Types of Spirits

Most people believe that an evil spirit and a demon are the same but this is not true. Even more people don’t know what a poltergeist is.Here E.A.P.I. try to shed some light on these differences.

Poltergeists: A poltergeist is a manifestation made up of an individuals negative energy, thoughts and their emotions. Most of the time this individual doesn’t even know they are causing this to happen. What types of individuals are responsible for creating a poltergeist? An individual who is what they call “a sensitive”. What this means is someone that has a medium’s abilities. Surprisingly, approximately 85% of these people have no idea that they have the abilities. So when they keep their emotions bottled up and don’t know how to deal with their personal issues correctly, they subconsciously create a poltergeist.Poltergeists are very dangerous and unfortunately you cant get rid of a poltergeist, you can kind of calm it down if you learn how dispense your emotions and thoughts properly. You can seek the help of a medium for ways on how to suppress these happenings.

Evil Spirit: Is an entity that has had a physical body at some point. In life they were most likely not the nicest person and didn’t have much regard for other people just a bad person in general. In death their mission is total torture and their main goal is to make you suffer any way they can within their power and fill your life with fear. They can inflict pain upon a person and they can make a person very sick. They are the main corporals responsible for eerie feelings, such as constantly being watched. Evil spirits are often accompanied by heavy feelings of your surroundings, and the tremendous sense of dread and sometimes anxiety and despair brought on spontaneously. If you find yourself haunted by an evil spirit they are fairly easy to get rid of. A cleansing, or a blessing of your home. A medium can advise you of step by step instructions on how to perform these and to ultimately force them to cross over, and go where they belong..

Demons: Have never had a physical body. They come straight from hell. They are master manipulators. Demons can perceive themselves as whatever they want in order to gain the trust of certain individuals. Children are usually a choice target for the simple fact that they are mad up of pure innocence and are very open which make them vulnerable. Individuals that have disabilities such as autism, and down syndrome are also a top target. Demons prey on the weak and vulnerable, also making the elderly a good target for their deviousness. Demons have one mission and that is to seek and destroy. Unlike evil spirits a demon can actually kill you, they are a very powerful force to be reckoned with. Certain structures can have a demonic attachment as well. Demons can possess an individual, which means they can completely take over the person and make them do anything they want. If a person is possessed the only way to resolve the issue is to get a priest to perform a ritual called an exorcism. An exorcism is a true battle of good vs. evil. The priest gains the knowledge of god and faith to pull the demon out of a person and send them straight back to hell where they belong. In some cases a medium may recommend seeking out a witch doctor and a spiritual healer. In structural attachment cases the property would have to be exorcised as well. Structures are much harder to perform an exorcism on and in most cases are unsuccessful. In the case of this failing the person would have to leave the property.

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