (she remembers sensing something present at the time), then guest member Julie can be heard calling out with a question. The REM pod can then be heard being triggered. Shortly after, a little white light anomaly comes from round the back of Alison to her right side near her knee to which she then had a bad headache (she can also be seen holding her head) and the room suddenly felt heavy. Guest member Caz can be heard mentioning it felt heavy on the footage.

Conclusion: EAPI are NOT IN ANY WAY endorsing this to be paranormal footage, the clip is indeed very interesting but requires further investigation and study. EAPI will be sending this footage off for comprehensive analysis to see if we can find a cause of the light anomaly.

Individual Repeater Units with a direct Ethernet to camera link , will greatly improve future network signal. Magnetic clamps on wires will help reduce any EMF interference of data. Sound levels will in future be set at a less distorted level. 

The series of activity in a very short space of time is extremely interesting, combing feelings of members, the white orb, and REM pod. This could possibly indicate a degree of paranormal activity.

EAPI News – The Village, Mansfield

E.A.P.I. are proud to announce that Vivien Powell will be our guest lead investigator. At our event at The Village, Mansfield, next year on 27th June 2020.

For further details and and to book contact Sharon Bradfield

The next EAPI event at the Row Houses, Great Yarmouth, will include exciting new experiments. With our planned new multi camera live streaming, we are taking things to the next level.

This REALLY is one NOT to be missed!

We made made an extra four tickets available, but they are likely to go quick, so be sure to book and join EAPI on what we are expecting to be an amazing event.

E.A.P.I. Looking at two new locations

E.A.P.I. have e-mailed two new locations to them to bring to you in 2020. The first one is in Cambridgeshire. Wisbech Castle is believed to have been a motte-and-bailey earthwork castle built to fortify Wisbech on the orders of William I in 1072. This was probably oval in shape and size, on the line still marked by the Crescent. The castle was reputedly destroyed in a flood in 1236. The second is in Lincolnshire A large ‘Tudor Style’ building facing Customs House Quay in Boston’s Cultural Quarter.Parts of the building, notably the massive timber structure at the front of the building, dates back to the 1300’s.The building as one sees it today, is the result of a face lift carried out in the 1870’s, during which an impressive Gothic style ‘Great Hall’ was constructed at the rear of the building. The building is breath taking, and certainly one of the most easily recognised building in town after the Stump.

EAPI founder and owner Gary Bradfield will be speaking at the upcoming Rendlesham Forest Conference on the 8th September, about his own experiences.

This special 40th anniversary event returns to Woodbridge and is being headlined by COL. CHARLES HALT, talking in detail about the RENDLESHAM FOREST UFO INCIDENT. He has a new book coming to accompany this event ‘The Halt Perspective 2.

Tickets will be at a low price of £20 for a whole day of speakers that will include Charles Halt and Sacha Christie. For further information, see;

Rendlesham Forest Report

On arriving and parking up the car I stood around taking in the atmosphere of the location as it was the first time that I’d been there. After a brief chat with David, Brenda and other people that had joined us we headed for the East Gate. Along the route we took I felt as if I was in a time warp in places. It was like I was back in time but still in 2018 it was a very weird feeling and I spoke to other people about it and they where feeling the same. 

Once at the East Gate I decided to take some pictures with my camera that was fully charged I took one picture and the camera shutdown with flat battery. But once I moved away from the East Gate my camera was back up running on full battery. This happened a lot thoughout the forest it was as if something didn’t want to be captured on camera. Everytime this happened I showed it to David or mentioned it to him. 

From there we headed for a depression that just appeared in the forest back in 1980 whilst there I had the feeling of dread. I was asked if I would like to go into the depression but declined as I felt it wasn’t right to go into it. All the time thinking that we was being watched from the forest. This feeling of being watched stayed with me all night it was as if who ever it was was just outside of our eyesight.

For the rest of the night I kept seeing shadow figures roaming the forest and on a few times this was confirmed by other people within the group. I must say that Rendlesham Forest takes on a different atmosphere after dark the once peaceful forest of the day becomes a sinister places after dark. It’s strange but for the complete night there I can say that I never heard any wildlife apart from as we was leaving when we heard what I thought a fox.

This is one location that I would recommend people to visit but make sure you have someone who knows the forest as it’s very easy to get lost after dark.

By Gary Bradfield

Redoubt Fort Harwich

By Sam Lawrence.

First please let me apologise for the lateness of getting this report typed and put up, but as I’m sure you will all appreciate that we at E.A.P.I. also have our own home and work life’s that we have to balance and we do these investigations because it’s a paranormal passion we all share on the team

Harwich Redoubt is a circular fort built in 1808 to defend the port of Harwich, Essex from Napoleonic invasion.

The Redoubt was built between 1808 and 1810 to protect the port of Harwich against the threat of Napoleonic invasion. It was part of the scheme that included the construction of 29 Martello Towers on the East Anglian coast. The Redoubt is of circular shape, approximately 200ft in diameter, with a central parade ground of 85ft diameter. Hoists lifted shells from the lower level to the gun emplacements. It is similar in design to earlier redoubts at Dymchurch and Eastbourne.

Though difficult to imagine as it is now surrounded by houses, when the Redoubt was built it was on a hill top with free views in all directions. A house was demolished to make way for the Redoubt, and a large elm tree – used by ships as a navigational mark – was also removed. It is said that French prisoners of war were made to help in the construction

Originally armed with ten 24-pounder cannon, the Redoubt was remodelled in order to accommodate increasingly heavy guns, as technology and the perceived threat changed. In 1861-2, work was carried out to accommodate 68-pounder cannon, and the emplacements were strengthened (by adding granite facing) to withstand improved enemy artillery. Only a decade later in

1872, three of the emplacements were altered to take enormous 12 ton RML(Rifled Muzzle Loading) guns. In 1903, three emplacements received 12 pounder QF(quick firing) guns.

Despite this ongoing modernisation, the Redoubt never fired a shot in anger. It is also probable that its strategic importance declined towards the end of the 19th century with the construction of the more powerful Beacon Hill Battery just to the south. In the 1920s the area around the Redoubt – previously kept clear to provide fields of fire – was bought by the Town Council. This land is used for allotments. The Redoubt itself was allowed to fall into disrepair.

The Redoubt was briefly taken back into military service during World War II, when it served as a detention centre for British troops awaiting trial. Examples of the graffiti left by the soldiers can still be seen in some of the rooms.

Following World War II the Redoubt was used by the British Civil defence organisation who used it until they were disbanded. That was the end of the Redoubt’s military service.

Following a listing as an Ancient Monument, the restoration of the Harwich Redoubt began in July 1969 and has continued until the present day. When restoration began, one of the 9-inch 12 ton RML guns was discovered buried in the (dry) moat – it had been pushed in when it became obsolete, as they were too large and solidly constructed to be broken up for scrap.

Currently open as a museum, the Redoubt is the largest ancient monument in the UK being restored by a voluntary group. In addition to some of the original guns that armed the Redoubt, including the 9-inch RML, there are a number of other guns on display. Around the parade ground on the lower level, the various rooms are either fitted out in reconstruction of how they might have looked, or are used as display rooms for other exhibitions. Exhibitions include

a large number of replica firearms. Battle re-enactments and other events are held during the summer months.

So that’s the history of the fort (thanks to Wikipedia)

Once we were all set up we took the guest on a walk around the fort while it was still light so they could get a feel for the place and also get their bearings plus tack in the great views from the top of the fort.

As we only had a small number of special guests on this visit to the fort we decided that we would all stay together and work as one team.

So off we went to the Garden/Tool room.

This is a room the has an exhibit of old garden tools and other sundries and has a very strange small room to right of it which narrows at one end.

As we had had some strange things happen last time we were here Sharon and I kept this information to our self’s. J

So as we all stood at the bottom and widest part of the very dark windowless room looking towards the narrow end where its only just wide enough for someone to stand with their back against the wall, we asked if one of the guest wanted to stand in the narrow part facing the rest of us, one of our special guests happily obliged and off she trotted to the far end, holding her torch around waste high and covering the top so there was just a lovely warm glow illuminating her face and upper body. Once she was settled and comfortable (as she could be in a small damp dark cramped space) Sharon asked everyone else to just watch her and call out if they saw anything or felt anything.

Well the guest in the narrow part could see eyes watching her above or heads, and another guest could see a face above her grimacing at her. We change guest in the narrow part and put a male in the damp dark space, it was almost instant that the clean shaven guest had facial hair and his shadow changed to become very large and very broad, and his face was juddering up and down even though his body was as still as a mouse. He also came over all funny and he seemed to drift of some where several of us felt really uncomfortable in the room around this time so it was decided that we should leave and take 10 minutes to get our breath.

After we all regained our senses we went into the cells…… the sand pendulum had been set up in there and when we went in we checked to see if had moved… it had there was a pattern in the sand J.

We all stayed in cell 1 and done some calling out no one felt anything so we decided to go to the bottom cell (I hate the bottom cell) as soon as we were all in and the door was closed I could smell a really musty damp smell which I though could possibly be the room its self but the Sharon and some of the others also smelt it and it got really strong and pungent as soon as it came the smell soon disappeared. We had a EMF meter in the room with us and the lights kept changing to indicate that someone else was in the room with us, there was also a strong sense from the guest that we were not alone, one of the male guests got a very light tickling feeling on his arm but not much else apart from me and my intense twitching…..

So we decided that it would be good to split up the girls all stayed in the bottom cell the men went into the middle cell Gary was in the 1st cell at the top, Sharon went out into the corridor and started calling out. We all sensed something was watching us, our special female guest asked if the spirit present could make our cell go colder and ‘by god’ did our cell go cold the other female in our cell could see a shadow standing right beside her and move round us like they were checking us out, someone or thing stroked my leg from my ankle up to my knee and it was ice cold the feeling was just like a hand rubbing my leg and I can honestly say I was scared it was with such gentle pressure I could still feel it after it had happened and the cold was very intense and lasted a while.

