How to use a Ghost Box

A Ghostbox or Ghost box Is a device meant to communication with spirits.

It is a modified radio that allows two way communication with a spirit. The modification allows radio go into a “linear sweep”. A linear sweep allows for continuous scan of the tuner frequencies. With the ghost box radio sweep method, the spirit or ghost voices seem to be carried upon these audio fragments and white noiseSome say you have to be a medium for it to work for you. Others say anyone can use it. Some say, the whole thing is just rubbish.

Okay, let’s break it down.

The Ghost Box or what is commonly known as a Frank’s Box or Radio Shack Hack is a device that quickly scans the AM and FM frequencies either forward or reverse. The idea behind these devices is that in between the radio stations spirits can speak in the “white noise” and communicate with the living. This particular unit, the P-SB7 has a backlit LCD display and can sweep the various bands from very fast to very slow. There are multiple speed scans from 100 ms to 350 ms on the FM band and 200 ms to 500 ms on the AM band. I would recommend using the fastest scan rate when using this unit so the chance of picking up words from radio stations, let alone an entire sentence is nearly impossible. An external amplified speaker is highly recommended with this unit as the built-in speakers don’t produce sufficient volume.

Will admit, I have had very strange things come through, and very coincidental, sometimes TOO coincidental things come across the box. Would I ever present it as evidence? No. Why? Because it’s unproven. There are too many factors that can cause false positives and most of the time you are priming your auditory senses by asking questions that you already know the answer to. When you do this, your brain will listen to any sound and/or noise that even REMOTELY sounds like the answer you are already prepared to hear. While this is not ALWAYS the case, the data would indicate that it happens more times than not, and is way above chance to be considered an anomaly. Meaning 90% of the time, you will not get any type of result (misses), more than you will get coincidentals (hits).

I always suggest people try things out for themselves and come up with their own opinions based on their OWN research. In some of the tests we have run, we used people as variables. People who had a heavy belief system in the paranormal seemed to almost always get the answers they were looking for, and people who had no interest (not only in the paranormal, but were also not BIASED AGAINST), they hardly ever got a “hit”.But everyone has there own opinion on the ghost but It’s a great item to experiment with, just know what you are getting. It’s not a telephone. You are not going to be talking to many of your dead relatives, and you most likely won’t be impressed the first 20 times. Keep at it, decide on your own, and make sure you keep track of everything. We’ll still play with it, but our analysis would point to it not being a very reliable piece of equipment to use, but most believers are ALL ABOUT IT.

Courtesy of Nikki Hyslop  

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