Please contact, if you would like to pay by BACS, otherwise you can use the payment option below to pay by PayPal or Card. Tickets are nonrefundable unless EAPI cancel events.

RAF Rougham Control Tower, American Dinner

14th Nov 2020 (FULL)

Our special brand new American Themed dinner night hosted at the fantastic Rougham Control Tower. Price includes an American style dinner, social chat, and the main investigation with EAPI. This is our last event of the year, where you are
welcome to come in fancy dress.

Ashwell Prison

3rd Apr 2021 (FULL)

This VERY special EAPI event is strictly limited to just 11 people. Ashwell Prison was constructed on the site of a World War II US army base and first opened in 1955 as an open prison for adult male prisoners. In 2003 Ashwell Prison hit the headlines after four prisoners caused £10,000 worth of damage. This site has an exceptional amount of reported paranormal activity.

Wisbech Castle Grounds and the Vaults

15th May 2021 (FULL)

(RESCHEDULED) – NEW location to EAPI The castle’s slogan reads ‘A castle in spirit’, with so many reported unexplained events, it could easily have been called ‘A castle with spirits’. EAPI will investigate the House, the Grounds and the Vaults.  
The original design remains a mystery, but It was rebuilt in stone in 1087 after it was destroyed in a flood in 1236. John Alcock, rebuilt and extended the castle, and shortly died in the Castle in 1500.

PARAFEST 2021 – The Village Farm Skegness

17th July 2021 (DAY SPACES)

Following EAPI’s highly successful Parafest 2020, we are proud to once again be working in conjunction with The Village Church Farm in hosting Parafest 2021, bigger, better, and bold. The Farm is a perfect location with its long history of  haunted tales and
paranormal activity. Headlining this event will be SIX highly respected, and carefully chosen speakers whom will be available to speak to throughout the event. All day stalls offering
paranormal and spiritual products and good quality food will be available along with full access to the farm museum.  

£25 DAY PASS speakers, museum
and stalls  (9.30am – 4pm)

True Crime Museum and
Haunted Caves, Hastings

20th Mar 2021 (SPACES)

If you think Paranormal events can be scary, this event will take things to the next level. With Haunted Caves, a
Murder Room, a Death Chamber, real museum objects used in Horrific crimes, and a long history of site Hauntings,
paranormal activity and apparitions, this is not for the faint hearted. EAPI have been invited and asked to investigate this amazing location, built in the 1880’s.

£35 per person

The Village Mansfield

26th June 2021 (SPACES)

(RESCHEDULED) – The Village, also commonly known as ‘The Village of the Damned’ is an abandoned building situated in the heart of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Dating back to the early 1800’s, this ominous building was once a slaughterhouse before being turned into a Malt House. Mr Merryweather, who owned the Malt houses until his death in 1835, has been sighted roaming around here, and it is felt that a group of spirits said to have been held captive in one of the hidden rooms enjoy making their presence known too.

Crime and Punishment SPECIAL Weekend

6th-7th Aug 2021 (SPACES)

EAPI are proud to announce this very special weekend ‘double’ event. Not only will EAPI be  returning back to Ashwell Prison on the Friday, but we are also visiting the Galleries of Justice on the following day. What makes these weekend events so special, is we will have a very special world renowned paranormal investigator, Brian J. Cano with us all the way from the USA. Brian, also a lecturer and an adventurer, is more widely known from the US TV series “Haunted Collector”.

But there is more! those of you lucky enough to obtain a VIP ticket will get to personally meet and talk to Richard Felix in an afternoon tea. Richard is more widely known for being part of the ‘Most Haunted’ team, and is an expert historian.

Ashwell Prison – 6th Aug – £75
Galleries of Justice – 7th Aug – £75
Special price for BOTH events – £140
VIP Tickets £155 (Sold out)

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