We all could hear mumbles in the cell and I got a very intense pain in my collar bone. Sharon felt very un-easy out in the corridor on her own, the men all heard sounds of mumbles.

We decided it was time for a nice hot cup of coffee and had a break.

We all headed to the bunk room where they had two sets of bunk beds set up and a couple of single beds, some of the guest laid on the beds (one fell asleep apparently he can sleep anywhere!!)

We all settled down and Sharon called out again for any sprits to come and join us there was a connecting door to the next room, as the calling out started the door rattled so we asked that they do it again and the door did not rattle this time but someone or thing banged on the door.. to make sure this was not wind blowing into the next room mark went and checked that the door to the outside was closed and that there were no other drafts about that could cause the door to rattle or bang, even though it was not a windy night. Mark came back and gave the all clear nothing that could make the door rattle, so we called out again and again the door banged and it banged every time we asked. This was all that happened in this room, so we decided to move to another room in the fort this room had an exhibit of old household items toys and other bits , we decided to do some glass work but we got nothing and nobody was feeling anything in this room, so again we moved to another room this time the laboratory.. a male guest sat in an old wheel chair and we tried the glass again, we didn’t get anything again ,we called out and again invited the spirits to join us, the male guest in the wheel chair was talking away and said that the chair had just rolled forward a bit, he was fine and normal then went all quiet said he felt all fuzzy that he can hear muffled voices and then was drifting off into like a trance, so mark got him out of the chair and took him outside, the male guest soon returned to his normal self once outside and explained that he could not really explained it, it was like he was there but not and the voices were really muffled .

While the guest had been taken outside another male guest sat in the chair again the chair moved forward so after a bit of investigating we found the chair to be on a slight slope, so the male put his feet in front of the wheels which stopped the chair moving but he could not explained or de-bunk the feeling of the chair being pushed from behind to be moved causing it to rock back and forth against his feet.

Gary took some of the guests to do the Ganzfield experiment in the bunk bed room

A male guest felt Drained and like in a tunnel.

A female guest saw a silhouette of a face and when she was doing the experiment the door started to rattle again.

When another male done the experiment he had the feeling of choking an lots of water everywhere, like he was drowning, then the sound changed and the feeling went to be replaced with the sound of marching and the feeling that he was marching with soldiers and rushing water was very close to him.

While they were in the bunk room doing the experiment a light came on in one of the rooms where we had a camera set up camera 3,there was no one in that room or on that side of the fort as those who were not doing the experiment were in the green room. The light is on a sensor and mark and another guest went over to investigate, they could not give any reason why the light had come on and could not de-bunk it from being paranormal as you have to be a certain high to get the sensor to work so this ruled out small critters.

Once every one had done the experiment we decided to go into the room where the light had come on, this room had a horrible feel to it there is a large cabinet with two dummies dressed up as soldiers two of the guest stood in front of the cabinet and looked through the dummies a bit like you do when you scrying in a mirror, they soon lost their senses and felt as if they were being drawn into the cabinet with the soldiers.

We then went into another part of the room with more artefact’s in waist high cabinets , this part of the room felt very heavy and not nice, we called out and one of our special guests had a temperature gun and was checking the temperature on one of the walls, she started to ask the spirits to make the temperature go down, the temperature dropped to 11.09 and Sharon started to feel very uncomfortable and horrible. One of the male guest saw someone go across the other side of the room so he and mark went to check it out and check where Alex was they came back a while later but had not seen anyone and Alex was in the green room doing a live feed, so unless Usain Bolt had popped in to see what was going on and then decided he was to scared and run for his life it is very possible that the guest may have seen a spirit.

We set up the spirit board in cell 3 towards the end of the night but it was very weak and we did not get much response.

Our time was up at Redoubt Fort, it had been an interesting night but not as eventful as it has been in the past when we have paid a visit to the grand old building. All the guests had had some experiences and all were very happy with the investigation.

The night proved you can never tell what is going to happen on an investigation even at locations you have been to before and you have experienced lots of different things on previous visits.

If the spirits want to come out and play they will if they don’t they won’t……

O’Quigleys Bar

EAPI Team – Gary, Sharon, Alex, Sarah, Trish, Mike, Sam & Mark

Special Guest – Norman Fahy (Uncle Norm)The team set up all the equipment & Mike carried out baseline checks which were all normal.

Part 1 of investigation:

#1 Glass work – Sam, Mick, Trish & Sarah

Glass was moving slowly & calmly, there was a musty smell noted by Sharon & Mick & cold blasts behind team members. 

Uncle Norm asked to join in.

#2 Glass work – Sam, Mick, Trish, Sarah & Uncle Norm

Glass was moving very rapidly and aggressively round & round the table – Trish called out & asked “are you male” – glass went towards Mick for yes, the glass continued to move aggressively around the table, at times almost coming of the table, Sarah asked for the glass to stop which it did but then almost immediately started to move aggressively once more, moving towards Uncle Norm each time, Sarah asked if spirit would like to talk to Uncle Norm again the glass moved towards him, at this point Sarah felt someone standing behind her & a very cold breeze went over the table which the team felt on their hands, the glass was moving really fast around the table, Uncle Norm removed his hand from the glass & began shaking quite profusely,

The glass then went mad & flew off the table (glass did not break), the team came off the table to take care of Uncle Norm who was not very responsive, he was assisted away from the table, Gray & Sharon both spoke to Uncle Norm to bring him back round, Uncle Norm asked to lay on the floor, where the team made sure he was comfortable & well, he recovered shortly after.

When Uncle Norm recovered he told Gary & Sarah that the team will have to be on their guard as there was two greedy spirits that were taking the energy from team members, one was aggressive & the other was confused.

The Team took a short break

Part 2 of investigation:

Mark stood next to Alex at the bar & Sam was sitting at the table near the toilets, both of them saw someone go down the steps by the cellar in their provisional vision at the same time.

Trish also saw a dark shadow going up the iron staircase, it seemed to stop go back down then come back up again. Gary & Trish decided to go up the staircase to investigate what it was, Gary had the red torch & a thermometer, the temperature when they first entered the area was around 18 degrees, suddenly the red torch began to flash, when ask to stop it did & then asked to flash again it did it again, the temperature went up to 22.5 degrees & seemed to stay at that for a while, the torch also continued to flash, at one stage the torch was actually switched off, there was no explanation for this, Trish then came down the stairs & heard footsteps behind her although nothing was there.

3# Glass work – Sharon, Sarah, Sam & Mark

During this session the glass was moving around the table, Sarah became very emotional as she had picked up on the spirit of a litlle boy aged 7 years, Sarah explained that he was trapped there by a stronger spirit of a man.

Seance table session:

Uncle Norm, Sam, Mark & Trish

Uncle Norm was in charge of the table & asked questions, the table moved quite aggressively and was turning round & rocking backwards and forwards to questions that he asked, Uncle Norm picked up a female spirit that seemed quite angry, eventually she calmed down & was asked if she would like to pass over to the light, Uncle Norm spoke to her in a calm manner and sent her over.

Upstairs bar:

Gary & Mick

Gary & Mick investigated the upstairs bar at one point they both saw a small figure peer round the corner, nothing else happened upstairs.

4# Glass work – Sarah, Sharon, Sam & Mark

Uncle Norm joined shortly after

Glass was moving around the table & answering yes & no questions asked.

Uncle Norm joined the table & the glass began moving rapidly and aggressively around the table once again, the glass then flew off the table & shattered, Uncle Norm began shaking once again & was removed from the table by Mark who stayed with him until he recovered.

Sharon, Sarah & Sam continued with another glass, during this Sam was becoming quite agitated and appeared to be jolting, asked if she wanted to leave the table Sam declined and continued on the table.

Also carried out by Uncle Norm was an evp session on his reel to reel recorder.

Medium’s Report 

Upon entering the site I really didn’t feel much in the basement are we were investigating as there was still quite a bit of noise from the public upstairs. I decided to sit quietly while the rest of the team set up the equipment etc and “tune in” to the surroundings. After about 5 -10 mins I noticed a distinct draft round my legs and over my lap, I checked for where this could be coming from as it hadn’t been there before but there didn’t seem to be an obvious reason for this and as quickly as it started it disappeared . There were several mirrors on the walls around the room and I then started to pick up shadow people in the mirrors, especially those at the far end of the room in the corner where Alex had his camera station set up. I also caught what I believe to be a black cat out the corner of my eye walking past my seat. Things were obviously beginning to warm up and the atmosphere had changed. We decided to carry out some glass work where, after a slow start, the glass became very active when “Uncle Norm” joined the table stating he thought we had a “greedy ghost” present. After about 5 minutes of high activity on the glass Uncle Norm began to shake quite badly and wasn’t very responsive so I asked for him to be removed from the table to calm down and recover which he did. Once Uncle Norm had left the table the glass wasn’t so active but was still responsive to questions and I feel we had 2 spirits present, one a little confused and the other angry. They then seemed to leave the glass and other members of the team were seeing shadows manifest in another part of the bar so we took a break from the glass work. On return to working with the glass later on I was suddenly hit by an overwhelming feeling of sadness and felt the spirit of a young boy aged around 5-7 years old which reduced me to tears. I believe he has been seen by people on the property and is a grounded spirit. We did try and contact him but he left very quickly because of the angry spirit also resident at the property. We undertook another glass session and were joined by Uncle Norm, again the glass was very strong and at one point flew across the table and smashed on the floor. We resumed the glass work after Uncle Norm left the table and although weaker we did get some reaction to our questions. I then felt a very calm female presence enter the room who was not part of the building but connected to Mark one of our team members. I then relayed some messages to Sam who is Mark’s fiancée regarding her son stating that the man with the pictures on his arms (Gary) and the girl with the stars (myself) would help her regarding a bad spirit who has fixated itself on Sam’s son and with who we have had dealings with before. On speaking to Mark after I came round after the messages finished and the lady left he felt that it was his grandmother Gertrude who had come through. It was now very late and we decided to wrap up the investigation. 

