Cleansing and Charging Your Crystals

First of all, I will touch briefly on choosing your crystal or crystals. This is more a case of the Crystal choosing you rather than you choosing a crystal, rather than just picking up the one you like the look of, place your hand above the crystal and see what happens. You should feel a draught emanating from the crystal that will work best with you. You may feel drawn to a particular crystal also…Charging in like a Bull in a crystal shop may only reward you with a substandard crystal that will not work with your energies. The crystal may also ‘Bite’ you; this feels more like a sudden electric shock and is warning you that this crystal is not for you…

If you are purchasing crystals online, then you may not get much choice in the matter, but don’t fret, crystals can get used to your energies if you sit holding them for a while each day.

Once you have your crystal, the first thing you need to do is clean it. You don’t know how many people have been handling it and it will absorb energies from these people, good and bad…

Make a bath of warm water and sea salt, I say bath, basically a bowl with warm water and sea salt in it. You will know how much sea salt if you trust your intuition. Place the crystal in the bath and leave it over- night….Once cleansed, run it under the tap to remove any excess sea salt.

Now it will need to be charged, you can do this by leaving the crystal out in sunlight or moonlight. You will know when it has had a good charge and is full of energy, because it should feel ice cold to the touch.

Now your crystal is ready to use for whatever purpose you obtained it, remember though to cleanse it after use and re-charge it if it ever feels ‘flat’ (no energy), believe me you will get to know…

Hope this has been of use to you and one more thing, never let anyone else use or hold your crystal that you work with unless it is for healing, it is your crystal and works with your energies.

Blessings all.

Courtesy of Paranormal Forum and Sean Palmer

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