How to use Mel Meters

Ghost Hunter fan, you’ll notice that during their Investigations, they will often encounter an EMF change which is usually followed by a significant temperature drop. Now, imagine being able to validate both changes simultaneously, and be able to track the source in real time with one hand in total darkness! No more fumbling for a flashlight to see the display in the dark.

The purpose of the Mel Meter is to measure fluctuations of AC/DC current, this can signify the presence of an electrical current, if the electricity if off in a building and you get a sudden spike you can be pretty sure something strange is happening! The Mel Meter will also measure the temperature in the environment around the unit. The two measurements can be easily documented as the red back lit digital display shows both readings simultaneously, next to each other.

Now there are a few different variations of the Mel Meter such as the model that now includes built in LED lights to make you aware of an EMF spike, similar to the K-II EMF Meter.

The Mel Meter, like the KII, helps detect electro magnetic fields. This device allows our agents to take an actual numerical measure of the field. This hand held device is battery powered and can be used to measure EMF and ambient temperature. The bright back light allows for easy reading in the dark and can also act as a flashlight. Always try to be aware of the battery life as a dying battery can cause the device to spit out false readings.

If you’re new to ghost hunting then you should consider getting the Mel Meter or K-II EMF meter to start and learn with (it’s also slightly cheaper). The Mel Meter is a great investment though if you’re going to be taking your paranormal investigating seriously and want the most up to date technology at hand to use.

Courtesy of Nikki Hyslop  

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