I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of activity of what is really 2 rooms in the basement of the building and believe that in addition to the young boy there are several spirits present which do travel all over the site and are seen by people. The spirits are a mixture of grounded and visitors who I think will make themselves known more to us as we return, they have never experienced an investigation before or people trying to contact them so it is really a learning curve for them and they have to start to trust us in order for us to really get the great results I think are possible here.

Report from (audio & Video tech)

There was only 2 things that happen Sunday night. The first was the CCTV equipment restarted. The second was the glass shooting off the table that was caught on CCTV, video sent to Gary Bradfield. There was plenty of dust flying about on cams, but no shadows or light anomaly was caught on CCTV.

Founders notes

E.A.P.I. had yet another interesting night at the location. With the location giving up more of it’s secrets. On the whole a very active night & lots of personal experiences for the team & Uncle Norm. I think there is layer upon layer of activity here and the more we investigator the more the spirits will trust us. So the more evidence we will start togather, the team came away with more question to be answered. 

Thank You for having us & we look forward to returning in the near future.

Redoubt Fort

Team:- Gary Bradfield, Sharon Bradfield, Alex Collins, Trish Rouse, Michael Rouse, Sam Lawrence and Mark Gray

Guests:- 9


On entering the location Mark the health and safety officer went around the location taking notes of hazardious areas. Michael set out the equipment and also went around the location doing a baseline test.(See below). Gary and Alex set up the CCTV Cameras in four different locations. (See below).

Baseline Test 

There was no abnormal readings thoughout the fort and the temp. was 12c.

CCTV Cameras

1) Over looking the court yard and also the top walkway.

2) Ground level of the court yard

3) Prison cell 1

4) The room E.A.P.I. called the Portal Room.

Sharon Bradfield was manning the CCTV Cameras all night. Learning something new.

Team A – Gary, Michael, Mark, plus 5 guests

Team B – Trish, Sam plus 4 guests

Team C – Michael ,Mark plus Guests

Team D – Gary, Alex

Team E – Michael plus 3 guests

Team A

Went up to the top walk way whilst there Gary gave the guests a brief history of Redoubt Fort. Allowing the guests to feel the atmosphere of the fort. After this they relocated to a room downstairs where a calling out session took place. Michael had a K2 Meter with him on this session also. Whilst this session was taking place people where experiencing feeling hot, pains in the righthand side of their heads and also feeling cold. We also had indication of two flashing lights on the K2 Meter. 

Bunk House

Team A then went to the bunk house where the display depicts the sleeping area of the fort. Again there was people where experiencing feeling hot, pains in the righthand side of their heads and also feeling cold. We also had indication of two flashing lights on the K2 Meter. The thing was the people near the door was hot and the people furthest away from the door was cold. We checked the window at the back and there was no cold drafts coming through the window. Gary walked to the back and it was like he had walked past a cols wall, whilst there he picked up on a solider called George but no sooner had he picked him up he went again. 

Team B

Team B went into the cells first where they encountered quite a lot of activity. There were 3 cells, Trish asked the guests to go into the cells, 2 people in each cell, Trish & Sam went into one of the cells also & started calling out, straight away the female guests were sensing that their hair was being touched, Trish knocked a the cell door (cell 3) asking spirit to respond by knocking back, there were 2 knocks, this was later debunked as the door was vibrating against the door frame. On a couple of occasions it sounded like footsteps were heard. The guests were then asked to swap round cells to see if they felt any different, during this Sam & Trish stood in the corridor of the cells, both Trish & Sam saw a dark shadow figure near cell door 3, Trish mentioned earlier that she s thought she had seen a shadow peering in through the bars on the door.Trish continued to call out then one of the guests screamed as she had felt something on her back, as if someone was running their hands down her back.Trish was in cell 3 a little later with Sam & one of the guests when she was pushed into the path of the guest. Sam also did a lone vigil in cell 1, she said she felt really uncomfortable & felt that she was being watched.We then moved onto a different room (boat room) where we decided to do some glass work, Sam was in control of the table, at first the table started rocking with the glass gradually moving, yes & no questions were being asked. Trish & one of the guests sensed the spirit of a soldier, Trish said she felt that the presence of the soldier was standing with her & using her energy, they asked questions & managed to get his name & details of his family.William Sturgeon, wife’s name was Amy & they had 2 children.(This is yet to be checked & confirmed). We then went upstairs, the stairs we walked up were very eery & gave you a feeling that you were being pulled to the left, everyone felt quite dizzy & disorientated. We had a walk around the grounds upstairs where we heard a loud bang that sounded like a gun going off, others confirmed this too however it could not be proved that’s what it was due to us being outside & next to the port. We then went into the vintage tool room where there was another room to the side of it, the room was quite small & narrowed at one end, Trish stood in the narrowing with a torch lit but pointing down, by then Sharon had joined us. Sharon, Sam & guests all stood at the other end of the room, everyone noticed that the torch was dimming until it completely disappeared, Trish panicked as she felt that the walls were closing in on her & she was becoming trapped. Other guests stood in the narrowing to see if they could sense anything, one of the guests looked really tall, his face seemed to change & he looked like he was wearing a cloak.Guests also took part in physic drawing & writing with some interesting results, we all drew about the cells.

Team D

Went to the ammunitions room where they conducted a calling out sessions. Whilst in there Alex reported the smell of tabacco as if someone was smoking and as he called smell oil. Both Alex and Gary had the sensation of a sharp pain in the base of their backs then at the front of their stomach. At one point Gary nearly collapsed he said it was like he had got shot in the leg, he also reported at this time that this person had also lost his right arm. Gary also kept getting “It was an accident it should never of happened”. Together Alex and Gary came to the conclusion, that there was a solider on guard duty having a smoke. When he heard the door open he discarded his cigarette. But it ignited a box the solider run to the door and got hit in the back. The other person and engineer got hit in the leg and right arm. The injury to his right arm was that bad he lost it.

Team E

Michael & 3 guests then went into cell 3 & called out, after a short time the bed started to vibrate & the female guests were experiencing being touched in the hip area.After a short break we returned to cell 3, we all noticed that there was rusty deposits of metal on the floor, there was a large chunk of metal hanging of the window which went through to the next cell, Michael went to touch it & before he could it moved up & down on its own, the guests all witnessed this.

Michael’s Lone Vigil

Michael then went into the cells where he went into cell 1, there he experienced feeling of dizziness & wanting to pace around the room, Gary had also experienced this a little earlier & had started to become agitated. Michael then went into cell 3 & called out & counted to 10 in German when he heard 2 loud footsteps, immediately Michael rushed out to see if he could see anything but nothing was there.

Tech report 

All in all it was an interesting night with some questions answered from our last visit. After setting up the camera for our live stream on our Facebook group page, I went off and done some echovox sessions in different location (audio still to be listened too). Gary, Mick & myself later in the night, went off to what we called the portal room. This was where Gary wanted to punch me badly on our last visit to the fort. We done an echovox session there and ask quite a few question, some of them was to do with what is communicating with us via the portal. Some of the replies was very surprising. We asked about whether they are interdimensional beings, aliens (extraterrestrial), or spirits. The room was not as bad as it was on the last visit, but it was still open. Video and audio still needs to be looked at and listened too but will have done very soon.

Founders Final Words

Once again E.A.P.I. investigated this historic fort and once again it didn’t fail to deliver. With the activity throughout the night. It is a very interesting location and as soon as you think you’ve worked it out, something else happens. 

King’s Arms Coaching Inn

Team A:- Gary Michael and four guests

On entering the location Sharon went around with the Manager (Graham). Whilst this was happening Gary and Alex set-up the CCTV cameras in possible hot spots for activity. Also at this time baseline readings where taken and we found that there was high EMF readings in certain place within the building. 

Team B:- Sharon, Sarah, Trish,Jamie and 3 guests

Team C:- Sharon, Sarah, Trish,Jamie,Michael and 5 guests

Team D:- Gary, Alex and 2 guests (RAPS Team)


Went to the Georgain bedroom where the group decided to start with a calling out session. Again in this room the EMF readings where high and the 2 K2 meters flickered between 2 and 3 lights. But the rempod never gave us any readings. So as a group we decided to switch off the K2’s as they may of been giving us fulse readings.

On further calling out the group experienced drafts around knee level and the sence that we had a spirit of a little boy playing with us. This little boy responed more to the females within the group than the males. A few times we asked him to go closer to the rempod which then light up. It was also established that he was about 6-7 years old and very scared.

At one point in the room Gary left the room with the manager (Graham) and as Gary passed the loft door it opened up with force. Unfortunately this was not captured on CCTV as we never had a camera covering that area.(But we will never time).

When Gary returned to Team A nothing really was happening so the decided to have a short coffee break.


Upon entering the room it was noted how cold it was in there in comparison to the rest of the building especially at the far end of the room. The team sat at the table in the centre of the room and called out for any response. Trish asked if this used to be a hospital as she sensed lots of beds in the room, Sarah then said that it wasn’t a hospital it was a brothel, Sharon then confirmed that this was the case as the Landlord had told her this on their initial walk round earlier in the evening. Sarah then began having severe neck pains and sensed a woman in the room, this continued for about 5-10 mins at which point Jamie felt a blast of air above his head and everyone commented that they were getting colder. At this point Trish said that she sensed a male presence standing between Sharon and Jamie, Sarah confirmed that this was a malevolent male spirit and advised everyone in the room to take care. The team began some glass work which did not come to anything, however, when asking out it was noted that Trish had become very quiet and had begun to rock in her chair. When asked if she was ok she replied in a very guttural, sinister voice and told us to “get out” when questioned further the rocking became more intense and she began to shout “GET OUT” and began violently banging on the table. It came to a point whereby we needed to bring Trish back and it took some time for Sharon and Sarah to do this. It was then decided that we take a break to allow Trish to recover and the rest of the team to have a break. The team returned to the room and again it felt very cold and oppressive, they sat at the table nearest the bar as many of the team felt this could be an area of high activity, shortly after starting the Ouija Board Trish was taken over by the male spirit again and became very loud and aggressive, this time pushing the table half way across the room and falling to her knees, the session was ended and Trish brought round and taken out of the room.


Upon entering the next investigation area it was noted as feeling very pleasant and warm with no heaviness experienced in the previous room visited although this was under/adjoining that room. The landlord had joined us and advised that in one of the chairs people had complained of being very cold and experiencing uncomfortable feelings and Michael then sat in this chair to see if he could sense anything unusual. Sarah then began calling out and asked for any spirits present to copy her in knocking on the table, there seemed to be some intelligent response, however his was debunked as the refrigeration system behind the bar and a coincidence. Quite quickly after asking out Trish again became very quiet and started to rock in her chair and it was apparent that the previous male spirit had targeted her yet again, she was swiftly brought forward and removed from the room by Sarah and Sharon as it was felt that although she had carried out her protection for the evening for some reason this was not working and Sarah therefore carried out a higher level of protection to stop this happening again. Upon re-entering the room the team decided to try some glass work again and this time received some intelligent responses, half way through the experiment Sarah removed herself from the glass as she felt a stinging static “poke” on her hand, shortly thereafter she channelled the male spirit which had been attacking Trish but seemed to be in more control and had a conversation with those present rather than telling them just to get out. Sarah did not allow the man to remain for long as she felt that his aggressiveness was not productive towards the investigation.The team then took a short break.


The next room the team investigated was the other side of the site in the Georgian bedroom; Sarah immediately felt the presence of a young boy, aged approx. 6-7 years old called Robert. He was in the room feeling quite uneasy and somewhat scared as there were quite a few people present. He stayed in the room in the main as he was waiting for his mum to come and get him; he had no inclination to be moved on and on a general basis was happy just to wait. He has no connection with any spirits on the other side of the site and is not aware of anything to frighten him. Sarah was unaware that the previous team had also picked up the same spirit. It was felt that he would interact more once he understood who we were and became more familiar with us. While in the room Sarah took photos and there is only one with a bright light anomaly near the bathroom at about 4ft high…could this have been Robert? No real response from the Rempod but Mark’s K2 meter was lighting up a fair amount.


The team returned to the function room where they started the evening and didn’t seem to have the same oppressive atmosphere as before. Although quiet it was felt that the chair at the far end of the room behind the camera had someone sitting in it. Several of the team went over and sat in the chair at different intervals but nothing was really sensed. Sarah then picked up the young woman again and again her neck was hurting, Sarah believes that the lady in question worked at the brothel and hung herself, she thinks because she had fallen in love with one of thecustomers and was also possibly pregnant. After further calling out Sarah channelled a woman who seemed to think the team were witches, she felt very confused and a little scared due to the equipment the teams had been using. She also warned them to beware and then left. The room had become very flat and the team decided to break.


Went to the function room where before when Team B had been in there Trish had had a nasty experience. On entering the function room we all said how heavy and dark the room was. We just decided that we would walk around the function room taking in the atmosphere within the room. After sometime we all sat down around the table nearest the bar where Team B had been sitting. Whilst there Vivien(RAPS Team) made contacted with a man wearing a white frilly shirt around the sleeves and neck wearing a velvet jacket. He wasn’t very nice as he also kept showing her a flintlock pistol. Gary also felt as if there was more than one room in the function room. They tried different techniques to experience what had happened to Trish but nothing happened. When they decided to leave they all mentioned how lighter the function room was.

Team D also investigated the Red bedroom with different techniques but the room didn’t give any activity back.


A very active location with more spirits present as watchers who didn’t come forward, I feel that as this location hasn’t been investigated before or for a very long time it would need another visit in order for them to become familiar with who we are and what we do in order to get the best out of the location. 


All in all a very interesting location with some activity captured by team members and guest. It is my opinion that this location should be done again. As I feel that if E.A.P.I. are the ONLY team to go in there. Then the spirits there will gain our trust and will be more willing to interact with us. 

Nelson Museum

Set-up and walk round

On entering the building and doing our set – up and walk through. It was reported that in certain areas of the building felt heavy. This was reported by different members of the E.A.P.I. TEAM which gave us verification.

1) Downstairs gallery 3 E.A.P.I. team members reported that when they walked through the door. The gallery felt heavy and the atmosphere was different to the hall.

2) Nelson’s room again it was reported by 3 different E.A.P.I. team members that as they entered this room the atmosphere within the room changed.

3) Liberary even before anyone had entered this area as the door was locked. It was reported by 4 E.A.P.I. team members. That even standing outside the door the area felt heavy and oppressive.

Investigation of Location

E.A.P.I. split up into two teams to cover the three storey building. One team started on the ground floor and the 2nd team started on the third floor. This was done to try and eliminate noise contamination from either team. 

Team A

Started their investigation on the third floor in the long room. Where they decided that they would do three experiments.

1) Psychic drawing and writing this experiment didn’t really give us anything that we could go on. But we did have two members write down the word “JAM” they where in different parts of the room so couldn’t of told each other they was going to write that word down.

2) Glass work using “YES/NO” questions this experiment started of slow but once we managed to contact spirit and the glass was moving. It was established by the team that they was talking to Lord Nelson.

3) Table tipping again this was very slow as the team tried to table tip on of the tables within the room. There was some movement of the table but not enough to conclude that it was moving. So they used a smaller table that E.A.P.I. use and the team managed to get the table tipping and at one point it was spinning on one leg.

Team B

Started their investigation on the ground floor where they investigated three different areas. It was reported that each area seemed very flat, but they had the feel they where being watched. In the words of one team member “It was like they where children and to scared to come out and play”.


A few team members had a chat and it was established that after the break we would cover all 3 floors. This was done in the hope to build the energy up more within the building.

For the rest of the night E.A.P.I. tried different paranormal techniques to contact the spirits within the building. Some of which worked and some of which didn’t work. The only spiritual contact was with Lord Nelson and children. It was reported that people did feel very uncomfortable when in the liberary. They had the feeling of someone standing in front of them with their face in there face.

E.A.P.I. tried for the first time a new experiment.

The Zener Experiment

Is based on perceptual psychologist Dr Karl Zener’s experiment to test extra sensory perception (ESP) by the use of Zener cards, 25 in a pack made up of five symbols. In a test of ESP. The experimenter picks up a card and records the answer of the person being tested for ESP more than three symbols answered correctly proves that the person being tested has a gift.

E.A.P.I. Twist

Take a group of people and blindfold them, layout the 5 different cards on a table. Making sure people taking part DON’T KNOW THE ORDER OF THE CARDS. Place a glass in the middle of the cards and then get the particepents fingers place on the glass. Shuffle the deck of cards and have a person not looking at the table call out the shapes or colour on the cards as they are turned over. Making sure that its recorded by video and audio and see if spirit can move the glass to the said card. By using the energy of the people around the table touching the glass.

This experiment went really will unfortunitly it wasn’t recorded but E.A.P.I. will be using this experiment at other locations in the future.

Founders Final Words

All in all Nelson Museum Great Yarmouth was a very interesting location with all the historical facts about Lord Nelson and also the Lord Nelson Collection. But on our visit E.A.P.I. found it to be very calm and peaceful location. Even the three areas mentioned above even though they where heavy no conclusive results where got. It is our conclusion that most of the activity in there is due to the children that was picked up on the night.

Coronation Hall

Built in 1910, Coronation Hall, Mundesley is the hub of this lovely North Norfolk fishing village. Situated on the cliff edge overlooking the sea it’s hard to imagine that anything “paranormal” could happen at this location. However it has surprised locals and visitors alike,having proven to be a regular ‘haunt’ for our friends from the other side. It has been featured in a magazine for the activity witnessed here.

On entering the location all seemed peaceful you had the feeling of being watched as the CCTV and digital recorders where placed around the hall. 

Just like the team that investigated back in 2006 we decided to play some 1940s music; Glenn Millar, Vera Lynn, The Andrews Sisters etc, just to raise the vibrations and entice memories of a bygone age in the hope we would encourage Ghosts and Spirits from the past to join in.

E.A.P.I. decided that we would split up into two teams one team starting from the front of the building and the other team starting from the rear. The weird thing was that there was “NO AUDIO” contamination from either team. In other words you could hear what the other team was doing or talking about. 

Our investigation revealed a number of energies through out hall and as the night went on it became a very intense night. 

Entrance Lobby and Gents Toilets

Group of 5 people where present and we decided that we would do an experiment. Where each of us would enter the gents toilets alone for 10 mins. One of the group was sitting with her back against the door which lead up to the balcony. Where apon she heard and felt two knocks as if someone wanted to come through the door. The knocks where heard by two other members of the group. Everyone that entered the toilets come out say that they felt anxious, scared,frightened and wanting to hide whilst in there. We believe this to be the spirit of a young boy. 


Again we had the presence of the young boy who was anxious, scared,frightened and wanting to hide. There was also the spirit of a female that was always in a hurry, she came across as no sooner as one job finished she had to start another one. She would never give herself 5 mins. rest even for a cup of tea. It’s our belief that she was a member of the Mundesley WI. Also on the balcony people where getting pains in their head and shoulders. There was also in the same area the feeling of either jumping off the balcony or being pushed of the balcony. This was mainly at the far end of the balcony the other side to where the stairs are.

The Main Hall

The main hall area come across as a happy and jolly area when we started up the music we caught glimses of shadows,chit chat and laughing. There was also the presence of American and British armied forces. Which didn’t surprise us as many a dance was held at the hall. The only area of the main hall that didn’t feel right was to the right of the exit to the lobby. Where we was getting the feeling of falling from the balcony and landing on the head and shoulder area of the body.

Backstage Walkway

This area was very interesting in the fact that we was getting very high EMF readings for no reason. The EMF meter would spike up and then just drop to zero the area was checked out for electricity points. But these areas wasn’t give off enough to spike the EMF meter as high. No contact with spirit was made in this area. But you had the feeling you was being watched from the shadows and someone reported hearing footsteps behind them. But this was put down to noise contamination, by other members walking on or near the stage area. It was confirmed that at the time of the footsteps people where walking on and around the stage.

Conference Room

This area was very active at one point in the night all the women in a group became very aggressive towards the men. They seemed to be taking it in turns to verbally insult them in ways that none of them would normally do. It’s our belief that it was the spirit of Sister Margaret a matron from the Mundesley Hospital (Tuberculosis Sanatorium). As further contact with her we found out that she had a dislike to men. Also we come in contact with another women called Elizabeth (See next paragraph).

William Barcham (1744-1782), the eldest son of William and Sarah Barcham of Edingthorpe, moved to Great Yarmouth about 1764. William may have died at sea. He had two children, Sarah (b.1770) who married James Paul, and William (1771-1859). He was Captain William Barcham, a master mariner, who founded the seafaring dynasty that continued through to World War II. William had six children by his first wife Judith Dyboll, and 12 by his second wife Elizabeth Lacy. The family moved to Mundesley before 1845 where William was a land agent. Some Barchams were shipbuilders in Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft, others were ship owners and/or master mariners who lived in Cromer, Mundesley and Sheringham and sailed all over the world in fast clippers trading in the Far East.

Along with these we had the spirit of a German pilot from WW2 come through to us whilst we where doing glass work. (See Stage Area for further details).

Stage Area

Our medium on the night was picking up on a small boy that had lost his life on the stage. On further research we have found out that a young lad called David had died on the stage. He died on the stage due to an epileptic and banging his head. One of the members of the team was doing an echovox session on the stage when another member come in to witness the session. The person coming on to the stage closed the curtains behind him and straight away said that the stage area felt very heavy. At this point he started to go down and had to hold on to a chair to stop himself falling over. But even being in the chair didn’t help because all of a sudden he was out of it and on the stage floor. All he kept on mentioning was he couldn’t shack off the spitfires and you could see he was getting more affraid. We are hoping that this was captured of CCTV as we had a camera in the area at the time. (See paragraph below). There was also another member collapse on the stage for no reason one minute he was talking normally then the next he had collasped. Also another member was nearly pushed down the stairs that we had placed in front of the stage.

3 male members of the team where effected in some way which connect them all to the plane. One member had stomach pains as in his words shot by bullets. Another had the same syptoms but he also had the sound of planes buzzing in his head. The third had the experience on the stage. It is our belief that it is in connection with the Junkers Ju 88A-4 that crashed off the coast of Mundesley. 

The Blitz: Erpro/KG30 Junkers Ju 88A-4 (1384) was hit by anti-aircraft fire when near Great Yarmouth and crashed into the sea off Mundesley. Uffz. W. Dick missing. Fw. O. Haug, Uffz. R. Prohaska and Fw. H. Trokes killed. Aircraft 4D+DA sank. 

Parkhill Hotel Lowestoft

Team:- Gary, Sharon, Alex, Debbie, Brandon, Siobhan, Jill, Kevin and Margaret
Guest:- 12
Baseline test:- Normal
Outside Temp:- 10 C 
Inside Temp:- 17 C

We started the night of with Alex taking the guest to do an echovox session (See Alex’s Report). Whilst this was happening I arranged the team into two teams so we could cover the location to the best of our ability.

Team A
Jill (Team Leader)
Kevin (Medium)

Team B
Gary (Team Leader)

Team A was going to concerntrate on The Barn and The Coach House. Whilst Team B would concerntrate on the main building.

Team Leader Gary’s Report
Bedroom 1
On the first session the team and 5 guest started in Bedroom 1. Where the team leader explained to the guest what equipment was in place in the bedroom and what equipment we would be using. Once this was done and everyone was happy we went lights out. At this point the team leader started to call out to spirit to ask them to interact with the group. It wasn’t long before we was getting cold spots and movement within the room. One of the guest picked up on a name Margaret and that the bedroom could of been hers. Once we had established this the room went quiet and the team leader wasn’t getting any responses from questions he was asking. So he decided to try an experiment and the three males in the room left, and stayed outside for ten minutes. After this time the team leader entered the room and ask if the activety had increased, which it had. The team leader then came to the conclusion that as it was a womens bedroom she wouldn’t interact with males in the bedroom. As males shouldn’t of been in her bedroom.
What we did pendulum sessions, dowsing rod sessions. We also had K2 meter and EMF Meter in position.

Bar Area
In the bar area we placed a K2 meter and EMF meter on the coffee table. Everyone sat down apart from the team leader who was walking around the bar area. After a short time of the team leader calling out we then done a dowsing rod session with the guest being able to use this equipment just like in bedroom 1. Again all the guest tried the dowsing rods and we was getting good responses to questions we was asking. Once again Margaret was about but this time she interacted with the males in the room. We asked her if she could light up the K2 meter and the K2 meter light up on all 5 lights. We believe that Brandon may have captured a spirit orb at this time. (See Pictures).

After a short break the guest from Team A joined Team B and the guest from Team B joined Team A.

Team B Second Session
Bedroom 1
As like in the first session the complete team entered the bedroom and in was very quiet. So again the team leader decided to take all the males out of the room. To see if the activity in there would increase. After about 15 mins the team leader then entered the room again to find out if the activity had increased. At this point Debbie said that it was very quiet and not as active than the first session.
Equipment used dowsing rod, K2 meter and EMF meter.

Bar Area
Once we entered the bar area the atmosphere felt heavy and different from the last session. The team leader decided that it would be good to try tipping table session. So we got 4 guest around a table and placed a K2 meter on it and a K2 meter on the coffee table also we light a candle. Once everything was ready and the guest where happy the team leader started to call out to spirit. Asking them to use the groups energy to move the table. After about 10 minutes the team leader handed over the calling out to the guest on the table. Unfortunitly the table never moved but we got responses via the K2 meter lighting up all lights when we was asking questions. These response was jumping from K2 meter to K2 meter. So when one set of lights disappeared the other set of lights started. Also there was no drafts from doorways or windows in this area but the candle at some points was leaning at 90 degrees. The session was closed down for the second break.

After a short break it was open investigation where our guest had the chance to investigate along with a E.A.P.I. Team member.

Open Investigation 
Gary, Debbie and Siobhan was accompanied by 4 guests over to The Barn. Where Gary asked the guest if they would like to try some psychic writing and psychic drawing. 2 guest done writing and 2 guest done drawing. None of the guests had any knowledge of the history of the location. One of the guest draw a horse and when asked why she couldn’t explain why. In her words “The pencil just draw it”. Another guest draw in his words “Chef Stuff” again when asked why he could explain it. One of the guests who was writing said she never wrote anything but she had put a “Line” on the paper. The last guest had written Maggie 1836 then underneath a mans name I think it was Edward. Again the guest was asked why she could explain it either.
Now E.A.P.I. are not saying this is paranormal but we will say that horse drawn coaches have been heard at this location. Also could Maggie 1836 be the Margaret from bedroom 1. Just something to think about.

Gary left this group and took one of the guest to bedroom one to do some scrying. (Looking into a mirror at your own reflection to see if it will change). Gary explained to the guest what hopefully would happen. Once the guest was happy the guest started looking into the mirror whilst Gary called out to spirit to join them. He then went completely quiet allowing the guest to call out in his mind to spirit. Once this session was finished Gary asked the guest about his experience. He said ” His glasses disappeared and his face changed also he had a stubby beard and mad eyes. The person he could see kept looking either left or right as he couldn’t look straight at the guest.
Earlier on before this session Gary had asked kevin (medium) if he had got anything in bedroom 1. He had told Gary he had got a strong presence of a man with a stubby beard and was a bit mad. Coincidence possible, did the guest over hear Gary and Kevin talking NO as the guest was in The Coach House at the time of the conversation.

Team Leader Jill’s Report
Alex and I took a team into The Coach House. Initially there was a considerable amount of noise contamination from a party next door. Therefore we spent a few minutes on introductions and expectations of the group before laying out our equipment available. We spent a few moments running through the equipment, its uses and demonstrating/explaining its use. The guests of the group were invited to select any equipment they wanted to use and encouraged to feel free to try anything they would like to use.

Kevin said some words to open then I began with the group in a circle. I spent some time encouraging people to relax and build up the energy around us then calling out to spirit. 
Kevin then proceeded to do a reading for a member of the group.
We continued to build up energy with me calling out and encouraging connection. Members of the group reported feeling ‘prickly’. Noise was still apparent from next door making it difficult to listen for specific noise, the aroma of food was also throughout the building. We could not be sure that lights were not various reflections from the moving cars as the party was coming to an end therefore we encouraged people to split into groups to quietly preform their own investigations using the equipment provided. One of the guests who had chosen to use the divining rods felt she was getting strong energy and although it was difficult to determine direct response due to the line of questioning while she practised, it was clear there was moving taking place and even more apparent a strong ‘shaking’ of the rods. I took the rods when she had finished in an attempt to clarify some of the questioning however they indicated that there would be no more communication at this point and then stopped all responding.

During this time Alex was getting hits on his emf/em meter which he was observing after placing it on the table. Throughout our time in the Coach house fluctuations continued on the device.
We also had a small group in the bar who sat with Kevin and Margret, during this time some personal information was relayed.

There was also a small group investigating in the main room. This group were observing and experimenting with the emf/em meter and most reported a ‘heady’ feeling. I myself also felt a little disorientated and nauseated and wondered if this may have been due to an uneven floor. 
While in the coach house 3 separate people reported seeing lights in the same area at different times. While we were aware that cars were in the car park we observed them pulling in and leaving and were not able to match the effect with what had been reported. Some of the group also heard noises coming from the same area. (upon leaving we were able to check there was nobody immediately next door). After an hour we went to a break and returned to the main building.

After the break Alex, Kevin and I returned to The Coach House with a different group, by this time the party in the adjoining room had ended and it was quiet. As before we got together introduced the equipment and talked about expectations before standing together in a circle.
Kevin and I took turns to call out and encourage a spirit connection. During this time people in the group expressed a number of personal experiences, with a number of them saying they felt the atmosphere was charged. Two guests reported seeing shadows in one corner of the room, these had also without collaboration been witnessed by Jill and Alex.

As the group encouraged spirit to use energy the K2 at my feet began to light as far as the 3rd light repeatedly. As this continued Kevin began a personal reading for a member of the group stood next to me. This reading was quite in depth and throughout the K2 was repeatedly lighting all the way to the limit. During this time the emf/em meter that next to Alex on the table was also alarming. When observed it was noticeable that at any one time it was either of the meters responding, as if something was going between the two. This continued all the way throughout the reading, the K2 was fully illuminating at regular points – almost it seemed in conjunction with points that were being made by Kevin. At this time one of the guests was experiencing physical symptoms on her lower body asking if the person in question may have had problems in this area which was clarified as being correct by the reading recipient. The recipient was able to confirm the accuracy of the reading as it came to an end.

We again spent time building the energy with some positive words and calling out. Kevin then began another personal reading relative to a couple of guests stood in the group. Again these ladies were able to confirm the accuracy of Kevin’s reading. Once this was complete the group split into smaller numbers around the Coach House. One particular group of guests were encouraged to take a K2 and go somewhere they felt comfortable to attempt some communication. This group reported back that they had a number of hits on the K2 meter in accordance with them asking out. They also felt a particular part of the bar was active and had chosen to spend some time there. The rest of the guests present were finding that the main room had begun to feel very dense/heavy and reported feeling of light headedness and nausea. A couple of people also began to complain of feeling headachy. During this time Brandon came into the Coach House and before anything was said to him Brandon immediately commented that he had pressure in his head. All the guests were happy to go to a break to discuss their experiences.

After break Brandon and I took a small group of guests into the bar. We gathered the chairs around a small table after spending time looking around the room and decided to use a glass to attempt communication. Unfortunately we could not find an available glass in the bar therefore we placed a K2 in the middle of the table. One of the guests chose to do some calling out and invite spirit to join us, there was an overwhelming sense that someone was in the corner of the bar behind us. Although we got some reaction from the K2 it was unclear what the responses were in answer to. As I went into the main room to ask for a glass J had arrived and decided to join us in the bar, we also managed to get a glass to take back with us.

Upon entering the bar J remarked there was a male present, indicating the area of the bar the group had felt earlier. As he acknowledged the males’ presence the emergency exit light began to flash on and off rapidly. We used a line of questioning in an attempt to engage the spirit energy moving the glass. Everyone had a finger lightly touching the glass and although it was moving slowly the results were inconclusive. J removed his finger from the glass and we continued, again although different members of the group attempted a variety of lines of questioning, the glass only slightly moved and cannot be clarified that a definitive answer was obtained. After no more personal experiences or observations we left the bar area.

As the rest of the team and group of guests left for the barn Debbie, Siobhan and myself went to do a vigil in the bedroom. As we sat in the bedroom, myself on the bed and Debbie and Siobhan in the chairs there seemed to be distinct noises coming from the window area. We could not determine the cause of the noises although they did not seem to be caused by any draughts or movement of windows. At one point I saw a light anomaly which was immediately also clarified by Debbie with no collaboration. We took some photographs however this did not occur again. There was one point where I got the feeling of a young women being present, possibly waiting for someone, however I did not get any further feelings. After spending some time in the bedroom with no other experiences we left.

At this point the investigation from all areas was brought to a close.

Echovox Sessions with Alex
After reviewing the recordings done at park hill hotel there was only a few responses that stood out. In the first recording I got a reply to ‘when did you die in this building’ the answer was ‘1912’. I asked ‘did you say 1912?’ The reply was ‘yes’ also I asked ’do you know anyone in this room?’ we got a response saying ‘Cass’ these were the response in the hotel.

The last session done in the coach house, the only thing that we got was to the question ‘can you give me a name?’ we got ‘Andrew’ followed a short while later ‘Carpenter’ we still don’t know whether that was his full name or whether he was a carpenter.

Nothing else stood out on the recordings. Nothing was received on the sb-11.

During a session with Kevin in the coach house, we had something going from the K2 meter to my new EMF meter and back to the K2. This happened a few times during the session and again later with John.

Norfolk Tank Museum

Team:- Gary, Sharon, Alex, Debbie, Jill, Brandon, Siobhan, Margaret
Medium:- Kevin 
Guests :- 12

On entering the location for the first time and having a look around you feel a atmosphere of history hitting you. The first part of the investigation E.A.P.I. and all the guests went into the hanger in one group to do a vigil. I started the proceedings off by calling out for spirits to give us any signs of their presence. Straight away we started to get bangs cold spots and some of the group said they thought they say movement around the Chieftain MBT (Main Battle Tank) MK 2/3 FV 4201 02 EB 05. So Kevin the E.A.P.I. medium thought it could be a good idea just to do a spiritual circle in the middle of the hanger to build the energy up even more. I was approached by one of the guests who informed me they say a man in boots and knee length socks and shorts that they could see walking around. After the break I decided that small groups might work better and off we went again. It was at this point I was getting a very bad pain in my right arm and shoulder. This pain started at the rear of the hanger and the was a group of guest there doing a call out session. I asked if any of them was feeling anything and one of them said they was getting the same feelings I was getting. So I got Brandon to do a P-SB7 spirit box session there with the guests.

Later on myself, Brandon and Alex was doing a P-SB7 spirit box session next to the artillery gun just inside the door on the lefthand side of the hanger. We was asking loads of question with no response for around 15 mins. So I suggested maybe we could try radio talk that may of been used. So I called out “HQ this is Alpha 1 requesting fire coordinates”. I repeated this three times then we got a response back “fire coordinates”. 
   . Myself, Brandon and Alex all heard it clear as day. Unfortunately this wasn’t recorded so it can only be a personal experience shared by 3 people.

On entering the location I straight away felt the presence of a gentleman following me and he stayed with me all night. At one point during the investigations he was prodding me in the back. I thought at the time I was leaning against something that was giving me the sensation of being pocked. So I moved making sure there was nothing behind me and it happened again. I also through out the night heard taps and bangs in different areas of the hanger. At one point I was with a group of guests and it was so loud that we all looked in the same direction of the bang. I also had guests coming up to me through out the night letting me know they had heard different noises throughout the hanger. 

Unfortunately this investigations was very quite for me. I did hear the occasional bang and even a whistle or two. But this I would have to put down to the fact that it was the wind as it was very wind on the night. Even though it was a fascinating location with loads of history I never experienced anything.

On entering the location I didn’t feel much also during the walk round I didn’t not get much. Once the investigation started we done a spiritual circle during which i started to get sharp pains across my chest this stayed with me for the period of time that this was taking place. After this ended I started to walk around and heard a few footsteps at the back of the room and thought i saw a few shadows, I put this done to the fact that there was many people walking around with torches. 

During the second half I went to the back of the room accompanied by two guest which later lead to three, during this time i conducted an experiment with the SB-7 box we got a few responses to questions but nothing we could be certain of. As of this I tried to contact the spirits which may have manned the tank which we was standing by i done this by talking as if i was on a radio, saying “this is alpha 1 does anyone copy, over” the response we got back from this was not VERY clear but I did think I heard the response “foxtrot over” this being a conformation. Myself and Gary also conducted the same experiment by the gun at the front of building by saying “this is alpha 1, requesting fire coordinates” which we believe we got the response repeating the word “fire coordinates”.

During the end of the night i did not get much more activity neither did i feel anything but i would like to give a big thank you to Steven who owns the building for letting myself start up and rev the scout car which is on display at the front of the building. This was a brilliant experience and was amazing to be able to feel like the soldiers would have when they would have drove this particular vehicle. 

Norfolk Tank Museum The tank museum felt quiet, when setting up. It didn’t feel like much was there when we started to set up the DVR system. The Echovox session in the weapons container was very quiet as I picked up the wrong cable and had to use the android without a loud speaker. After a while everyone split to go into their groups. I went to check on the DVR to see if it was still running, as it had shut down one camera for no reason on another investigation. I watched the monitor for a bit and thought I saw something at 10:20pm on camera 3 but will have to check the footage. After a break we decided to do a echovox session next to a tank at the far right from the entrance and was rudely told to go away so I asked why, and got a reply back saying fat, I then left to let Sharon continue. Later myself and a guest went and did an Echovox session at the far left near the bulldozer tank we got some good replays to questions that where asked. 

On arrival to the location I felt very calm and everything was lovely. 
We had a walk round to get the feel of things. The whole group held hands in a circle and I felt very unsteady on my feet. After we had a break me Sharon Debbie and three of our guests went into the gun room and I had a pain in my left knee and on my right hand side I saw the figure of a man. There was no one on my right hand side but it could have been a reflection from a model which stood with army clothes on. Over all I think it was a brilliant night and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. 

Upon arrival it was interesting to learn a little of the history of the collection from the owner before looking round the tanks, military vehicles and equipment. After spending time getting to know the guests we proceeded to start the investigation.  
Initially we stayed as a group, during this time I did not experience anything out of the ordinary. As the group split to go in different directions one of the mediums present spoke to Steve about someone being present with him. After a short time Steve was able to confirm that the information given was accurate and someone known to him.
Myself, Siobhan and a guest ventured to the bottom corner of the museum and preceded to do a pendulum session. It seemed as if we were communicating to the family member that had made himself known previously. To clarify this I asked question to which the group did not know the answers but could be tested for accuracy by Steve later. We asked a number of questions and Steve was able to tell us that the responses were all indeed correct when we spoke to him later at the break.
During the Echovox session later on in the evening while the group stood round Alex I stood further back to the rear of the tank in the darkness. On 3 occasions I heard humming coming from the other side of the tank, each time upon investigation it stopped and there was nothing visible there. I asked 2 members of the group to stand with me to see if it continued however it did not occur again and the atmosphere that I felt previously had dispersed. Throughout the night different strategies were attempted to make contact with spirit.
The rest of the evening was very enjoyable but I had no further experiences that were out of the norm or unexplained.

Founders Final Note
This location was new to E.A.P.I. and it was a great location to investigate. Most of the experience form E.A.P.I. Team Members and the guest where personal experiences. But I would have to say it was a windy night and there is a train track next to the location. So these two factors could of played a big part in things that where happening at the location.

Redoubt Fort

Team:- Gary, Sharon, Alex, Jill, Debbie, Brandon and Chris
Guest:- 6

I started of in the Jones Room on entering I could smell a foul smell but I put this down to damp and the age of the building but this smell disappeared. Only to start smelling again 10 mins into the investigation of the room. Also in that room I heard the sound of voices coming from the back section of the room which was a No Access Area as there was ladders and other equipment in there.The door to this room would also open on its own and we kept closing it.This happened through out the investigation of the room I must admit there was some wind about so that could of been the course of this. But in saying that the door would of stayed open all the time.
I kept getting the feeling that we should be investigating different areas of the Fort.So decided along with Chris we would do a sweep of the Fort doing 5 to 10 mins investigations in each room. It was at this point that I felt someone hiding within the shadows and mentioned it to Chris. He informed me of a young lad called Johnnie who was bullied in the fort.It seemed to me that this was who we was following around the fort from room to room. As the spirit seemed to me to be scared to interact with us.

Myself, Jill, Alex, Brandon and 3 guest went off to do a spiritual circle in one of the rooms (Sorry not sure which room it was). Whilst there I became very aggressive against Alex as he was in my space and NO ONE was allowed in it. To see if this would be against anyone else we changed Alex with Brandon the feeling disappeared and I had no anger against Alex.After a short time of calm within the circle I became agitated again and was moving into the circle and back out of it. At this point Jill asked me if the aggression was aimed at her to which I replied no it was. Then she proceeded to show me what I was doing and at that point I said now the anger is aimed at you. But when Jill moved away this feeling disappeared. At this point I felt very drained and could hardly stand up. So I told the group I was leaving to get out of the atmosphere and to recharge as best I could.

On entering the fort you could feel the history around you and walking through it I was very interested in what had happened at the fort. But unfortunately I never had any personal experience at the fort.

As someone that likes history and this was a place I’ve never visited before just walking around and reading all the different things that had happened in the fort was great. But to me it was very flat and I never had any personal experience on the night.

Having been to Redoubt Fort before I was there in a advisory roll. So I was confirming information that team members where getting.

In the medical room someone called Jonny, he is bullied by 2 others so he hides. This is the 2nd time Chris has picked up this spirit as he did so on a previous visit.

During the circle I did have some experiences. Where I saw a Roman soldier wearing full armor but blue tunic not red under the armor. At first he was behind Gary and me, trying to get into the circle. After a few minutes he was in the circle, standing in front of me just staring at me doing nothing else. When John ask him to move to the meter, the soldier just looked down, back up at me and laughed staying where he was. At this time I could feel Gary was getting angry and after a few minutes, he said he getting angry at me! He said it’s because I was in his space. So John swapped Brandon and me around, and Gary seemed to calm down. After a few minutes more I started to get cold like ice, and then Brandon and Jill noticed my hands were like ice. During this time I was starting to get pins and needles going through my body, and I had to leave the circle. It was weird because normally I don’t open myself up as much, but for some reason I did that night. Don’t get me wrong it was interesting experience to let my guard down like I did.

On entering Redoubt Fort I didnt feel a lot until we went down to the courtyard, once entering the court yard I started to feel a strong presence that soon drifted away. After setting up the base room I went to the toilets in which I began to get a headache which was very painful this stayed with me for around 1 hour. The first half of the evening I spent with Sharon, Debbie, and 2 guests in which we went from room to room we didnt get much activity until we started to use the P-SB7 spirit box whilst using this we started to get a few responses of how many of us were in the room as well as the amount of spirits present. As we was not getting much confirmation we ended the session by asking them if they wanted to leave this was asked by Sharon and we got the response “you go”. 

Before we went into separate groups again the whole group took part in a spirit circle during this I become unbalanced but was still able to carry on as it stopped rather quickly. The session went on for around 20-25 mins but I didnt feel anything else until the end when we was about to close down I got a burning sensation in my right arm. Once we got back to the base room I checked and I had a clear burn mark under my right forearm, which is still present but has faded slightly. 

During the second part of the evening I joined Gary, Jill, Alex, and 2 guests. In which John done a spiritual circle in the armoury room in which he stated that there was a portal still open. During this I didnt feel much to begin with but kept seeing a dark mist on the roof dragging toward the back room. After a while Gary started to become rather hostile as to the space he was in and Alex had a presence of a roman soldier. As both of these were strong Gary and Alex left the circle to regain their energy. When they Left I took post at the back of the room where John, Jill and a guest were saying that my face seemed to be changing just before this was mentioned I felt a crawling sensation from the back of my head going to the front of my face. I started to become very wary of my surroundings and thought I was seeing figures in the door ways behind John. I also felt like I wanted to move to the back room and wanted to drag the rest of the group with me. This carried on for a while before we shut down the circle when we left I got a pain in my abdominal which made me bend over, I had to go down to the ground to try and control this I managed to get it under control and stood up but as I did I lost my balance and nearly feel backwards. 
After these events I was still getting drawn to the same room but did not enter it again.  

We initially did a walk around to get our bearings on site, this was then followed by circle with Vicky to begin the investigation.
Vicky was first drawn to the medical room, this was also the room that separately Sam had also said she had been drawn to before the journey there – having never visited the site before. Therefore it was agreed that Jill, Vicky, Sam and Andy would begin here. 
The medical room – In this room Vicky had spent time calling out to the spirits, the group encouraged the spirits to make contact. This room contained 2 vintage wheelchairs, one contained a mannequin and I sat down in the other, inviting spirit to make contact. After a short time I began to feel heaviness in my legs. It was noticeable from my knees down and as the moments passed my legs felt heavier and heavier, I attempted to move them to the floor and back from the wheelchair plate and it was like there was pressure weighing them down, as I commented what I was feeling Chris stated that he could see someone (male) leaning down on me and then sitting on my knees. I encouraged contact with the spirit by calling out and as I was doing so I had placed a K-11 on my knees, over the course of the next minute or so while doing this on 3 occasions the K-11 illuminated all 3 times to the halfway yellow indicator. During this time the K-11 had not been moved or touched by anyone while on my knee and upon checking the area later there was nothing that caused any fluctuations.

The cells – as members of the group were investigating in the first cell I entered the second cell, spending a few minutes alone in the dark. The atmosphere felt calm however I felt compelled to spend a few moments sitting within the cell. As I sat there Vicky entered the cell and joined me putting her lit torch on the table. We asked if there was a presence in the cell at which point the torchlight flickered. I attempted to use the torch to indicate responses encouraging spirit to use the light to respond. While doing this Vicky and I agreed the torchlight was clearing changing dimming/illuminating in response to our questions however it was difficult to determine clear enough responses to be sure of positive/negative answers to questions. It was apparent that the changes in the torchlight was in direct response to questions and there were no changes by the torchlight in between questions. Vicky used her pendulum in an attempt to re-establish contact and although this indicated a male presence was with us the answer to it being willing/able to respond at this time was negative. As we felt this may have been due to the amount of noise and people calling out from the next cell we decided to leave this for the time being to prevent confusion and/or flooding any spirits present with conflicting requests between cells.

Jill, Vicky and Andy – the boat room – All three of us felt a feeling of energy in this room. After spending time calling out Vicky mentioned a previous visit where the boat had moved by people standing with fingertips touching the sides. We stood at different points of the boat and encouraged spirit to join us. All our us had experiences of feeling energy around us. I felt as if something/one had come up behind me and almost wrapped me in their arms. I could feel this around my body and also as if something was overlaying my hands. 
As we stood at the boat Vicky commented she had a pain in the head, after a few moments I also began to feel a sharp pain in my head which I commented on. At the same time we turned to each other with a finger placed on our temple to pinpoint the spot – this for both of us was in exactly the same place about the right eye. Without conferring we described the sensation aloud together, both of us said in the same moment the pain was sharp, pinpointed and felt what you would imagine something such as gunshot. As Vicky was picking up a male with a bandaged head upon discussion we wondered if this could have been a transference of feeling shrapnel or similar.
Within this room while standing at the boat we had noticed that when Andy spoke the flags above our head moved notably. Unable to find an immediate explanation for this we spent some quite minutes before encouraging Andy to continue to speak. Andy was able to use nautical terms to speak out loud about how things would have been at sea. Although Jill and Vicky both tried speaking it was clear that the vigorous movement from the flags was only noticeable when Andy spoke in this manner.

The cells – Sam had spent some time in cell 2 doing a lone vigil and after some time I joined her in the next cell, cell 2. An echo vox session had been recording and as it continued I spent time lying on the bed. I was unaware of anything happening and due to the noise level and length of time passed we switched of the echo vox. After spending time in the cells in silence I had no experiences and we left to regroup in the safe area.

The whole group went into one of the rooms where we spent time in circle in an attempt to increase energy. During this time individuals had different experiences. From my view I found it difficult to see Vicky’s face as it seemed to vary from being clear to being shrouded in shadow when appeared to make the shape different. This was possibly the effects of the shadows in the room. Temp/humidity checks were done at the start and at the end of this session. Slight humidity change of 8.9 from 8.7 was recorded from start to finish.

Gary, Alex, Brandon, Sam myself and John – memorabilia room. In this room John helped the group open themselves up as the group stood in circle. There were a number of different personal experiences which affected all members of the group. I was able to see large showers of ‘sparks’ of light around the group which were only seen by myself. At times I witnessed flashes of light which appeared to come from within the room – these were also witnessed by other members of the group. At a later point we attempted to recreate these effects with camera flash but were unable to get the flash to reproduce in the same manner and area. Also during this time I felt a sharp tug on my hair at the top from behind. I checked that there was nothing that my hair was able to catch on to clarify however this was a clear tug which felt like it lifted my hair up slightly before sharply yanking it downwards making me jump. 
While in this room Gary became agitated and being opposite in the circle it appeared a great deal of this agitation was directed towards myself. I felt the tension emanating from Gary and felt he was attempting to intimidate me by pacing forward and leaning his face towards mine. When I challenged this his agitation escalated, realising this Gary removed himself from the room. 
At one point the others commented that Alex’s face had become obscured however I was unable to see this. Alex and Brandon then swapped places so Alex was stood next to me and from this vantage point it did appear that Alex’s face was in darkness even from a position next to him. It’s possible this may have been due to a combination of the darkness/shadows/Alex stubble hair growth. 

Medical Room – Jill, Sam, John and Chris. Others in the group had some personal experiences in this room while we were in there together. I spent a few minutes in here alone and could clearly hear scratching and scuffling noises although could not see what was causing them. The others re -entered the room and continued to have their own personal experiences.

Founders Final Note
On entering the location it felt very atmospheric and you could feel the history around your. Most of the people there had personal experiences which was good for them. But over all I would have to say it was very flat this could of been down to the fact it’s been over investigated. Or it could of been down to the fact we tried an experiment on the night, of two groups one group of sceptics and another group of believers. Now as experiments go it was good to try but E.A.P.I. won’t be trying it again.

Rougham Control Tower

TEAM:- Gary, Sharon, Brandon, Debbie, Jill, Alex, Kevin, Margaret, Chris, Siobhan

On the approach to this location I felt the eyes of people looking at me within the shadows. I done a walk round the location with Sharon, Brandon, Debbie and Chris. On this walk around you could feel the atmosphere was different in certain rooms. I still had the feel that we was being watch from the shadows. At one point I decided I would do a P-SB7 Spirit Box session which lasted for about 20 mins. and even that was quite.
Kevin our resident medium suggested that we sat around in a spiritual circle. Stating that this may bring the spirits close allowing us to communicate with them.Whilst this was going on I went icy cold and was shaking uncontrollably. It was as if I was experiencing high altitude flying. Kevin asked if I was ok and if I wanted him to help take it off. I replied I’m fine as I wanted to experience what was happening. This lasted for about 5 mins and it then just went away.
Later on in the night I was upstairs with Brandon, Jill and Alex and I kept getting the feeling that my legs where giving way around the knee area. It seemed that every time it happened I was going to fall to the floor. Maybe this could of been the effect of a crew member parachuting out of a plane.

Whilst waiting to enter this location I got cramp on both sides of my body.Also at one point I thought I saw someone watching us from behind the tree line. I found the location to be very busy but the spirits seemed to keep to the shadows. I did see a few shadows darting around at different times of the investigation.

On arriving at the location we had to wait for the gates to be opened. Whilst there I had my left arm out of the window and something hit my arm it felt as if something was thrown at my arm. Whilst here I also could see shadows moving in the field beside us. I was also seeing shadows moving about within the tower complex. Whilst Kevin was doing a spiritual circle I came over feel really sick and bad this lasted for about 5 mins then just went as quick as I had got it.

Me Brandon Kevin and Margaret sat in a circle around a table with various items of electrical equipment and called out for any spirits to move the table or make the equipment go off the table moved a few times and one piece of equipment went off over all I think it was an interesting night.

On the night to me it felt really quiet to start, but as the night progressed it seemed too livened up. Nothing caught on digital camera.During the circle I did have some experience where it felt like something was put across my throat, and a feeling that someone didn’t like me being there. To me it felt like the Colonelhimself but don’t hold me to that.

In general I felt the atmosphere around the buildings was a comfortable one during initial walk through. It was noticeable that there were a variety of natural noises throughout the building, variable smells and many reflective surfaces.
As a group with Kevin in main building in circle, personal experiences as documented in Kevin notes. I had a feeling of heavy/denseness and also intermittently was seeing small lights and flashes of lights within the room.
We spent some time on the first floor of the air tower, the radio room in particular had a very ‘heady’ feel about it. I feel it was difficult to stand straight for any length of time without swaying and it gave me a light headed feeling, to the extent I checked the floor with the spirit level which showed it was even.  
Some time was spent calling out in the main room as a group, I had no experiences as such however a sense of presence, as if something/one was on the outskirts of the group.
I spent 10 minutes alone in darkness in the central hanger. During this time I did hear some noises within the room, towards the end of the hanger, however in the darkness could not distinguish their precise location. I attempted calling out, and also tapping/whistling alongside listening/observation. I could not identify the noises I heard, taps/metallic as anything recognizable or particularly relative to any of my questions.
At one point my hands felt particularly cold. The cold felt freezing and came upon me very suddenly. I could feel this cold spread up my hands towards my elbows and could also see my breath. This sensation lasted for a few seconds then passed. I had no equipment to make a precise measurement, however in comparison with previous to and after the event I most definitely noticed the change. No doors or windows were open during this time.

On entering the air field I did not feel much at all also when we was walking round my feelings did not change. After setting up in the base room I then helped Alex with his DVR system within the control tower the rest of the group was channeling in there energies with Kevin and Margaret in which I later attended once set up was complete, when I joined I didn’t feel much to start with but after about 15 minuets my whole body started to burn up this started from my hands. The moment the sensation started Kevin mentioned a airman who had been extremely burnt on his hands as my feeling started just as this was said I took this as conformation. Where I was burning up and becoming very warm Gary whom was on my left hand side was freezing and his body was shaking dramatically as if he was exposed to a very cold air, I found this very peculiar as I was the total opposite and was only a few inches away from him. This feeling stopped soon after the circle was closed down. During the short break after this I was stood outside and got a burning sensation again on my right forearm this was not as strong as what I previously felt but on looking at the area in which I felt it there was a red mark as if like a very light surface burn. 
I also went to the toilet during this break and thought I saw a figure out in the field but put this down to the darkness and the time as I was slightly tired and your mind can start to play tricks on you, however once I enter the toilet I heard a loud thud right next to me which sounded like someone hit the wall from the outside.
During the second part of the evening me Gary, Jill and Alex were all lead by John the  to do a spirit circle in the officers room within the control tower this was done by grounding all of us to open us up to the spirits that were present. During the circle I kept feeling dizzy as if I was spinning then my whole left leg felt as if it wasn’t there, I wanted to move my leg and as hard as u tried I couldn’t manage to move it at all, I then experienced pains
In the back of my left knee which soon fades after John asked for the spirit responsible to step back. After John closed down the circle and the investigators present, Chris started to look around the room and found a document of the crew which flew a b-17 of which crashed one of the survives which was a captain/navigational officer bailed from the crash and suffered a broken left leg and shattered left knee. I believe that this was what I was feeling and why I couldn’t move my leg even though I wanted too and tried. 
Overall I think that the night at Rougham was good and we had a few bits of evidence which a lot of them being personal experiences. I very much enjoyed the night and found it a good location to investigate.

Having been to Rougham Control Tower before I was there in a advisory roll. So I was confirming information that team members where getting.

Kevin’s Spirit Circle
Kevin – is there a plane called the Ace of cards, or something to do with playing cards.
Chris – im seeing the ace of spades
Kevin – have an airman here who is bringing out the joker (card) feel it maybe in ironic sense as he (airman) and the rest of the crew never made it back.
At this point John points out he is hearing noises near him (behind bar area) taps and a rasping noise
Kevin – feels the whole crew of the plane never came back, is not thinking this is the pilot talking possibly a ‘radioman’ or similar. It is a young man.
Gary – name of Joey comes to mind
Kevin – the man is holding a Jack Russell dog
At this point Sharon and Jill both point out a shadow moving at the end of the room. Jill sees a light fly into the middle of the group, this is confirmed by John who is filming.
Kevin – has the name of Buzz. Feels there has been an evacuation/dig recently nearby where something has come to light or some information has been found. (Chris this could possibly
Re a B17 crash on field as more information has been discovered?)
At this point a number of the group feel they can see shadows at the end of the room. John had sat next to Gary and both acknowledged hearing a noise/music at the same time.
Kevin – a bomber tried but never took off from the runway. There is an engineer here who tells him the plane would not rise due to carburettor/engine malfunction. Getting a magician and rabbit/wand possibly referencing another aircraft name? it is cartoon rabbit. Also getting the name Liberty Bell coming through. There is a plane with a fox insignia, possibly fox in a hat or well- dressed fox. Kevin asks if a single airman has been seen on site outside, this is not a pilot, possibly seen near the flagpole this is a young man, badly burned, maybe a gunner. Was there a problem with crown wheel and (pinion?) an instance of the propeller leaving the engine/plane – was this a plane that came home or not?
Kevin disclosed some information personal to Gary
John – when coming into building felt he picked up a lady who was with a group but the lady was most prominent Kevin then disclosed information personal to John
Kevin – on the first floor of the control tower, was there a sense of people moving past doorways, impression was of a person/persons specifically some kind of secretarial person with papers. Also getting a padre/priest in spirit going amongst our group dropping holy water on people’s heads, after conversation Kevin feels this is relevant to a previous visit with Chris/group experience.
A number of times through this circle time Jill saw lights which were independent of any light source within the room and confirmed they were not relative to Chris taking photos or any other obvious cause. These light anomalies seemed consistent with Kevin asking for energy in the room, appearing in different areas.

Founders Last Words
Rougham control tower is a very interesting location with a lot of history. The activity the team got on the night was only personal experiences.